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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

The sources of inspiration as 2009 being the year guided by Love are numerous .
Here is another one:

2009, The Year of the Master

As 2008 comes to a close and we enter into 2009, it's a great time to review your year. Are you still having drama in some areas of your life? Are you directing your thoughts in a Pro-Active manner or do you find yourself getting pulled into fear, lack and scarcity? Do you easily give your power away to draining scenarios or are you Re-membering your TRUE nature as an aspect of Creator / God.

2009 in numerology equals the number 11. 2 + 9 = 11 ? a master number. I have been "shown and told" by the council that this is the year to embrace who you truly are. We are complete, whole/ holy, abundant pieces of God. The guides have told me that in the first 9 months of the year, there will be an acceleration of "Love Washes" which thins "the veil" that keeps us in the illusion of being separated from Source. They showed me that we are being urged to wake-up and take action. We must re-member and re-claim our divinity.

This year of Mastery will clarify your life and themes. Become the observer and realize you wrote this script called Life before we incarnated. We KNEW this lifetime was the one where we would re-member that we are ANGELS having a human experience. As you see the life-themes anywhere in your life that are blocked or frozen in fear, forgive yourself and forgive all the players in this script you wrote. Love yourself as you return and merge with your God-Self.

I realized that from January to September is 9 months, the same time as a pregnancy. The number 9 in numerology is all about closure; endings that allow our Re-Birth and direct our new lives from the place of empowerment. Where you are stuck work with your God-aspect. That is the ANGEL part of you that holds the memory of infinite Love, Bliss and Happiness.

"Now" is the time to take action as we return to love. Open your heart and allow it to heal your mind that has been imprisoned by the Ego. Whenever you feel the "craziness", understand that this is the lifetime that we CAN accelerate our spiritual path. Retrain your limiting thoughts and stop engaging in the fear-the ego. When you do this you will become more open to absorbing these "Love Washes" that will release the cellular memories that can create fear. As we are changing our vibration and frequency, we are invited to turn the words and thought patterns of "I hope" into "I Know", "I think" into "I Know" , "I believe" into "I Know". KNOWINGNESS is the key to unlock old patterns and allow multidimensional healing to take place.

We already have WITHIN us all the Love, Health, Joy and Abundance we need. As you work Pro-Actively with the "Love Washes" you will direct your life -force as a Master. You will become the God-Self.

Once you KNOW that you co-create your reality, you also KNOW you are not at the mercy of events beyond your control. YOU direct your thoughts, words, attitudes and core beliefs. You are the co-author of the "movie" called your "life". You now know that you are responsible for your actions and can make choices that set the stage for an empowering and fulfilling life.

You will teach all those around you, family, friends and co-workers alike by practicing and BECOMING what you know- that your birthright is of Mastery. We are Masters in process and practice. As we integrate our multidimensional God-aspects, we have a direct effect on the whole through our interconnectedness- the collective consciousness. Every thought, word, choice and action you make in every moment, gives off a vibration that radiates from within your energy field through the unified energy field that connects us all.

When we truly KNOW we have the power to co-create our reality, we radiate a vibration that is centered in Love. You then attract into all aspects of your life a similar vibration. You will be attracting synchronicities, scenarios and people that are also energetically holding that Love vibration. As you ALLOW, TRUST and SURRENDER your will to Thy will, you will realize and work in harmony with the global "Love Washes."

2009 is the crossroad. Be the forerunner and radiate unconditional Love throughout every fiber of your being. Release old, limiting patterns. Realize that we are co-creating a New Earth and everyone is contributing their energy into the amazing Birth of this New Earth. Be the Master that is FREE from Karma or limiting beliefs. FEEL yourself fully empowered and directing your life force from Love, setting you FREE from "past" themes. This will ALLOW you to experience the merging with Creator/Source - the Oneness.

Celebrate and Dance with the flow of the "Love Washes". KNOW that as we re-align with our God-aspect, all we can see in others is their God-aspect, which spreads unconditional Love through our interconnectedness. Then we will REMEMBER and Awaken to our sole Purpose. We are Love, re-uniting with Source, freeing us to BE Love in Action. We are God-aspects or ANGELS in a physical body. Be your God-aspect and be fully in this world but not of it. God Speed, dear Light Ones.


From mayan majix:


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