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Default Sometimes the road to truth is, so elusive...

The original believed to be lost... until now....

Approximately fifty years ago
under the direction of President Harry Truman
and in the interest of national security
A group of twelve top military scientific personnel were established
This group's primary objective
was to desensitize us to the truth
And to suppress the material evidence that our planet is being visited
by a group of extraterrestrial biological entities called the grays

Tune in to channel zero (8X)

Yo, sometimes the road to the truth is, so elusive it's confusin
And reality becomes illusion
If I showed the masses where we was at or where we was goin
I'd shatter the social balance of the world as we know it
I'm talkin bout the grand deception, of 1947
When our souls were sold to the heavens
for technologically advanced weapons
Crystal enhanced, brain implants, and mind control methods
MJ-12 is not majestic
And the focal point of our problems on this planet are not domestic
You can accept it or be stupid and be a skeptic
and fail to recognize the secret society's deathwish
Ninety-seven percent of our Presidents were Masons
Responsible for launderin trillions of dollars from the nation
for the construction of underground military installations
Abductions and cattle mutilations
Experiments on human patients
can take place in several subterranean bases
A hundred and fifty stories below a basement
With knowledge of genetic information, you need to fear science not Satan
Cause through the manipulation of certain biological agents
they create strange creations
Top secret special operations
Low frequency sounds and lasers, people like Carl Sagan
that didn't believe in the Drake equation
were tryin to keep Western civilization on the need-to-know basis
Well you need to know that this is a game
and we're bein betrayed and played in the worst way

Tune in to channel zero (8X)

Yo, the holy script from Genesis 1-26
says, "Let us make man in our image under our likeness"
First of all who's THEY? You see if God
was truly a single entity that's not what he would say
We as the Elohim, Gods and Goddesses
posess a marvelously monsterous subconscious
Lifeforms that speak, in very high pitched sounds and squeaks
Short staccato clicks and beeps
A highly advanced form of speech
Even though to us it seems like they only chatterin they teeth
They used to swim deep in the oceans beneath
Til they fins transformed into limbs and they started to creep
Then they evolved into mammals with feet
And walked right from the shorelines onto the beach
They used gravity, cause it's actually the only force around
that could slow time and the speed of light down
The energy grid network, opened the gateway from Earth
to any point in the universe
Livin organisms and various, geomagnetic gravitational, anomaly areas
Space expedition teams in the lunar regions
reported seein, decapyramids and tetrahedrons
Liquid filled shoes, is what they used
to walk across the moon without leavin a clue
of where they been for the past twenty-three billion years
Before life on the surface even appeared
I hope you become aware what I'm spittin in your ear
was intended to stimulate your left-brain's hemisphere
I know it sounds weird, all these mother****in answers
and questions to the grand deception

Tune in to channel zero (16X)
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Default Re: Sometimes the road to truth is, so elusive...

And another version

'Channel Zero' Lyrics

The location is planet Earth //
The time and date is nineteen, ninety-nine, December thirty-first //
Eleven fifty-nine, P.M. //
The anticipation of what I think's about to happen got my heart beating //
We got less than a minute left, before, the planet Jupiter //
is united into a star //
I know it sounds bizarre, but it's mathematics //
A specific sign for some of the planet's inhabitants //
Those who understand, know what I'm saying is accurate //
Our country is corrupt, from the president to the cabinet //
In the year two, followed by three o's //
The space probe Galileo //
Will welcome us all to channel zero //

The secret of the ages, I illuminate with logic //
What I speak is more than just deep; it's bottomless //
With common sense, I'm organized like crime and mafias //
Plus the way I rhyme is prime, like Optimus //
A rapologist, you could sit and do the knowledge with //
From G.E.D.'s, to degrees, from Ivy League colleges //
I politic with any magazine columnist //
About topics other emcee's won't even bother with //
Rock solid **** like stones and monuments //
It's obvious the third eye of the obelisk is watching us //
[Closely,] through a microscope and a pair of binoculars //
Ghetto scholars like me, who study street calculus //
I utilize every letter of the Arabic alphabet //
To touch a part of your body that makes you feel erogenous //
The key to knowledge, is guarded by angel locksmiths //
Who travel across the Universe, in flying objects //
Secrets deadly to man, is dioxin //
We sparring with God, our arms are too short to box with //
Four thousand years before Christ, in the times of Pharaoh //
Welcome to Channel Zero //

Yo //
Dangerous minds, manufacture dangerous rhymes //
Signs from revelations predict, perilous times //
In the year two-thousand, the planets will be in alignment //
Only the wisest, will survive it //
The Earth will experience, a sudden change in climate //
Killing many organisms in our environment //
The earthquakes destined to happen in California //
Will trigger the Brevard Fault in Atlanta, Georgia //
The collapse of roads, bridges, and buildings //
The death, of millions of innocent civilians //
The Freemasons will control the nation //
But you don't hear me though, [it's the information] //
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