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Default Amazing Thing and Lesson to Remember +

I decided to post this mesaage here because it might be an important lesson about how to prepare.

Just a few minutes ago I was out in our garden and noticed a bee that was struggling to fly. It was not able to and a wasp or something looked like it would attack. I watched and put my finger out and the bee climbed on to my finger tried to fly but dropped to the ground. I really felt sad. I held my hand out over the bee and said a short prayer asking for the bee to be helped. Almost immeadiately the bee lifted off and flew. I was totally amazed and happy. This bee had been struggling and could not fly and now I assume is on its way home.

The lesson I think is that our prayers, empathy, care, and love may be getting more and more powerful and the time it take for these to have an effect may be getting smaller and smaller.

I think this is very important for us all to remember after all the rest of nature may need a little help from us and in return will help us.

I recall a vision a Native American told me about where animals were helping the humans to find food and water. Let us do the same for them and each other.
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