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Default Re: Atmosphere on the Moon - A Study

I don't believe they have made it to the moon yet
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Default Re: Atmosphere on the Moon - A Study

Wonderful thread Zorgon.

I watched Nasa's Greatest missions on DiscoverHD a couple of days ago.
What I found strange was that all through out the mission we had wonderful good quality colour film, but the second we reached the moon we had the poorest bluriest black and white images ever.

It went back go good quality colour again showing Niel Armstrong plating the flag..... but the sequence wasn't played like a video it was a set of time lapsed still pictures.

I have never seen good quality colour video footage of when they were on the moon, was the lunar landing faked or is good quality un doctored video or photos of the moon classified.

Surely in all them trips we did to the moon we must have some good pics.

also when the flew over the dark side of the moon the camera was zoomed so you could only see a thin strip, are there and good quality pictures of the far side of the moon?
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Default Re: Atmosphere on the Moon - A Study

Yippee Back in business

Now I need to review the stuff and add more :up:
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