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Humble Janitor
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Default Re: obama supporters too appolgize?

Great post there and I echo the sentiment.
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Truth voice 2012
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Default Re: obama supporters too appolgize?

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor View Post
I think you know what my point is.

Bottom line, I'm not going to apologize for being an Obama supporter. I'm also not going to stand for all of this Ron Paul worship when the same Ron Paul worshippers are whining about Obama all the time.

I will judge Obama on what he does and when he screws up (and I know he will because ta-da, all presidents screw up!), I will be calling him out and questioning him just like everyone else. He is not the PTB's puppet. He is MY puppet and the puppet of everyone who voted for him.

No worries brother. Im not really bothered what your belief system is. Thats entirely up to you and no one else. I respect your free will as I do everybody elses. The whole "I demand" thing is what I was highlighting. Sure this thread is a little "negative" but demand people do something is also a little "negative".

I just want to say though, and you dont have to believe me. If we take a step back and look at the bigger picture here. This isnt about presidents. Its about good and bad ETs at war and us the monkey/man hybrid slave race stuck in the middle. The ETs that were banished to earth after loosing a space war thousands of years ago and stripped of their technology (known as the "fallen angels" in the bible) has slowly regained their technology (with treaties and other "agreements" with other offworld "negative" ETs) and their empire here on earth is nearly complete. The good ETs in orbit (Yaweh and the lads) are here to help but dont mess with free will.

Its a holy mess in other words!

This is much much bigger than we could imagine and thinking we need anyone else to lead us but ourselves is dangerous in my eyes. We lose accountability in that scenario whereas we can justify anything we do including joining the army and going to murder people abroad (or at home)because our leader told us to do it so. "Its not our fault. We were following orders." etc, etc, etc. Very dangerous stuff indeed. Thats all im saying.

Peace out.

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