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Default Smutty, very very smutty

Hi Everybody,

Just like in the UK there are tabloids and there are tabloids. In the UK when I lived there, there was a tabloid called the 'Daily Sport' which was printed in Scotland. One of the stories was of "Rhino Man" with a photo of a guy with a fake rhinoseros horn sticking out of his forehead. The content of the story was that this guy lived in on of the woods in the UK and he thinks he's a rhino. Whether the story is true or not, the reader, of course, will decide (just like some of the claims seen on the internet).

It seems that in the US, there is an equivalent: Globe Magazine, with a similar format, big pictures and simple language.

This story: http://www.rense.com/general88/gaybama.htm states that Larry Sinclair will run for congress. His platform? Read the article!

If it's true or not is not very important (in this context), but entertaining it is.

There's nothing like the disgrace of others to make us laugh.

Best regards,

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Default Re: Smutty, very very smutty

Sounds like an attention-starved publicity whore.

Anti-Obama platform? Oh wow, how classy and original! (sic)
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