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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Respected Friends,

First I want to congratulate all of you for the successful first run.

Not only that we see the road now, but we are walking on it.

Even already we are altering the reality for the better.

Even the basic understanding that this needs to be done, is a major step forward.

Soon more and more people will join us.

And the more we become, the more psionic energy will be generated and the more positive changes will come.

We are still learning the first steps but we will surely master them on time.

Have trust in this, attract this, believe that its happening everywhere and that is growing minute by minute and the rest will come by itself.

I would like to invite everyone to prepare for the second meditation that will start on Saturday Feb 14th on 8 PM.

For the next run we will perform the same meditation method but with new audio file that can be downloaded from the Nexus 2012 website.


The new file is a combination of meditative music and the excellent audio file of respected PhiedPiper.

It starts with a musical piece that slowly takes you meditative state.

Then the PhiedPiper file comes along which will take you really deep and it will change your brain pattern.

When you had sink into the deep, and when Phied file is over there is a Vangelis musical piece that brings the emotional aspect out.

For the finish there is voice guidance that only Love is the answer and here if the meditation is done how it should be – the highest power will be generated.

It will move through the sound and it will influence the fractal structure of our plane of existence.

In fact it will start to manifest in previous instrumental piece from Vangelis but in the last will reach its culmination.

For the end of the meditation, we have left 8 minutes of total silence so everyone can radiate with the emotional charge in his/her own way.

Summarized, the meditative method for the next run stays the same and there is a new audio file that lasts 52 minutes. The meditation ends with 8 minutes of total silence in the altered state of consciousness.

Every next time will be better and better. And we will do more and more.

As we go, we will introduce more and more complexity into this.

Deepest respect to every one of you who will understand and see our vision, and who will decide to join us on a second planetary meditation. Who will help in the process of creating a better World for everyone!

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