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Frank Samuel
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Default Re: Who's the real god worshiped by high rank masons?

Generalizing about groups never tells the whole story, imagine aliens looking at earth and seeing how we behave towards one another, war, hunger, crime etc. If they where to generalize them all humans are evil, by the simple logic that we are members of the human race. Even in our own families there's always a few rotten apples, that does not mean that everybody in your family is a rotten apple. Few people can claim to be saints, most of us are just humans trying to make the best of it. Making mistakes, putting our foot in our mouths, blaming others, distrust, envy, dislikes, judmental attitudes for others that do not match our preconceived ideas of "goodness". Humans make mistakes, unfortunately is easier to see that in others than to see it in ourselves.
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Default Re: Who's the real god worshiped by high rank masons?

Originally Posted by Fredkc View Post
Give it up. Yer dealin' with a pack of folk who just know what they're told.

Just out of curiosity... would everyone besides Peer and myself, who has an immediate family member who is, or was a member of the Masons (Dad went all the way thru it), say so?

"Imagine what they'll know tomorrow."
Yes Fred, I already did.
There is no arguing with ignorance.
I said what I had to say on the subject and that's it.
And still people wonder why Masons work in secret
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Default Re: Who's the real god worshiped by high rank masons?

Originally Posted by Alexandra View Post
Unless you have personally been a mason and not just known someone, who is a member, then yes, it is hearsay. There are good and bad elements in all organizations. No one is exempt from that fact. Name me one organization that you feel is a good group and I will point out bad things known about them. Please...........Organizations are just a reflection of the mix of individuals on this planet.
You're correct, of course, on orgs being a reflection of those within. However, when there's a force as ruthless, corruptive, coercive, and as patient as the masons, it's only a matter of time for the org to be infiltrated and begin representing interests far from their original charter. The American “FDA” must be one of the best examples of this corruptive process.

If 'separation of church and state' is good then Separation of Corp and State is Divine.

If first hand testimony from people that were former masons is hearsay to the recipient then why is personal testimony allowed in court? Is this is not first year law material?

This is what youtube is providing with the world as a 'jury'; people are waking up, but one wonders if it may have been too late. (If the Europeans knew how corrupt the judges arethey'd never question the need for juries.)

The acceleration of our economic crash, obviously, as architected as the recent 'bubble in real estate', this via the exporting of jobs and the disemployment of Americans, may have been too swift for the opening eyes to have an effect.

My 'testimony' comes as a reflection from many, countless hours of reading and listening to first hand testimony; rejecting some and accepting others, and last, but not least first hand experience. (Like Alex Jones, seeming a 'Patriot' for example is a liar and likely a shill; <B><I>William Cooper, before his assassination, was the real deal.</I></B>) For the most part, the only people that have fooled me have been susceptible to the terrorist coercion, if not perpetrators, as they're very well trained in these social skills. This evidence was been sifted, collated and was quite supportive as a whole as to the integrity of those previously and currently in control of this organization. <B>Does “Power Corrupt” of does it get corrupted?</B> This research includes ancient/current history, politics, economics, archeology, psychology, first hand experience and also testimony from dear friends without motives to lie. Several so fearful of the Masonic powers they flipped and no longer call. Some write from time to time, to check up on me. Some that have picked up the pieces of the young/innocent tools used by these psycho/sociopaths with way too much money and a light in the ethics department. Also, sure fire methods of obtaining and retaining power using the human condition as their source. (Greed, fear, sex, etc.) These true family and friends had no motive whatsoever to lie and ALL shared one trait: FEAR of these *******s. Knowing full well they can and will affect your health care, attack your children; they've serious 'boundary issues' and leverage victims of the so-called Satanic cults and organized crime, who essentially have been taken into the governmental fold to perform acts that, before the 'patriot act' anyway, were illegal; this is on their light days.

One is only a victim as someone once said with their permission. However, it takes very good mental discipline to become the duck, and an internal mettle. I personally know about this fact; been there, done that, and finally learned to let the harassment 'fall off my back', changed my focus and channeled the feelings into internal strength.

You of course will retort well what about the children? They didn't ask to be victims. None of us ask to be victims. Remember that we are multidimensional beings and we chose our situations before coming to this life. We do this in order to accomplish a certain goal in a given amount of time.
The ascension process, that everyone is so fond of talking about, is merely attained by experiential training. This mostly involves dramatic reality experience in matter. Drama, generally speaking, is not all love and light and flowers. The object is choice and learning to bring opposites to a balance within oneself. Unconditional love of all of creation is the only way to achieve ascension. Unconditional love means "Would you lay your life down for anyone and all creation? Would you sacrifice what you believe is life so that another could live?" This does not mean killing other people and destroying creation either. It also means that despising anyone or anything in creation is counter productive to the final goal.
“ This mostly involves dramatic reality experience in matter.” If you could be so kind as to clarify what this means it would be greatly appreciated.” Are you speaking of experiencing what we know as science appear to be defeated, 'miracles', 'magic', etc.?

The ascension process is not something I've been able to accept as reality; it appears, so far anyway, that 'heaven and hell' might well be right here on this earth. If I were not willing to give my physical life I'd have left after the first threat and certainly after the more recent direct threat/serious attempt on my life. In my culture it's G-d, country and family, but it certainly appears I've something seriously large behind me as I've narrowly sidestepped serious injury, if not death, on more than one occasion. Research, intuition and my experienced of that which is depicted in 'The Secret' has allowed me to see that the first two have been stolen by those at the top of the local power structure. That although you're correct in that it's 'the people' stupid, this is one institution that, by charter, requires corruption in key areas and has a very patient filtering process that perpetuates evil in the areas that wield power. They quite simply leverage what some call 'the human condition' and they do it quite well.
Therefore, organizations, governments, ect. are not responsible for your plight on this plane - you are. They are here as part of choice for all to have selections on how they wish to achieve their goals.
My 'plight' or more importantly the plight of my children was certainly not by my choice as much harm has come to them and that's a choice I could never make. However, this clearly has been going on a very long time as they've layer upon layer of backup plans. Can a single person with limited resources stop what's happening? All I can do is the best work possible, what I cannot do is walk away and allow this to continue unabated without having given it my best, perhaps feeble attempt. However, the masses are indeed well programmed, and knowing that most are against these hate crimes using kids does give me even more strength that that which has been imbued by G-d.

After all that's happened I am starting to think my path may well be by design. Being first literally disabled by two 'good' masons that needed a tape recorder in my pocket and then it turning out to be a blessing in disguise is just one example. This has given me time to do little but study the situations ever since. Youtube too has been a blessing for when my eyes give out; there are indeed many pearls existing there inserted by individuals, professors with heart and others with much better formal education.

Originally Posted by Alexandra View Post
You know, Jacqui D you have been so kind as to educate me in how things work in this world. I thank you for that. I always wondered how the German common people accepted the negative propaganda against those who weren't "Pure German", during the second world war.

You and some of the others on this forum have proceeded to spread falacies on the basis of writing and videos of outright hate mongers. I sense a tad of Illuminati operation tactics from these authorities. It is called divide and conquer. If you focus on all the hate mongering targets, then you aren't paying attention to what really matters. I must say, they certainly are successful.
“Illuminati” tactics speaking against the Masons? With all due respect, your one of those spreading fallacies, Masonic fantasy actually. This happens to be one of their favorite tactics: accusing others of that which they themselves perform.

As has been the case many times throughout history, the Jewish masses paid the price for the corruption and greed of some of their leaders, who by the way are about as Jewish as my pet rock. As did the German people, and, as may come to pass, the American people. How would Americans react if we learned that a group had 1) started a worldwide boycott against our homeland and 2) were responsible for our defeat in a war that resulted in something so severe as the Treaty of Versailles? (Especially, after giving the same group more freedoms and rights than any other country theretofore. Look what we did to the Japanese people who, for the most part, had done nothing.) 3) Had a media that was under masonic control, who, at that level anyway, have been ruthless murderers since our inception. Recall the 'Savage' Geronimo? The native who became the savage only after having his kids, wife killed and his land stolen. The 'free press', even then, filled the masses with fear, lies and half truths to justify those actions; this to allow the near completion of genocide.

I digress, getting back to the World War: Why did we then turn around and kill the refugees gathering in Dresden by flattening that place via a fire storm of bombs? Also, who benefited from the dual nuclear bombing of Japan proper? <B><I>Cui Bono?</B></I> Quin Se Beneficia? Would not a single nuke off the coast of Japan have sent the same message? Obviously, it would have had the same effect, but without the profit, terror, destruction, and economic profits for those in key positions, debt, lots of 'free money' for the Mason Banksters, and the power/control that results therefrom. Some idiot, sociopath coined a term for it: “Total War”. A clearly Masonic doctrine that said all, including women and children, were valid targets. As if it was new and had not been used against indigenous peoples since time memorial. Cui Bone? Hint: Freemasons who had a hand up in not only the profits of the rebuilding process but more importantly, the 'king making' process in both of these countries. This gave the masons political power over both, for decades after the war had ceased. Those that resist are killed and heretofore they've been unstoppable.

Is “Resistance futile”?

I think not, but we MUST not ever allow our currency to be controlled by an unauditable CORPORATION if we're to have a chance at a truly open and, relatively speaking, government by and for the people.
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Exclamation Re: Who's the real god worshiped by high rank masons?

One very easy way to tell who is here representing the interests of others is the way they will throw 'hand grenades' at an individual, but their post is lacking in specifics.

Almost a sure fire method as these people are lazy and could not give an anchor at which you could take aim.

Final comment: The HUGE majority of "Blue Lodge" Masons, those 3rd degree or less, are good people; in fact you could say they're even the "good guys and gals" that frequently risk their lives against lower level criminals. However, they're kept in the dark as to the secrets, and to the so-called 'real god' wana be Lucifer.

Read Pike's book "Morals and Dogma", or read the summaries as to this fact. What he does it blame all the ills of the upper levels that control the masons because they outwardly wear the cover of Christianity, or Judaism, but are neither; those are the GUYS that do things like orchistrate or build our enemies and they do NOT live in America.

Looks like America is being wrongly painted as the Nazis and will be soon ganged up on due to all the ill deeds their masters in Europe have funded or completed in our country.

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