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Default Dear Shadowstalker

I am posting this in the off topic section, because it doesn't really matter to anyone here nor there. It is a private message in response to Shadowstalker; but when I tried to hit send, it said that "Shadowstalker doesn't accept private messages". However, it is also relevant to anyone that's interested in "squabbles" (not that I really am) -- so if anyone else wants to respond, go ahead.


Originally Posted by Shadowstalker
Hey this is only a suggestion here on how you can better relay ur info.

First off no body here wants ur whole story, they are only looking for the turning points, They respect ur privacy unless that's what you want to give.
All I want to do is post my experiences / thoughts / comments, just like anyone else. I just want to do it like everyone else -- IN TIME, not all at once. When I have something that's personal, I will make a personal thread about it. When I see a problem in the world, I will make a thread about that. When I have something to offer someone else about their thread, I will respond to that. What's wrong with that?

Originally Posted by Shadowstalker
The best way is to pop up notepad or whatever writing program you have and list whatever turning points that made you want to start the threat and what you are tying to relay, just the highlights.that's all and then when you are ready just post it. just copy and past.
I didn't come here to use the forum as a blog of only my personal experiences. I am also posting in other threads that have nothing to do with me. I think you seem to believe that I just want to come here and write a big long story all about "me". I don't. I never said I do. Yes I have things I want to say, but I will post them when I am in the mood to, and when I have the energy to do it. In between posting anything I post about myself, I wish to just participate in the forums like anyone else. I am interested in many things here.

Originally Posted by Shadowstalker
And if you can, don't worry about the opinion of others, if you feel you have a mission then state it , what comes of it is what come out off it,

Not everyone will believe or back you in it, it's called individuality and free thinking, that's what these boards are truly about.. NOT BEING A SHEEPLE..
I don't mind other people's opinions. People can come on here and write 40 pages about how they think goats are the rulers of leprechauns for all I care. The only time I get grumpy is where 1). People keep taking my threads off topic 2). When people insinuate that they know what I am "really" here for. How patronizing is that? Note: I am not accusing YOU of that. I am just saying that's why it LOOKS like I wont get to the point. People wont LET ME! Look at my threads.

Originally Posted by Shadowstalker
Most of us are still willing to listen to you, but you have all but taken that from us, your more worried about the little things then to take care of business and it make folks wonder why you started the thread to begin with.
I just wont people to stop trying to point teh finger, or tell me what I "really" believe, or tell me what my agenda "really" is, etc etc. Go look at all the things people say in my other threads. It's frustrating. A lot of people just pull my threads into a big religious debate at the mention of Jesus or God. That is ONE thing I am trying to stop people from doing before I post anything more about myself, because I don't want it to become distracted by people whining about their hatred of the Bible. If I make a post I should be allowed to post what ever I want, and include any information that I believe is relevant -- JUST like "I let other people do" without jumping on their backs. Go and find ONE place on the forum where I went and jumped on someones back about what they believe.

Originally Posted by Shadowstalker
If you looking to have everyone to agree with you, that is never going to happen, if you are, then your just preaching to the choir, and then nothing in it self would be accomplished, because then everyone would know what your talking about anyway..
I am not a silly person. I KNOW people wont agree. Nor to I want them to. I just want them to stay on topic and not project their hatreds about the world onto me. People perceive me to be religious, so then they DON'T answer the "topic" -- they ignore the broader topic and start whining about how they don't want a preacher etc. Well my life experience contains prayer and God and Jesus, and I can't post if people keep pulling me up on it. Then when the whole topic turns into 2 pages of "NOTHING" (which is what you are complaining of), I get the blame. Go and tell the clowns off that are distracting everything. Look at the threads.

Originally Posted by Shadowstalker
Bill is right you need to step down from the soap box and join the rest in a casual convo and then folks will be willing to listen, nobody likes to be bashed over the head with anyone's views, even the spiritualist can't agree on everything..
Go read all my threads. Then look at how many times there are responses that have NOTHING to do with anything I said or the original post. I was posting normal until people started causing trouble because of their ignorant attitude. You will see in my threads I explained WHY people were either projecting their own views into me and expecting em to apologise for what ever happened to them and they were also associating THEMSELVES with what ever I was saying and taking offense all by themselves. It's not my fault that I use frank communication but most people don't know how to communicate that way.
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Default Re: Dear Shadowstalker

This is not what this forum is for.

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