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Default Re: Dr Steven Greer. Why the Certainty ?

Quote from Alex Collier letters about the 'greys':

'Be very clear about this! The Dow are out for their own survival and will do anything to us, without compassion or understanding of what their actions will or have done to us. I have been told to have understanding of their situation and possibly some inner compassion for their plight, but to fight and stay very clear of them as they are very dangerous to the human Terran race on Earth.

The Dow assignment is to go out in groups as biological and genetic engineers to find underdeveloped worlds and civilizations and then conquer them without force. The Earth fell victim to these plans. The Dow broke Cosmic Law as decreed by the Andromedan Council by interfering with a developing world.'

The whole is here: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/an...a/v2n3dow.html

Another about the 'draconian':

'The Draconis race is probably the most misunderstood. I have witnessed a deep respect for this race which is generated out of admiration and fear. The Draconans are the oldest reptilian race in our Universe. Their forefathers, somewhere in our most ancient past came to our Universe from another separate Universe and/or reality. When this actually occurred no one really knows.

The 11 (Council of Eleven) have said that the Draconans themselves aren't clear how or when they themselves got here, but what is interesting is that they declare and teach to the masses that they were in this Universe first, before humans beings, and that they are the true heirs to this Universe and, as such are all royalty. Most, if not all, human races don't recognize this claim as truth but, none the less, they don't debate the issue with them either. Alpha Draconans have colonized many star systems and have created many races by genetically altering the life forms that they encountered.

The most densely populated area of sub-races of Draconans is the constellation of Orion, Rigel, and the star system known as Capella. Here lies a very dangerous part of the Universe for human beings. The mind set or consciousness of the majority of the races in this region is service to self and as such they are always subverting, invading and manipulating less advanced races using their technology for control and domination.'

Here is the whole text:http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/an...v2n3alpha.html

You decide about the genuity of this information...

So, once again... why Steven Greer has called one of his project; The Orion project?

Namaste, Steven
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Default Re: Dr Steven Greer. Why the Certainty ?

Orion is a very large space, I would be willing to bet that there are multiple planets with civilization in that constellation. If there where an old hyper-universal lizard race of service to self aliens from Orion, the next star over could have a peaceful sect of the same race. Or this is old news and galactic politics have transformed very quickly recently.
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