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Exclamation Interview with Joseph Farrell

Hey Guys, you must watch Project Camelots latest interview with Joseph Farrell. Its simply awesome. It talks about the nazis and how far they are involved with the then German government and todays current issues. A must watch.

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Default Re: Interview with Joseph Farrell

Please consider the work of Joseph Farrell very carefully. This Camelot interview was fantastic...in a very chilling way. This man is very bright...yet very unassuming and subtle. Consider the work of Joseph Farrell, Jordan Maxwell, Jim Marrs, Alex Collier, Stewart Swerdlow, Michael Tsarion, Richard Hoagland, Bill Cooper, David Icke, Phil Schneider, Alex Jones, et.al. as a group. Just consider all of their books, lectures, shows, videos, etc...and then read between the lines. Look for commonalities and patterns. I can only think about this stuff for short periods of time without having a mental meltdown. This is very disturbing, yet very interesting material...which I think we need to force our way through...on the road to utopia. I consider this to be sort of an Agatha Christie mystery...but a real life one. I don't become angry. I just feel very, very small and helpless...in the face of such high-tech and high-finance international intrigue. We live in a very scary and dangerous world. I just hope that this ticking time bomb can be defused before it is too late for humanity. We should all try to solve this puzzle...and not just delegate this work to the 'experts'.
That's what got us in trouble in the first place.

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Default Re: Interview with Joseph Farrell

henners, Thank You my Friend!

I haven't watched it all, but until now it has been great!
This is a subject in which I became very interested after reading Richard Hoaglands "Dark Mission".


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