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Angry There has always been an alien agenda many alien agendas

If your not seeing the current alien agenda maybe you should watch this video all 4 parts. The truth is that there has always been an alien agenda - many, many alien agendas.

Secret Space Volume II.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

There is an alien agenda, the terrifying thing is that they can become us.

1. Our new government buildings (federal court houses) like the Mark O Hatfield at 3rd and Salmon St. in Portland OR
and at 7th and Market St. in San Francisco Ca. have Particle Accelerators built into them identical to the Particle Accelerator at Fermi Lab outside Chicago - (star gate) technology exists. This is not just in the U.S. - these buildings are all over the planet. The Particle Accelerators are visible on the tops of these buildings. These buildings are Trojan Horses.
[See photo taken by Google Earth at the bottom of this post - the curved structure is on the top left of the roof of the Mark O Hatfield building]

2. There are hundreds of new jails all over the planet in every case these Jails are listed as empty due to lack of funding.
3. This is the way it works - they arrive, become you, you get kidnapped and no one knows you're missing. You end up in one of these new jails.

This is how I found out this information and I might add that this alien agenda is nothing nice:

Things you should know

Specifics of aliens,
A. They are extremely manipulative, and enjoy playing with our emotions.
B. Extremely passive aggressive, they will lead you one way then another.
C.They will pose as friends and find out information.
D.They will lie, cheat, steal, con, they will ruin your life constantly working on your emotions.
E.They will play on your fears and anxiety and they get off on your pain.
F.They will send you into an emotional tailspin and they love our suffering.
G.Their main objective is to remain a secret society and are working on collapsing our global economy.
H.They are Demonic in nature and their focus is manipulating your feelings, making false promises, and raising your hopes, all the while conning and hurting.
I.They have different facial expressions than we have and you will see these facial expressions upon confronting them.
i.e. they will raise there left nostrol in an exagerated expression of anger, they may eratically grind there jaws, when getting off on our emotions being played with, they will exhibit a wild or crazy stare. They are monocromatic in there dialogue, and will all make the same comments.
J.They have a triple helix DNA and they can take on our genetic information as well as their own.
K.They do not age like we do and can hold their appearance for years.{carbonless life forms}
L.They want to destroy us and are doing it any way they can.

M. In a full shape shift they will hunch over there necks will go out of joint, there heads will become pear shape, mouths will go into a strange circle like apearance, there eyelids will intersect there pupils interseciting the center of the eye,and arms and legs will flay to the sides.

Particle Accelerator on the Mark O Hatfield Portland Or.
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