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Default Project Camelot and The Informant! (movie)

Hello all,

*IF this has already been discussed in other threads please forgive for I did not have time to research such.

I recently watched a movie called The Informant! I won't give away the whole plot but it's based on a possible corporate whistle blower who's serious bi-polar disorder could be affecting not only him but everyone who believes what he says. Mark E. Whitacre is the real life person in question here in this nonfiction movie who is played by actor Mat Daemon. In the movie Mark is interviewed time and time again by various people within a few years time. Various to extreme implications, plots and so much more are first slightly cracked then closed and then opened again until it's all clearly... or some what seen for all to see. By the time the movie does end it maybe challenging or even startling to understand what really happened. For the most part it does open your mind... like A LOT !

BTW *IF anyone here attempts to give away the plot of that same movie then I refuse to respect you. Sorry but I respect the majority of people involved with making movies and the main pay off is when the movie is sold in what ever ways. Besides all that I think that I've already "given" everyone here enough information concerning the movie. I'm not talking about other people or any other websites, blogs and so on who gladly give away the plot to any movies. I'm talking about from start to the never ending finish of this whole thread here.

That movie brought up an important question for me & that question is no matter how much time, energy and effort is put into interviewing anyone are those being interviewed telling the whole truth?

For example, if you were interviewing me concerning the time that I had not only generated a winning lottery ticket based on my psychic abilities (what I call my whole being), and I also helped increased the lottery jackpot to $60 million... would you honestly believe me? Although I personally believe that more people should chose an open heart and mind as a way of life, I never ask anyone to "believe" in ANY of my own experiences in life. Although most people who experience what others believe impossible do believe in my own experiences.

Because not everyone can meditate or clear their minds in order to know if others tell truths or not. Not everyone can open their hearts to understand the true feelings of others sometimes. Not everyone, not every time & not from every place can understand that all truth is ever changing and never ending.

When I make video's (Clarity of Awareness presents) for public consumption (or what I call mind candy) I always "inform" (no pun intended) all my viewers with something like the following...

As with all COA video’s you chose what is real and what is not. Those who disagree are loved and understood.

Now, I'm not saying Project Camelot (PC for short) should place any disclaimers on any PC videos. PC is one of the few out there who's actively and ACTUALLY doing something to help us all open our awareness further and further.

Nobody, I mean NOBODY from this forum or PC has EVER & probably will never tell or "make" me try to believe in anyone that PC interviews. Our spirit of free will is more powerful than ever and the wisdom of it is shown when we experience the purity of it without letting others interfere with what we all believe in. Doesn't matter if we are right or wrong it's all about our life path of education. Ant it grand? lol

All I'm saying is that we all should not only continue keeping our minds and hearts open, but we must evolve it all as well. Seems that most forum members and those interviewed by PC are doing a wonderful job at that.

As a society ALL of us are responsible... well, I believe that only we are responsible not only for ourselves but especially for our society and our world. Because if you believe that everything you do and don't do (each and everyday) doesn't help change our world or effect it in massive way(s), then you need to open your awareness further, in my opinion. Because it's YOU who exist our reality and YOU who constantly chooses your being reality.


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