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Default Prophecies that come true

This is my first time here.I have a gift of time travel.
or a Precognitive view of future and other areas of site
This gift started when I was 8 yrs old and the first place
I traveled to was a underground world.

But at the age of 5 I was visited by one of the enities
that were seen around Kings to be.

My dad was in the Airforce back in the days of Roswell
and he was part of and has knowledge of things we now
know.He never spoke of this to anyone,

Based on what Dr. Pete Peterson says.That the parents
informational field can be read or picked up by the childs
field of information

My dad is 100% Nordic or Viking

So you can imagine What it must of been like to be raised
by a 280 # Nordic..

My Mother is a angel from the line of David

In 1909 dec 22 a flying spaceship was seen over Newyork
heading west for Chicago.It was reported in the Chicago
Tribue.That a UFO crash landed 30 miles west of Chicago

Now back than.The powers .Would had buired it. and made
that land public propierty...

I so happened too grow up there In a town named woodridge
IL. 30 miles west of Chicago.

I have been searching for answers to all this.since Childhood.

I wanted to give you a quick take on my life...Just turned 51
nov 30th

I know that most of us here .are here because we feel A need
to know the truth and tell the truth .In a loving selfless way

That the big picture is the truth...

I will post a link to a Prophecy I wrote...
and then I will try to give you new information about
the future.

If we can find a person that predicts events and they come true
Than we can stop the future from destruction...

Here Is the link http://www.prophecies.us/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3063: fort-hood-tx-shootingprophecywritten-in-march-2-2008&catid=1redictions&Itemid=9
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