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Old 12-17-2009, 04:12 PM   #1
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Default The Camelot Effect

Hello Everyone,

A fellow member mentioned in a thread something about disengaging from all media and it really made an impression on me, here's why:

After years of research and keeping up with alternative news and conspiracy, I have come to the conclusion that while this information serves it's purpose, it seems to have me held in a holding pattern of sorts. I find that my thoughts often turn to the idea that a "battle" must be fought against some outside force that is intent upon taking my freedom and is invested in keeping me from being all that I can be. I'm beginning to realize the battle is really within, and the information that is so fascinating could be a part of why I'm feeling stymied-not that it hasn't done any good, not at all, I am grateful for sites like Camelot, Bill and Kerry have opened up the world for a lot of us, but I think it's time to take what I've learned here and run with it. I want to engage the creative rather than the competitive. One thing David Wilcock said in a lecture was that we pay "fealty with fear" to the unseen manipulators that we are always gossiping about on this site and others. I would rather turn my back on that situation and look toward a future I can create that is better for me and everyone around me.

Kerry and Bill both remind us often, as do many others, that consciousness is much more powerful than we fully realize. I intend to discover this truth as fully as possible-so I have decided to run a little experiment....

Now first let me say that I have not watched TV for more than 2 years, however, I have become fairly addicted to the internet. Probably spending 4-5 hrs per day reading and watching video, sometimes more. Quite a lot of the info I come across is uplifting and inspiring, but the black ops and conspiracy stuff makes for a good portion of it, so the reason for the experiment...

I am going to cut it off. This could be uncomfortable at first but I intend to see if my vibration is affected by disengaging from ALL media, like the other member described. Starting today I will not peruse the sites that I habitually read, but I will continue to use e-mail-(have to for work) I think I will also cut out facebook. Just for the hell of it.

I am going to return Jan 1st and make a report to this thread-I will try to keep a log of any subtle or major changes that occur, and go from there. The internet is a tool and it depends on how you use it, I know, I know, but it is also true that the medium is the message. What do I ignore in favor of staring at the screen?

I'm going to find out.
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Default Re: The Camelot Effect

You are absolutely right - this was my main argument in my reply to the Icke interview I posted, and the rest of the info. went right along with it, as cryptic as it might have been in first draft (I promise to revise).

Go within, I did it for almost a full year before I was ready to come back to the table again. Without taking the time to do it (and exclusively is best), we can only go so far.

I look forward to your report.
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Old 12-17-2009, 05:06 PM   #3
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Default Re: The Camelot Effect

Thats a really great idea, once your cut office society you can focus inward,

rather then outward. I have heard stories of people going out to desert's for

short periods of time a month or so, with just food to survive and have had

amazing spiritual awakening's. good luck
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Old 12-17-2009, 05:57 PM   #4
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Default Re: The Camelot Effect

I think that to solve a problem one first have to realize there is one, in our mind controlled societe the efforts of people like Bill, Kerry and others similar like Cliff High are necessary to shake our brain washed concepts that we live in a "good" society and that it is us the ones that are in the "wrong"

Saying that, I totally support a black out to grow and go within, to study and re-discover and re-member who one really is. The love, peace, security, abundace etc are all within...and what a lovely thing to do now during the holidays

I myself have been in a long sabatical from which I have recently emerged and have got into the discipline to spend 4 to 5 hour a day healing myself and communig with the love of my life that is within me (the all oneness), around me and in every breath I take

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Old 12-17-2009, 06:49 PM   #5
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Default Re: The Camelot Effect

quitting the internet will make you more grounded. Surely.
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Old 12-17-2009, 10:01 PM   #6
Matt Enlight
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Default Re: The Camelot Effect

Originally Posted by pilot View Post
Starting today I will not peruse the sites that I habitually read, but I will continue to use e-mail-(have to for work)
Great idea, I'll do exactly the same.
Starting today.
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Old 12-18-2009, 06:00 PM   #7
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Default Re: The Camelot Effect

pilot, I commend you for taking such a needed step in evolving your whole awareness. I have accomplished what your now doing and I must say that it is a wonderful experience!

Unless of course one dwells on low frequency (continuation of hate, anger, fear, greed, ignorance, lust, shame, guilt, selfishness) while being in that state of mind.

You have actually inspired me to do what you are doing. The last time I left my computer, internet, tv, movies "off" my whole being felt as if an extremely heavy force was lifted from me. I liked that feeling so much that I wanted to take it all even further. So I stopped being involved with ALL continued low frequency, such as the low frequency gossip that most my friends, family, co-workers, strangers continue. I began meditating more and more. I began eating very healthy foods and drink pure water. All of which also helped me evolve all my psychic abilities by 100'x as well.

Keep us all posted!

Kevin aka Clarity of Awareness
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Old 12-18-2009, 11:01 PM   #8
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Default Re: The Camelot Effect

Howdy Pilot,

The internet and looking up this kind of information has me in a kind of spell as well. I try to focus on the positive subjects as of not to feed the other stuff too much.

Last july I started on a two month solo walking trip through France (starting from the Belgian border with France down to the north of Spain). It was hard, it was difficult, it was exciting, it was fun and I was on a wave of higher vibrations with synchronisities happening all the time.

I promised myself to impliment the attitude I had over there in my hometown. The first two weeks I stayed positive, but soon I felt like I was falling back into the trap of thinking people just don't want positivity. They don't want to get in contact with you, because they're all wrapped up in their busy lives and most of them don't have a clue of what is going on. In short, I was playing Mister Dualistic, just the thing I was trying to avoid.

So the second part of that trap got me into playing Christ spreading the message (H1N1 - just the vaccine info, not the WHO stuff) (climategate), first with a certain urgency, afterwards with an unconditional mind- and heartset. That worked better, but I still found myself sitting days and days behind this computer, my new drug. Hallelujah, my girlfriend is open to the information and we can talk about it, but she gets frustrated with my monitor staring behavior at times. So I agreed to temper it down to an hour or so a day.

But if I evaluate even this 'reduced methadon-styled computer addiction', I have to conclude it doesn't make me much happier. Yes the higher vibrational posts and the recent communication with like-minded Camelotties-Avalonians bring moments of peace and a occassional rise in frequency, but I still feel lonely (not because I don't have any friends, but because I can't seem to communicate with them on subjects which I believe to be so crucial).

So the thought of switching this thing off and focussing more on meditation, walking, etc... has been dancing in my head as well... what was I going to say further?... well, I'll part from this typing board, electric brain and square screen 'till the middle of january as well... just to see what happens...

This is beginning to look like a revolt!

Peace out and c y'all somewhere in january!
I wish you all a fun 2010 with more and more people waking up joining heartforces!

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Default Re: The Camelot Effect

Pilot, i agree that the battle is and will be always within each and everyone of us. As far as you cutting off the media, well that is your choice, if it benefits your journey or path. You also have to remember that there is positive and negative to everything, one has to learn how to balance the two or to thread the middle ...now this brings me back to the battle is within argument again.

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Default Re: The Camelot Effect

wow, really nice observation. sometimes i stay off of Facebook because i really do feel it is a Rabbit Hole for me and doesn't really serve a purpose for me. I do work on the internet as well so I can't totally disengage. There have been a few times when I've noticed a really nice sunset and instead of standing and watching I go back to the computer. so how many sunsets and sunrises could I watch instead of sitting in this chair?? would I do it? maybe Gaia would respond more positively to Us if we paid her more complements and treated her like our Mother? just some thoughts.....
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Default Re: The Camelot Effect

wow, I like that~
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Default Re: The Camelot Effect

Thank you for all of your replies-if you are thinking of disengaging for a bit-I'd encourage you to do so.

I decided to break my fast early, couldn't help it. I missed this forum most of all. Happily I can report that I did not once read the contentious, negative press in this period...and

of course it made a difference. In the way I felt and in the things that manifested in my sphere. I expected this. Just to give you an idea-I have lived in this, my brother's house, for 2 years. During that time, the electricity for half the place was not finished and I had no lights in any of the bedrooms. Imagine extension cords snaking all over the floors...anyway, without lifting a finger or thinking a thought, it was taken care of for me. I'm thrilled. Now, does this have anything to do with my fast? You tell me. I honestly don't know, but hey, what a coincidence!

The other phenomenon I have to report is so elementary I'm almost embarrassed to mention it but...if you raise your vibration, you have no interest in the lower vibratory realms. Der.

It's been easy to avoid the doom and gloom after disengaging for a short time. I missed the forum here because people conduct themselves in a mature and thoughtful manner, and since I live in a small community and am not acquainted with tons of individuals with the same interests as I, this forum is very valuable to me. I'd also say the tone here is more hopeful and positive than that of ATS for example...(another forum many of us frequent)

I'm going to keep it up. There was a wee bit of temptation to slide back into the speculation based on hearsay nonsense at times, reading the threads where egos clash and insults fly, for entertainment purposes, but it is losing its appeal and I'm thankful for that. Don't wanna go there any more.

To be fair, I should also mention that it was not just due to avoiding the negative, but embracing the inspiring and positive that I think helped me to let go of a longstanding resentment during this time period, and to have a much more generous attitude toward others, particularly family members having family holiday drama. I kept my cool. Actually I didn't even have to try, my cool was just there, no struggle to keep it involved. Go figure.

I read inspiring texts before bed and prayed for help. It's was as easy as falling off a log, and I wonder at why I chose to languish, or as we say around here, waller in misery, when the answer was just at my elbow, waiting to be noticed and engaged...

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