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Default Speak out against the global warming lie. Right now

If the countries of the world enter into the Rothschild/World bank plan then we will have the first level of a world government that has the ability to tax soverign nations and the money will go right back to them in the form of the world bank...

When I first heard about global warming though the machinations of Al Gore, I thought that is was relevent, because he was painted as the underdog, now doing good things for the world. After all, I am as "green" as it gets. I ride my bicylce most places and am vegan. But I said to myself at the time, "if this turns into something financial like a tax then I'll know it's a hoax.

Well that time is now. Like the frog being slowly boiled in water, the global warming myth started out slowly and next thing we knew Al Gore was getting Academy Awards and Peace Prizes and the topic has become mainstream and is everywhere you look.

Like most of you know here, corparate media doesn't do much that doesn't have an agenda...

So Al is going around reapeating his manta "the debate is over...the debate is over...". Well it is only over because he or any of the IPCC scientists won't debate! Hell, they won't even share their computer model findings with anyone. 31,000 scientists don't agree with Al and want to debate him but he won't do it, because he would get creamed.

-- The caps on Mars are melting and the moons on Jupiter.

-- His hockey stick graphs have been proven to be backwards. First comes heat and then comes carbon.

Now, we have the Climate Gate emails that were verified by the very scientists that they were hacked from. But they say that they are being taken out of context. If an environmental scientist says over and over "hide the decline... hide the decline" I doubt he's talking about his sex life.

Now the media is trying to spin their way out of this. It's amazing to me how gullible people are. Corporate media can take a crop circle maker who made one or two crop circles and discredit the entire plethora of crop circles in history, and can just as easily dismiss emails that admit tampering and came from the top scientists in the field.

Well, now is the time to get the word out. We are standing at the precipus of a world government fueled by an idea that promotes doing the right thing. And there are a sea of useful idiots out there who want a better world just as much as we do. But we must act to educate and de-Obamatise them so that they can see more clearly and we don't get stuck living in their Orwellian world...

The conference is only for another week or so, so if you have something to say, you might want to say it now.

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