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Default Re: could i get some help in UK, london

Originally Posted by izz View Post
i know alot about the NHS and I know that they drill for major incidents and prep for major incidents that is true .. bio events / terrorist events / bombs / major crashes on the freeways / aircrashes .. etc

they are health professionals and they work in conjunction with the police force and emergency services in the event of a major incident ..

however - saying they prep for it and then claiming as you did that this means they are going to cordon cities and towns off and shoot to kill

is really taking adding 2 and 2 together and getting 5 to the extreme !!!

stop reading the david icke site

I agree that there are some dark conspiracies ... but i think what you are claiming has no substantial evidence ..

if you are gonna make such claims back them up .. and not with the major incident emergency plans that are in every hospital and trust in the country !

Stop reading david Icke? Trust in the Country? Oh yes, of course I'll trust a government that trialled live bio agents on the underground to see how far they spread. Of course i'll trust a government that went to war over lies and false hoods. Of course I trust a government that denied ever using humans in chemical warfare experiments and denied compensation to those hurt or death resulted.

As for stop reading david icke, well, I read a couple of his books, especially the 9-11 alice in wonderland. What he wrote then is still as valid as anything else main stream.

I'll accept you may not know enough or know people who know enough to show you anything of substance, and thats a shame. However, I posted the worst possible case scenario that i knew of. Theres other events of course, but this was a worst possible case.

As for your rudeness? well, I can deal with that too.
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