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Default David Wilcock-Zurich-Journey to Switzerland


If you do a ctrl-f for "find" and find "Journey to Switzerland" you will find David Wilcock's diary type writings about the Zurich Conference.

Snippets -
"Burisch is certainly a controversial figure, but I do feel he is presenting the truth as he experienced it and as it was told to him. He had recently reconciled with his birth family, and as a result had gotten new proof that he had indeed graduated from the universities he said he had — and this was important, as his detractors have often tried to assert that many of his claims were false, including his education."
"In case you are new to this, Henry Deacon may, as I have said, be the most important whistleblower ever to come forward. At the level he worked at, there is no compartmentalization — you are more or less entrusted to know everything that is going on. ...

"I have tried repeatedly to ask the same questions and get different answers, but he has remained very consistent. ...

"In his various assignments for the covert world, he became aware of ‘ancient’ stargate systems like you see in Contact, Stargate and 2001, as well as ‘modern’ systems that instantaneously transport you from point A to point B. ... it was simply referred to as "The Corridor."

"‘Henry’ alleges that he used this ‘Corridor’ to travel to a base on Mars, which has a total of 270,000 ‘personnel.’ Of these personnel, only 10,000 are people born on Earth. ...

"He has no idea how many species he saw or interacted with, as there was little conversation amongst them — but he estimates there to have been more than 45 different types. Every one of them looked more or less like we do, with the only differences being in height (1.5 to 15 feet) and skin color (almost every color represented, largely in pastel hues.)"
"Russian scientists such as Dr. Peter Gariaev have absolutely confirmed that DNA is an end-product of a wave that exists in the structure of energy itself. The energy exerts a gentle pressure that will spiral molecules in a given area into lifeforms, quite naturally. We live in a biological universe — what some have called the "Goldilocks Principle" is no accident." ...

"What is of greatest interest to us now is that at certain pivotal moments, a given planet of humans experiences a sudden, massive evolutionary ‘quantum leap’."

and much more ...
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Default Re: David Wilcock-Zurich-Journey to Switzerland

Yep, I read it a week ago. I like David Wilcock. Once upon a time I had a policy disagreement with his forum moderation team. Other than that I believe in what he is doing. I reference his research in a few places on my own web site. It is amazing to me that Burisch was able to pull the wool over his eyes for as long as he did. Makes me wonder if Burisch was getting some help veiling his true intentions psychically. Not from David, but from an unknown source to us. Maby part of a larger disinformation team / program.
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Default Re: David Wilcock-Zurich-Journey to Switzerland

i like David Wilcock's work - likely DB/DC made him sign paperwork too

ohh the webs we weave !!!
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Default Re: David Wilcock-Zurich-Journey to Switzerland

David Wilcock is quite loaded on knowledge and successfully mixes the spiritual with the technical, which I like a lot as too often sources tend to focus only on one aspect. His thinking processes resonate with my own so the information is easy to digest and see through. Although there is something 'strange' within his information.. he seems to be supporting the Obama administration too much for my taste.

The only problem I see is that his forum is under a tight grid lock , moderating each post that is made and very tight on allowing of posting other information than the one that directly links with DW's work.

In any case, his blog is one of the few places on the internet that is worth checking frequently for new info and new ideas. I'm looking forward for his planned major movie Convergence.
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Default Re: David Wilcock-Zurich-Journey to Switzerland

wilcock is top notch. some news articles seem to suggest that biden and clinton are constantly undrmining what obama is doing and saying. i think its just a case of double think at work and obama as nice a chap as her may be has the least power of any american president in history.

if he has power to some degree how did he manage to get to the position of power. obama doestn make sense on any level to me.

im hungry for more wilcock info its been a month or more since we have heard any musings on this whole camelot, disclosure scenario and many other subjects
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