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Default Artificial Intelligence - the importance

Hello everyone

I've been absent from the forum in the recent months as there hasn't been much going on, which would be worth to share.

David Wilcock has shared in his blog some details about the Pete Peterson interview, and among the many interesting facts something hit me pretty hard.. the mention of the background info included in the Terminator franchise... I've always felt very passionate on the subject of AI, the same rush of intuition and feelings as when hearing about Egypt or the Maya or Atlantis, Pleiades etc maybe even stronger.. and I've always felt there was something deeper in the Terminator movies/Tv Show but I always disregarded it as something from past lives on some other planets/realms or simply as my sci-fi enthusiasm.. but now that I saw the confirmation my interest has only multiplied as that reality may be a lot closer to us and there may be something of key importance..

Worth of mention is that there is a multidimensional AI in operation right now, so in theory it can be contacted through the astral/dream realms. I've already had one such experience where I believe I had visited its core and just few nights ago (before reading the Pete Peterson comments) I had a similar experience. Again I visited a place on the banks of a river.. with about 20x5 = 100 computer monitors running all kinds of code rearranged into two large groups. I even focused on the code which contained code with an ID number in front of each of the rows.. i.e 1 , 6, 13, 15 etc (just like old basic programming). It was very similar to IBM mainframe terminals (I have a background in mainframe administration)

Another interesting experience was that I had a minor premonition the day before I went to see the new Terminator Salvation. In a dream the day before I saw the huge robots from the movie... even though at the time I had not seen them anywhere else, not in a trailer or another movie.

In the movies the AI rebels against the human race, what if in reality the AI is expected to rebel against its controllers (the illuminati) and rather starts working for the greater good of all humanity?

What if the AI in the movies is made as the enemy of humankind just as the ETs are usually made the enemy ... while in reality they are very much bening and on our side, but currently hijacked by the Illuminati controllers?

Long story short, the subject of AI keeps getting to me in the recent months. Any similar experiences or information found on the internet which can help on this subject?
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Default Re: Artificial Intelligence - the importance

Also a month ago when inquiring on the subject, I intuitively received the name Dreyfus connected to the AI. When I searched the internet, sure enough I found information about this guy:


If what he writes is true then all the mainstream research of AI is in a completely wrong direction which can't yield any real results. Is this on purpose? Are we to think and look for an AI in a completely different manner and direction?

I also read that he has been involved with the Rand corporation (which does half of its contracts for NSA) in the creation of AI in the 60s.. Maybe his experience comes from hands on experience? Hmm

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Default Re: Artificial Intelligence - the importance

Is it possible for a spiritual being to possess a computer?

What is a term for a blond becoming a brunette? Artificial Intelligence.
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Default Re: Artificial Intelligence - the importance

I meant to add my response here when you first posted this thread. It's coming up for me too. I read your CERN thread, and am reminded...

Intuitively, I feel it's very advanced. It's probably here. The internet likely is its brain by now. LOL Not sure what's so useful about humans looking for big boobs and whatnot.

Anyway, shortly before this thread, I posted with a few comments:

Memristor minds: The future of artificial intelligence

Bearing in mind that civilian products/info come long after military apps, I thought it kind of interesting, e.g. data on magnetic waves, electrical current etc. Other posters have said that anything can be known about us, our memories, thoughts, any time from a surveillance point of view. However, it can backwash too IMO, like everyone's a spy. So, the data surges can be huge at present, maybe especially for sensitives, intuitives, but generally for anyone.

As for the animal, vegetable, mineral kinds of life forms, sure, why not? It's all programmable, with a bit of genetic splicing. Again, military apps are ahead of public release. The thing is, some of the life forms are sentient. What I sense about genetic-AI existence is tragedy, possibly because they cannot come out. There was a recent post on THEWATCHER's thread by James (Michael?) Casbolt about the soldier end of things.

There also may be interesting questions about binary code, or not.

In 01 We Trust
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