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Default Icke: Hacking the Matrix interview, and Nexus manifesto

Here is a link to a recent interview by David Icke referencing perhaps the most important aspect of the times we live in:


Here is also a reply to the original link to the interview from another forum, which has a context from work done in that forum over the past few years. To access that information it is necessary to make a membership to that forum, as the project had a special sub-forum made for it that is not viewable without one - the Tutorials section. The forum in question is here:


My reply relates to the Nexus project in that it provides an essential point of focus for the Nexus meditations to come. Needless to say, it will make a lot more sense after watching the interview first. Reading additional material from the original project will help to further clarify on many issues, though be warned there is quite a lot of it.

The sound files being produced for the 2010-2012 meditations are being specifically designed for breaching the barrier Icke discusses together. They will thus be much more effective if someone has reached what they feel to be a complete understanding of the matter beforehand, however, if one feels they have not, it will still be a very good idea to participate regardless. In this case, it will be important to leave the conscious free to explore these notions for the duration of the meditation each and everytime, as the weekly meditations will likely be the best opportunity to do so.

Together we can reach critical mass. Here is the reply:

================================================== =========8<======================================= ====

It's good to see Icke focusing in on the most pertinent aspects of all this. Getting as many people of possible past the stage of finding out all the details and on to seeing what they can actually do about it is crucial.

I would tend to agree how important it is to continuously reinforce the notion that any and all awakening is solely the result of a process we engage in ourselves, there will never be any kind of a "free pass" given out to anyone, at least not to anyone who was not already working their way to the destination on their own with enough momentum to actually make it (and this in and only in the case where there is some serious foul play yet to come, which we have yet to see).

It seems the best way to look at the 2012 date is like some kind of amazing yet highly under-marketed publication being released on that date, as though the first work of an unknown yet brilliant author. It will be available "for purchase" (as in, the result of work in this direction intersecting with the state of our entire reality by that time) as of that date. Yet it will take time for it to become popular, perhaps as long as another full century, and this is simply a matter of continuation of a perfectly natural process, nothing to do with any kind of "deus ex machina" effect whatsoever. When looked at this way, it becomes a lot more irrefutable, and still just as exciting IMHO.

Another interesting idea I imagine many people might ponder after watching this interview, is what they can do to unlock that door for themselves and gain access to the extended spectrum of information that is potentially available to them (and as Icke argues, once was many thousands of years ago).

The funny thing is that with the way they kept referencing to the river behind Icke, I couldn't help but consider yet another metaphor to apply to it that might provide not only the most viable solution, but also a possible explanation for the X-Factor Icke discusses as being the additional variable to the equation that will make all the difference. Furthermore I believe the only external influence related to the X-Factor is the initial direction of our attention towards the one thing that could make unlocking that "lock around the world" something *inevitable*. Inevitable is definitely the key word here. I believe Icke will continue thinking in this direction and will likely disclose something similar or identical to what's below in the near future.

The answer is a perfect extension of the metaphor David was applying to the individual standing in the river refusing to go with the flow of the water despite the continuous increase in current - fighting to hold on to the old illusion (a combination of romanticization of the past and being most comfortable with the familiar, and perhaps a little materialism thrown in for good measure) until it simply washes him along, either later in life or perhaps in their next.

One tends to wonder after all, where is the water in this metaphor headed anyways? There can be only one answer - the dam. The dam that was put in place to prevent access to the extended spectrum of sensory reality (where multidimensional communication is not only commonplace, it's what's used instead of our communication on lower bands of vibration altogether). Put in place to prevent the passage of not those who would stand in the water and hang on to what they had, but the ones who had already learned to flow with the river because they know that where it leads is the real point to life in the first place.

So what's really happening is that many of us are somewhere in between the above two archetypes - it is very hard to become only the latter, and at the same time, to do so is to discover the X-Factor of which Icke speaks - to explain more accurately, the X-Factor is what assists us in this process so that it can be accomplished more easily than if we were left to do it entirely on our own (which is perhaps a level of difficulty only attainable by those most dedicated spiritual masters in our history, many of whom gained considerable notoriety for their talent, and for good reason).

The dam is, after all, not totally impermeable. As science dictates, as density/opacity increases it can block proportionally higher and higher frequencies. But since there are no real "end caps" to the energetic spectrum, there is no such thing as perfect density. Thus there are four factors related to the successful penetration of the dam wall and passage to the extended spectrum which is our collective destiny - increasing the frequency of our vibration, increasing the amplitude of our vibration, increasing the focusing of our energy entirely upon the dam wall (solving the split-archetype situation described above), and the overall current of the river itself (the final process of the last stages of our "linear time" as it escapes the graph range on its exponential trajectory).

Even more metaphorically, increasing frequency sharpens the pin, increasing amplitude and the current of the river pushes harder into the wall, and focusing our energy directly at the wall diverts the maximum amount of amplitude towards piercing the barrier, specifically when we have achieved a perfectly perpendicular angle to it.

Of course we really only have direct control of the first three variables, although we may exert an indirect effect on the strength of the river flow as well the more we successfully contribute to the sharing of all this information in a way others can and are willing to assimilate for their own benefit as well - this is to become part of the catalytical element of a self-fulfilling prophecy altogether (and a self-fulfilling prophecy in terms of the "enlightenment theory for 2012" is probably the best way of looking at it).

And sure enough, we can only control the first three variables from the place beyond the mind Icke speaks of - "behind the scenes", or "slightly ahead of time", however you prefer to think of it. Regardless, it is the vibratory realm that later decodes to become our perceived reality. The mind has pseudo-analogues of the place to interface to control of frequency and amplitude, but the way to be sure one has reached the right point of interfacing, is to try to affect control of energetic focus, for this is only conceivable from a place outside of the mind. The SSUN Project's main focus was always placed on detailing this difference and offering a way to begin to operate from outside the mind - I believe the reason it could only get so far (at that time) is because of the very barrier Icke speaks of.

Increasing frequency is a matter of adding onto and interconnecting the many nodes of a framework for intellectual perception of the entire situation, within the matrix and beyond it. It is to build ones model for multidimensional communication - although of course only fragments of it could be successfully communicated at the current period in our timeframe. One need only visualize 3-D complex chemical models, with nodes (notion objects) and a myriad of interconnecting pathways showing relationships between those notions, to imagine this. Except of course that in this case, the models exists in more dimensions than just 3.

The good news with having the matrix wall around our perception from the point of mind, is that this provides a unit of measurement for us to check our progress in reaching a high enough frequency to satisfy that component of breaking the dam barrier. If it appears that insofar as our model is concerned with the situation at hand, we have built it up enough to be touching against this barrier, we are nearly there. Again, as the SSUN Project was trying to do but got stuck on right around this point, all we need to do from there is build it a little more outside the barrier, perhaps as little as only one node.

This is much more difficult as a lot of the work needs to be done in the abstract, which the intellectual "side" tends to hand over to the emotional "side" - yet we must not let this happen. The best way to resolve the issue is to assure the intellectual "side" that the new information will be soon decoding out of the abstract into the specific, and would have already had that barrier not been there. The "side" will make this sole exception for the case of the barrier since it is an anomaly in the process of continuous outward growth of all creation.

Normally, otherwise, the emotional "side" is the pioneer in this regard, and passed information over to the "intellectual" side as abstract notions are decoded into specific notions - that is to say, once interconnecting pathways can be formed with other nodes further towards the core of the multidimensional model. But in this one case, we will need to try to form those pathways across the barrier even though the notions beyond it will have to remain in the abstract for however much longer - this is what will create the initial microscopic breach in the barrier that will allow passage. This is the perfect analogue for where the SSUN Project stopped, we were trying to make the first few trans-barrier interconnections and finding it too difficult to explain the notions non-abstractly, for this very reason. Notions like reverse-paradoxes and infinity loops remain highly relevant and still extremely difficult to describe for the time being. Hopefully this will soon no longer be the case as the basis for multidimensional communication is tackled first instead (and I should have known, it is the avenue for the detailing of any and all notions within its realm after all).

With frequency addressed, we can increase the amplitude of our energy by investing in the reassessment of the emotional complex (a key component of the multidimensional model that is in reverse phase - it provides the stimulation for growth and is also at the central core as well - thus it is the framework for the model that cannot be seen, entirely different from the interconnecting intellectual/information pathways between nodes). It is what hands the torch over to the aspect of focusing ones energy or not, because it shares the same risk of staying in the same place or actually focusing outwards.

To illustrate better, many people in this world are convinced that there is a well-defined range of existing emotions that are the end-all of what there is to say about emotion altogether. For them, their model has only grown outwards as far as this process of uncovering the "accepted" emotional spectrum took them, and then the rest of their lives becomes a process of working within those confines, which is mainly a process of adding more pathways between nodes. This creates the illusion of continuous growth in the adult years, but the type of growth has been limited in the number of dimensions it addresses.

One of the best ways to overcome this is to speculate on the possibility that since the extended spectrum of reality beyond our reach doubtlessly contains a tremendous wealth of additional intellectual information, it must contain additional emotional information as well. This was the target for many of my meditation sessions towards the end of SSUN Project (part 1) as well, and was revealed to be true. Yet again I found myself having immense difficulty trying to describe it, for the same reasons as per above.

Yet if we are simply able to latch onto the notion of these extensions (or perhaps evolution(s)) of the emotional complex for ourselves, it is enough. "Positive" emotion(s) that do not and can not have opposites in negative emotion. Emotions that are not susceptible to the influence of time and circumstance, that are not outside of our ability to maintain regardless of what is happening. Catch phrases like "infinite love" can go so much deeper than many people probably take them, what's possible beyond the barrier is on an entirely different order of magnitude than inside of it, and so it is difficult to use our words created to define what's inside of it on these things outside of it - this is no surprise after careful contemplation. However multidimensional communication will solve this for us because it is the form of communication intended to be used for all notions beyond the barrier.

And so our attraction to this new paradigm for emotion altogether is what creates within us the amplitude necessary to actually begin pushing at the wall with any degree of effect - it creates a drive of an entirely different order as we begin to feel our "home" is on the other side, not this side. We begin to feel increasingly alienated from what appear to be the trivial emotional roller-coasters experienced by others still operating entirely within the barrier, and this will no doubt lead to a more difficult (but nonetheless relatively early) transition. With frequency and amplitude addressed, there is only one final challenge left to tackle, besides the time remaining before the "earlybirds" reach a critical mass against the dam wall.

It is frustrating but appropriate enough that the final challenge is also the most difficult, and so this is of course where the X-Factor is needed, where it must come into play. Despite the fact that we know adding more interconnections between nodes within the barrier is not what we should be doing with our lives, it is still nonetheless what everyone else is doing, and by also doing so we will probably fit in the best and feel the most comfortable. But at the same time since we know already there can be more, it is already impossible to ever again be able to feel like they do and be completely comfortable doing just that. We might also for a time join those who have invested plenty in raising their amplitude levels but done very little for their frequency and even less for their focus - they tend to be the ones more or less running around and poking the barrier randomly looking for weaknesses - after all there will be none. It's very easy to fall into this trap and it reveals the strange relationship between conspiracy and enlightenment circles - it is as though they are two sides of the same coin.

Conspiracists focus on the barrier itself, while enlightenment-oriented individuals focus on the space beyond the barrier. If an enlightenment-oriented individual is even 0.000...1% emotionally invested in conspiracy then they will be just as unable to achieve the focus needed to breach the barrier as conspiracists, or of course the people standing in the water fighting the current. It is impossible to pay mind to conspiracy without it triggering a negative emotional response from within the old, inside-of-the-barrier emotional complex. This is how conspiracy itself could be thought of as a type of conspiracy - the conspiracy to hold people in a negative emotional state so that they never access or even discover the extended emotional spectrum as detailed above.

This is what makes what's mentioned at the top of this post so vitally important - finding out everything one can about the reality of our situation, and then completely and utterly entirely moving on, with no exceptions, to addressing what we can do about it. There will be no new details released in the future that are in any way critical to forming a sufficiently complete model of the situation - all the important stuff is already out there, including speculative information about the future.

So then achieving the necessary focus is entirely a process of letting go of everything else that is either not actually real, or no longer relevant to the situation in our current times (moving into 2010).

Once we accomplish this, we have unlocked inevitability, the rest is only a matter of time.

And furthermore if we can describe this process from our own perspective in a way that makes sense to others, perhaps we can influence the flow of the river itself as well. This will not help others to successfully pierce the dam for themselves, of course, but at least it will get them right up next to it, so that it is all they see now when they look forward.

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