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Default Re: What do these 81 Dead Scientist have in common?

There maybe a few more for the list. Here's the "Suppression by Murder" section of The 9/11 Truth Movement, Free Energy Suppression and the Global Elite’s Agenda:

8/1/03 - Dr James Black - Filed Lawsuits in Support of John Hutchison & Whistleblower

A Nobel Prize winning physician, Dr Black filed lawsuits against the governments of the US and Canada regarding the theft/suppression of John Hutchison’s research. He died from a “possible heart attack” at age 51, although having been in perfect health with no previous heart problems.

A memorial is on John Hutchison’s site:

5/14/04 - Dr Eugene Mallove - Proponent of Cold Fusion

Dr Mallove wrote an open letter to the world requesting research funds for Cold Fusion and Zero Point Energy. A few months later he was murdered, allegedly by two people during a robbery:

A memorial presented by Dr Mallove’s friend and fellow-CF proponent, Bill Zebuhr, is reprinted here:

3/19/06 - Michael Zebuhr - Dr Wood’s Clemson University 9/11 Research Student & Nephew of Bill

Mr Zebuhr and Dr Wood were doing demonstrations with molten aluminum specifically to prove Steven Jones wrong. A few weeks later he was murdered, allegedly by two people during a robbery.

On March 1, 2006, Dr Wood sent an email to Jones detailing his “mistakes”:

Seventeen days later, Michael was shot twice. The following day, March 19th, he died.

A memorial site for Michael is here:

4/16/07 - Dr Wood’s Instructors at Virginia Tech

The 9/11 criminals continue their scare tactics at Virginia Tech, where Dr Wood received her PhD in Materials Engineering Science. The murders came exactly one month after her March 16, 2007 Request for Correction filing with the government for 9/11 fraud. The first killing occurred in the only dorm room she used on campus; one of her instructors was killed in a classroom she used to sit in.

We know the Virginia Tech massacre was a PSYOPS due to the fact that the police did not close off the area afterwards. They obviously knew who the perpetrators were.

A musical memorial for all the victims is here:

7/30/07 - Aerielle Louise - Grand Niece of Free Energy Pioneer Nikola Tesla

A strong supporter and friend of Hutchison, Aerielle Louise, was found dead in her mobile home in July of 2007. Although attributed to a heat wave, Hutchison states otherwise:

X-files Newsletter issue#5
April 2008


-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
July 30th or 31st, Aerielle Louise Serban was found "cooked to death" in her Burnsville home. The Medical examiner who John has spoken to, states the cause is a mystery, and the circumstances highly suspicious.

A press release in memory of Aerielle is here:
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