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Default Status and Ego

I was just thinking about my signature and why I used that piece of writing by Red Cloud. After all, I am not Sioux, I am not poor and I am not naked. This got me to wondering and to also draw a conclusion. If we forsake the "material" interpretation of what Red Cloud is saying and look at it in a spiritual sense there is a whole new meaning to what he says.

I am poor and naked. This to the 5 senses is a terrible situation to be in, but to the sixth sense, Ah, different story. Being poor and naked is just where you want to be. No lashings of man made materialism, no insane desire to "need" the latest, shiniest and most expensive, no need for being a member of the throw-away society that media drums into our brains we have to be in order to be successful. You get the point.
The nakedness speaks of transparency, truth and wholeness of being. Here I am, you take me or leave me. I hide nothing from you, I present to you the full package such as it is, warts and all. There is nothing that this world can give to cover such nakedness. I present myself fully exposed and open to all.

I was thinking to myself, here is the Chief of his people, the leader in whom all the tribe gave their trust. He sought no pompous accolade, he sought no finery, he sought no compensation. What he did seek was the sureness of a future fr the tribes children.

This is important. He sought that which would be best for the future generations, and nothing for the immediate. He had his spirit steeped in that which would be of benefit tomorrow even if not realised today.

If only we could have such leaders in these troubled time. If only we could all bow our heads and admit that indeed we are mostly a bunch of pompous asses, me being chief of the asses, unfortunately.

LL&P but more than that, I wish Illumination for everyone.

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Default Re: Status and Ego

Hey Zeddo, The Red Cloud knew exactly what he was saying...his certainty that we will not need any riches on the other world means exatly that...we're going to be somewhere else without any needs of anything...as all will be there for us to take as we need.

In my youth, I felt a very strong connection with the native Indians (strange, as I'm an european). I wouldn't say I had visioins or rememberings of previous lives as an indian, but I still highly resonate with their way of life:

The People, The Nature, The Coexistence!

So naked, without riches, yes...exactly what we need to be, also here on this planet...as humans!

By the way, I was amazed to find out that the Taos Indians, as described by Drunvalo, hold their yearly ceremonies on the 30th of September...it is my Birthday!
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Default Re: Status and Ego

the nakedness of self ...

stripped of materialism lies our being ...

we cannot acquire greater richness than knowing who we really are ...

fulfillment like no other ...

oh how i long to be naked ...

and remain so ...

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Default Re: Status and Ego


Stripped of convention
my thoughts run naked
in the wind
Judgments and guilt's
dropped like soiled
opaque garments
upon the sand
Free and unburdened
the forgiven glow
in their innocence
truths nakedness
to become transparent again
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Thumbs up Re: Status and Ego

Your 80k's south of Perth~ but~ oh so close too heaven
within your mind and Spirit!

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Default Re: Status and Ego

He is right. I could not believe how good it felt a couple of years ago when I reduced my material belongings from an apartment full of s--t down to what I could fit in a car on purpose when I did not have to. It is a freedom that many people could benefit from.
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Default Re: Status and Ego

Hi All
Thanks for all the great replies, brilliant.

Malletsky, there are no coincidences. 30th Sept for you is a syncronicity. Excellent!

Just by way of quick explanation as to my interest in things Native American:
I was one of those who was brought up where "consorting with spirits" was frowned upon. I eventually rebelled against this as I just had too many intense experiences which had to do with "the other side" as it were. After all, how can a total stranger tell you very private things that not even your wife knows (pet names for your passed-over brother, just in case you are wondering!!!!).

I was about 18 when visiting my folks who lived way out in the sticks, in a really beautiful part of the country. I took a drive to do some sight-seeing and this eagle came out of nowhere and positioned itself about 12 feet in front of the car and about 3 feet higher than the roof. While he was flying he stared directly at me. My brother was driving at the time and this eagle fixed it's eyes on mine. He must have flown like that for a good 5 Kilometers. It was the most amazing experience, never to be repeated and untill recently long since forgotten. The point of this is what I was told very recently.

My wife is very much in tune with things spiritual and asked me if I wanted to go with her to see a lady from the local psychic group. I did and when I had my meeting I was asked if eagles had any particular meaning to me. After a bit of thought I remembered my belt with the Indian Chiefs head on it which I just had to buy when I saw it. I told her about that and she said that my principle guide is a Native American who walks with an Eagle on his shoulder. I only remembered the incident of the Eagle in flight a day or 2 later.

I decided to try and find some info on this Indian with the eagle and for some reason kept coming up with Red Cloud. COrrectly or not I am not sure.

Hmmm, why did I write all of that? It must be the early hour of the day here !!! (I must share the story of meeting my wife, wow talk about syncronicity!!!)

Love to all of you!

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