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Default The annual Megalithomania Conference23rd and 24th may,Glastonbury.


The annual Megalithomania Conference is taking place in Glastonbury on 23rd and 24th May 2009. The event has become a mainstay for ancient mysteries researchers from all round the world. The 2009 line-up includes Graham Hancock, Robert Temple, Christine Rhone, Edmund Marriage, Robin Heath and many others.

A late addition to the event is Robin Williamson, a master bard, harpist & storyteller, who founded The Incredible String Band. He is also a researcher of ancient myths and legends of the Briitish Isles, and will be performing a bardic account about the Tuatha de Danaan; notably the two battles of Moytura, the sacred megalithic complex of Sligo in Ireland.

A tale that recounts conflicts of the ancestors at the dawn of the world, gleaned carefully from Irish mythology. He will also be doing an exclusive evening concert on the Saturday evening.

One of the most popular authors on this subject of ancient civilisations, who has spent twenty years travelling, researching and scuba diving to find evidence of it, is Graham Hancock, who has written three books on the subject – Fingerprint of the Gods,Heavens Mirror and Underworld.

Hancock believes we are a species with amnesia, who have completely forgotten our remarkable past, but fortunately our ancestors left clues in great stone monuments all around the planet that seem to be triggering a cultural memory recall. Graham will be discussing his latest research into lost civilisations and will talk about how our current culture could be on the brink of becoming the next Atlantis. He will be the keynote speaker at Megalithomania on the Saturday evening.

Almost every week a major archaeological discovery is made that shifts back the date of advanced cultures. For example, in Southern Turkey, a recently discovered settlement called Gobekli Tepe, that has sophisticated rock carvings and megalithic technology has been dated to 8,000 to 9,000BC. This fits in with the dating of other sites that Edmund Marriage has been researching in the Biblical area of the Garden of Eden. In Iran, Turkey and the Lebanon, great canal systems, megalithic construction and vast remains of cities have been discovered, that are believed to be of a similar date to Gobekli Tepe.

Edmund, who runs a research organisation called The Golden Age Project, will be outlining these new discoveries in the context of other megalithic sites in the area on Sunday at the conference.

There is also evidence that the Sphinx in Egypt is also much older than originally thought, perhaps going back to 9,000 BC (according to geologist Robert Schoch), and that it used to have a different ‘head’ on it. It did not have the face of a Pharoah, which is fairly obvious when looking at the size ratio of head to body, but according to Prof. Robert Temple, it did not have the head of a Lion either, which is what many people think it once was (partly because the recently rebuilt ‘paws’ look feline).

Robert postulates that it was in fact the crouching Jackal god, or Anubis to be precise. The Sphinx Mystery: The Lost Origins of the Temple of Anubis is his new book co-authored with Olivia Temple that is being launched at Megalithomania and they will be speaking on Sunday afternoon outlining their breakthrough research into this particular anomaly of prehistory.

With an increasing amount of sites having their dates pushed back into the mists of prehistory, Megalithomania resides in a minority that seriously challenges the current, outdated view of history, specifically from the Neolithic era going back to 10,000 BC. Re-writing the history books may be an arduous task for the archaeological establishment to take on, but there is now simply too much evidence for a sophisticated, technologically advanced civilisation that built with gargantuan stonework and had skills in astronomy, navigation, subtle energies, acoustics, geometry and art. Who were these people and why did they go to so much effort to construct such great megalithic temples that would withstand the tests of time?

Find out this and much more at this year’s Megalithomania conference. With a total of thirteen talks, a megalith-forum, tours to Stonehenge and Avebury and an extensive megalithic art exhibition its your opportunity to officially become a Megalithomaniac!

A total of 13 talks are planned with book signings, a megalitho-market place and Glastonbury town on the doorstep of the venue. Tickets for the conference are £80. Field trips to Stonehenge and Avebury will take place on the Friday and Monday. Field trips are not included in the price. Call +44 1458 831800 for tickets, email info@megalithomania.co.uk or visit www.megalithomania.co.uk
for more details.
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