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Peace of mind
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Default Human births do not seem so humane

Hey guys,

Can anyone tell me what’s the big rush for immediately cutting the umbilical cord at birth? doesn’t waiting a few minutes’ sound more natural? Is this quick snip tradition common around the world? I’m sure there’s money in keeping the placenta…but, is it that serious? Or are there more unscrupulous motives for such hasty decisions; such as intentional harm to the baby’s development, or maybe it could have something to do with our amnesia of past lives? Severing the download, you know.
Whatever the reason…I don’t have a good feeling about it, and judging from the babies’ reactions, they don’t either. And it gets worse…most males get circumcised shortly after. talk about being desensitized

now, on to some links…

Why you shouldn’t cut the cord immediately…

and, in other news…

Stem cells from umbilical cord used for cerebral palsy treatment

May 25, 2006 by Daisy May
Circumcision in the beginning was not the removal of the foreskin, but a cut of the foreskin. The modern circumcision was integrated into society as a cure for masturbation.
See link below for more…


The following vid is Rated M for Mature; if it is inappropriate…sincerely, I apologies

Penn and Teller

feel free to discuss or leave comments...

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Default Re: Human births do not seem so humane

I wish that I had known about lotus birthing with my two, wouldn't have needed the placenter to have been manualy removed!
I love the idea of lotus birthing, seems so much more natrual, my feeling is that the cord is cut more for convinience, but there may be some deeper reason.
Bou x
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Default Re: Human births do not seem so humane

Can't understand why anyone would have their kid circumcised
Sounds barbaric to me
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