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Default Re: Clock-watch-time problems anyone?

Lets keep in mind that if your clock is a Quartz Clock, the following is the case.....

"A quartz clock is a clock that uses an electronic oscillator that is regulated by a quartz crystal to keep time. This crystal oscillator creates a signal with very precise frequency..."

The quartz crystal is cut and tuned to resonate at a certain frequency, so it is logical that if the vibrational frequency of everything around us, or even us for that matter is changing in a strong enough way, that this frequency disturbance could possibly cause the crystals frequency to shift or fluctuate, causing the clock to run either slower or faster.
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Default Re: Clock-watch-time problems anyone?

Wish I still had a quartz clock or watch to study this phenomena. Would be interesting to do some comparisons and find out exactly how much time pushes ahead and/or lags and at what intervals (whether fixed or not). Anyone have the ability to video tape a quartz clock or watch next to a digital atomic clock or watch for an extended period?
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Default Re: Clock-watch-time problems anyone?

Sometimes I'll wake up, decide to go back to bed and then wake up again and notice that a hour had disappeared. It just went by so quick, it was literally like a blink!
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Default Re: Clock-watch-time problems anyone?

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor View Post
Sometimes I'll wake up, decide to go back to bed and then wake up again and notice that a hour had disappeared. It just went by so quick, it was literally like a blink!
OMG! You too?? Sometimes 7 or 8 hours passes when i close my eyes.
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Default Re: Clock-watch-time problems anyone?

Originally Posted by Lorien View Post
OMG! You too?? Sometimes 7 or 8 hours passes when i close my eyes.
I'm not talking about regular sleep.

I'm talking about it just passing by like it was in minutes. Maybe I lost some time?
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Default Re: Clock-watch-time problems anyone?

Originally Posted by judykott View Post
I have had the same experience with the clocks and even the one on my computer has gone out of sync.Two other clocks stopped totally. I have not been able to wear a watch for 8 years. I only had a cell phone for a short time years ago as I found issues with it as well, something about the energy around it does not mesh well with my system. I had a really weird experience about a month ago going through a playground zone, I went through and past the park and in a blink I was at the start of the park again. It was a little disconcerting. When I got home which was only a few blocks, I just sat there in front of my house for a few minutes, saying did that just happen. The answer was yes it just happened.
Hi Judy,

Ironically, people who have had near death experiences electrical system is altered where they can't wear watches and their energy has an effect on various electrical equipment. When I got upset my computer would crash and so would the copy machine. I wave my hand under some solar lights and they came on. What a surprise.

As for the clocks I've often wondered about the different timelines converging. Perhaps we are entering a period of no time.. non-linear time.
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Default Re: Clock-watch-time problems anyone?

I just found quite an interesting article on time and thought I'd share it with you Naguel and all posters to this thread.


this is linked from here : http://www.xeeatwelve.com/

and the contents are :

Keluar #1
Round the Clock
Amitakh Stanford
1st January 2009

The New Year has arrived, marking the arbitrary beginning of another orbit around the sun. Humans have invented calendars, and the Western calendar currently in use declares January 1st as the dawn of any new year. Chinese calendars are based upon moon cycles, and the Year of the Ox begins on 26th January 2009. Other calendars are in use today, including the Jewish and Masonic calendars, and many others have been discarded over the centuries.

Based on the commonly accepted calendar, the past year is gone. 2009 has just arrived, and 2010 awaits the passing of this year. Such is life on this planet. Even though January 1st is an arbitrary point on the orbital path, the choice of this day as the beginning of a new cycle in this Virtual Reality unwittingly brings about an artificial, subtle being who is attached to the arbitrary year of 2009. This being should not be confused with the being called “Time”. “2009” will only influence the planet called Earth during the common calendar year.

“2008” had a very difficult year to drive, with domestic and international unrest, severe weather anomalies, massively destructive geological events, financial collapse etc. “2008” held off total chaos and was relieved to pass the “baton” to “2009”.

“2009” has even more difficulties ahead than its predecessor. America’s first Black President has a huge task before him when he is inaugurated in January, 2009. All eyes are on him! President-elect Barack Obama will take over a waning power, a nation plunging into a deep economic recession, mired in a multiplicity of wars abroad with a rapidly declining international image. Many perceive that Obama is taking over an office that the current president has disgraced.

Obama campaigned on the promise of change, but the composition of his “new” cabinet shows that somebody is dictating that things stay the same. He has chosen George W. Bush’s Secretary of Defence for his new cabinet!!! What kind of change is that!!! This is the same Secretary of Defence who has bungled Iraq, Afghanistan, and probably engineered the 8 August 2008 fiasco in Georgia. Obama has also selected a myriad of bankers who are significantly linked to the economic collapse. He has further chosen the former First Lady as his Secretary of State, whose husband oversaw the demolition of Yugoslavia and the massacre at Waco. The only people needed to complete this tired, old cabinet to carry on the same old politics would be Margaret Thatcher, Nancy Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. Yet, the key word of the Obama campaign was “change”.

Everyone is hoping that 2009 will be better than the tumultuous 2008. But, will it be?

When the United States continues to deteriorate on all fronts in 2009, Obama will become the scape goat. He will be blamed for many things that are out of his control and many things that his predecessors have wrought upon him. The ruling elite have already dictated much to Obama, especially concerning the make-up of his cabinet and his upcoming policies. In other words, no matter how ethical, intelligent and determined he is, Obama’s hands are already tied. Oddly, the timing of his administration is tied to the collapse of time.

The imposition of “time”, as we know it on Earth, is merely an expression of the artificiality of all the expressions on this planet – from commerce, finance, social mores, religions, politics, and education to other aspects of life. That is to say, without “time”, nothing operates with an orderly appearance in this Virtual Reality. Darkness realized from the outset of Its artificial creation that it needed to have the appearance of order to maintain control of Its Virtual Reality. That is why the True-Light being that is referred to as “Time” was trapped and imprisoned by Darkness. The being called “Time” has been forced to maintain the appearance of order for Darkness.

The imposition of time creates the fabric of all the complexities in this fraudulent dimension of this fraudulent creation – the Virtual Reality. It is a cunning scheme, devised to delude, entrap and enslave all inhabitants into believing and accepting things as they are in their world. It controls their lives. It controls their thought patterns and behaviour. Without time, the inhabitants of Earth and other planets would not be so easily programmed in the orderly way of things, whether they be moral, social, political, religious or other issues.

Time lulls people, animals, plants and other types of living beings all the way down to sub-atomic levels, and affects their physical, emotional, subtle and mental states. It dictates how things ought to be. Any deviation from the way that things are supposed to be as dictated by time is regarded as abnormal. One of the main tests of sanity presently in use is orientation to time and space. Yet, within the abnormality that deviates from what time dictates, there are other forms of intrusion caused by the imposition of time. Thus, it is like a fraudulent imposition within a fraudulent imposition. Imagine the vastness of all the fraudulent abnormalities within the virtual realities of the Virtual Reality.

On Earth, years are divided into months, weeks and days. All of these occur as ordered by the calendar in use. Each day is arbitrarily divided into 24 segments, which are regarded as “hours”, and within each hour there are arbitrary divisions referred to as minutes, seconds and split-seconds. Physically, earthlings regard these divisions as physical time. They have created clocks to keep track of their time, but clocks are not timekeepers.

Were time to stand still, all chaos would break out. Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and psychological madness would express en masse. This would be a horrific and dangerous situation.

Time is a subliminal intoxication, a subliminal programming, a subliminal control of every consciousness in the Virtual Reality. Even Darkness Itself is affected by the delusions of time.

There is a physical time influence and a subliminal time influence in this Virtual Reality. When both of these are interfered with, confusion and chaos will lead to the collapse of the entire system.

Time makes everything look orderly, sequential and chronological. That is, without time, everything happens simultaneously. Time is rather like the illusions of motion and no-motion. In time, people cannot accurately discern things without their relative confinements.

When Darkness created chronological time, It caused things to appear to happen sequentially. By imposing this illusion, Darkness was able to mould Its subjects into total servitude. Were people to be aware that World War II, the Great Depression, World War I, the American Revolution, the Renaissance and the Dark Age are all occurring simultaneously – that is, they are occurring right now – they would not be so easily programmed by Darkness.

Darkness has created the illusions of birth, death and re-incarnation, and has thereby broken down time segments into lifetimes. Due to the illusion of death and the imposition of re-incarnation, people forget that they were alive during the Renaissance or any other periods. This is a nefarious imposition by Darkness for Its own purposes.

Time is amongst the most severe illusional impositions by Darkness in Its Virtual Reality. Darkness has constructed a house of horrors that nobody would willingly enter.

Time is artificial. If you think of time in terms of having layers, thickness, length, breadth and width, you begin to sense some of its complexities.

Time is sequential, especially on Earth because the planet’s rotation is so rapid that its days are relatively short. The international date line is an artificial constraint designed by humans to hold the illusion of time on the planet. But, crossing this artificial constraint requires a huge step to be taken. From whichever direction one crosses the line, they must accept that they spanned one day in a moment.

London is arbitrarily designated as being zero hour or Greenwich Mean Time. The clocking systems that we use now are tied to London time. Had the Anunnaki been able to bring about the New World Order as proposed in the Original Protocols, they would have blended the British and the Catholic worlds into a One World Government using 18th century technology. Under this type of constraint, inhabitants of the Earth would have enormous difficulty seeing through many of the illusions of time. In other words, the concept of the illusion of time would be so abstract that few could begin to grasp it. With jet travel and electronic communication, the world appears to be a smaller place, which allows people to better see through the illusion of time on the planet.

Incidentally, the introduction of daylight saving time around the world has made it easier for people to see that time on Earth is artificial and arbitrary. Even the arbitrary time on Earth can cause chaos, were all the clocks to stop.

As I have stated in previous writings, the Anunnaki were forced to implement a very quick development of a new regime before 2008. Time needed to be re-started before 2008 expired. This date was not arbitrary. It was based upon the development and the progress of the Rescue Mission. The time for the re-start has passed. The Atu-waa cannot change things now.

The illusion of time is weakening and fracturing. Chronological time is breaking down and some people may have noticed glitches in time, or momentary hiccups.

Time is segmented chronologically, which is also arbitrary in the bigger picture of Darkness’ creation. The whole Virtual Reality is nothing short of being a huge, complex playground for Darkness. In one sense, that sums up the entire purpose of the Virtual Reality – it is a horrific amusement for Darkness’ sick Mind.

Some of those who can see through the illusion of segmented time can manipulate it to some degree, which can result in the stretching or shrinking of time surrounding events.

The last of the three Jokers will soon go in shame
The whole world is fading into Darkness
Another year has slipped away
But 2009 will not go unnoticed
It is being watched by those on and off the Earth
Never before has such wild change been at the doorstep
When the threshold is crossed
Everyone will be looking for cover
Some will call for peace
Most will scream for war
When the economic farce is fully exposed
The booms and bangs from guns and bombs
Will soon be heard around the world
What is right and what is wrong will matter little
Fear will drive many and it will overcome most

Be Ready
Be Strong
Be Hopeful
Be Steadfast

© 2009 Amitakh W.B.W. Light-Rider Stanford

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