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Default Avian flu / survival manual


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Default Re: Avian flu / survival manual

please supply linkl ty
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Default Re: Avian flu / survival manual

Get the book COLLOIDAL SILVER by Mark Metcalf and learn about the incredible healing power of the colloid. Then get the supplies and learn how to make it yourself. Avian Flu, Hong Kong Flu, Bozo's Flu, it doesn't matter, this stuff KILLS all those 'bugs' and is completely harmless to humans or pets.

Better yet, look up the Colloidal Silver input from others on this blog and learn.

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Default Re: Avian flu / survival manual

Hi everyone,

I would just like to make a few comments on this colloidal silver. I began making this myself many years ago and got some pretty good informations on it all back then. Colloidal silver is great for anything "external" and is very safe to use. But, one must be careful using it "internally" and NOT over use it. For an emerency or flus one can use it occassionally to help these conditions and others, but remember colloidal silver is made from silver, even tho the making of it only leeches off very tiny microscopic silver particles, they are still metal and they do build up in the human body, thus over use of it can and does cause this greying affect that a few peoples have experienced.

I have given several peoples the instructions on how to make their own colloidal silver generators which is pretty easy to do, but I always caution them to use it sparingly if they are going to use it internally.

The informations I got years ago, and a chemist had input into some of it, it was stated then that the store bought forms of colloidal silver had enhancers in them which gave them this yellowish color, so it was safer for one to make their own, then they knew for sure what was in it and further more it is certainly much cheaper to make it ones self.

All things have their place for usage, one just has to educate themselves on them so they do not cause themselves problems. My husband loves colloidal silver for wounds, cuts, etc. as they heal much faster for him.

I had also read that many many years ago peoples used to put like a silver dollar or some form of silver in milk to help it keep from spoiling as fast as it helped kill the bacterias in it that would cause it to spoil, so here is another idea also, but in this manner of usage colloids are not leeched off into the milk, so this alone makes a big difference.

I just wanted to mention these few tidbits for everyone on this and to also caution to NOT over use it internally unless it is necessary.

As an old saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." This goes for health also.

I also use a zapper. I made several of these up years ago and have used them for many years now and I find that they are a great help. There is much informations on the internet on them and the plans to make the Hulda Clark zapper which they all run off of a 9 volt battery. I have had good luck using the Zapper and it has made a believer out of me and as for flus, if you start using a Zapper at the first signs of cold like or flu like symptoms it can help eleviate them pretty fast, but if you wait until you are showing real symptoms, then it is almost too late, even tho the Zapper will help you get over it faster. At least this has been my experience with them.

At any rate this is another form of alternative for one to think on and use if they so choose.

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Smile Re: Avian flew away

MMS will Not effectively oxygenate your blood. It will Chlorinate it.
Breathing Will oxygenate your blood.
MMS, if used as directed, is a very weak poison. Poisons can be used to cure - but only if one Knows how to use a poison.
Use it ONLY if you Really know what you are doing and Understand Chemistry and Biology (College level).
MMS is a great disinfectant but there are other good alternative disinfectants readily available.

Be kind to yourself. Get sunshine and Take D3 in 2500iu/day or Higher doses every day!

Silver in any form will has almost No effect on a virus.

The best thing you can do is stay away from doom and gloom websites and media.

If you ever Are in an 'infested' area, isolate yourself completely for a few weeks + and - the time you know something might be spreading around town. This includes not having contact with possibly contaminated food or postal mail put into your mailbox, etc.

Stress and Worry are your #1 enemy.

Find something fun to do and associate with people who know how to enjoy life.

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