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Default Good ET/Bad ET

People are probably getting a little tired of this subject by now, but I thought I'd give this link better exposure for those who are still interested in hearing more about where Greer is coming from.

From the description of Greer's August 14 radio show on the World Puja Network:

Conventional wisdom sets up a good ET/bad ET paradigm. Let's look at the truth of this view: where it came from and where it will lead us.
This is available in the World Puja Network archives now here:


A free login is required.

Greer goes into considerable detail on why he thinks there are no hostile ETs, but admits repeatedly that there is no way to prove it. He talks at length about programs designed to create the good ET/bad ET mindset in the population as the basis for establishing a planetary military government in order to go to war in space. Much more. Well worth a listen by anyone interested in the good ET/bad ET issue.
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Default Re: Good ET/Bad ET

How about Rich ET/Poor ET?
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Default Re: Good ET/Bad ET

Handsome ET / Ugly ET
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Default Re: Good ET/Bad ET

One of the problems with this topic is that most "experts" who make pronouncements about it are jumping to conclusions either way, based on way too insufficient evidence. What Greer has going for him is that he has probably done as much detailed research as anybody else, and for as long as anybody else, plus he has had far more access to secret government data than the others. One of the most experienced and detailed researchers in the "some are hostile" camp is Timothy Good. He claims that various different kinds of hostile aliens have been on the earth for a very long time. The problem is, either camp can explain away the other's arguments. Because of the ultra-secrecy from the PTB, it seems impossible to produce adequate evidence. Without such evidence, what some interpret as hostility others interpret as covert government or PLF activity, or else as not hostile. And vice-versa.

Personally, I rely considerably on my own telepathic/clairvoyant experiences. And so far I seem to find that at the bottom of everything there are always humans who are being hostile to humanity. For instance, some years ago I explored the activities of a "personal development" group which was effectively a cult even though they didn't wear special robes etc. Because I have learnt how to be very, very detached, I was able to "astral travel" to chat to the leaders of this group at around 4 a.m. one night, and they mistook me for one of the "others". Now these "others", according to the two (human) leaders, were humans from the future. The leaders wanted me to join with those, thinking I wasn't a current-day human being. One of the leaders kept insisting over and over to me that the people who paid lots of money to be in this cult were "just cattle." "They don't have any rights. We can do whatever we like with them." Apparently, the future-humans were primarily interested in learning how to evolve spiritually in a more effective way. They were feeding the cult's leaders ideas for psychologicl/spiritual "experiments", by which I just mean new psychotherapeutic techniques. If these happened to benefit the "cattle", they said, then lucky for them.

That's by far the most "hostile" experience I've had, apart from things which involved strictly "demonic" phenomena and weren't related to ET visitors. I might add that I have had a huge number of highly positive telepathic experiences with ET visitors.
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Default Re: Good ET/Bad ET

The following is from a recent addition to the Project Camelot blog:

Hot on the heals of last night's radio show in which we discussed - at some length - the philosophy behind Project Camelot's approach to video interviews, click here for a four minute audio extract of Dr Pete Peterson talking about friends - and enemies - "in high places".

In this intriguing clip (taken from the video, which we don't yet have permission to release) Dr Peterson, choosing his words with considerable care, affirms that we did not reach the moon without "help"; that ET visitors are both friendly and otherwise; that cattle mutilations are real, and are hostile acts; and that some abductee implant technology is definitely "not from anyone I know of here on this planet".

Enjoy. And someone please forward this to Dr Steven Greer. Regardless of anyone's opinion of Project Camelot's challenging interview style, the real issue is that the opinions expressed by Dr Peterson and many other researchers with great courage and integrity - and the strong statements issued by Dr Greer - cannot both be correct. Someone is right and someone is wrong, and it may be in all of our interests to ask who... and why.
This is a quick transcript I did of the clip. My apologies for any errors. A couple of phrases that I quote later are underlined.

Bill Ryan: What we’ve been told by our witness Henry Deacon is that some of our Apollo missions did actually go to the moon but not without help from our friends as it were. Can you make any comment on that?

Dr Peterson: Well it’s my feeling as a scientist that if we went to the moon then we had to have help from friends.

Bill Ryan: Okay.

Kerry Cassidy: And off-world friends you’re talking about.

Bill Ryan: We’re talking about friends in high places.

Dr Peterson: Friends in high places. From high places.

Bill Ryan: But we do have friends in high places do we?

Dr. Peterson: Far as I know.

Bill Ryan: Do we have any enemies?

Dr. Peterson: Uh, far as I know we do. I mean, there have been malevolent things happen all over the world that – you can’t deny cattle mutilation. And you can’t deny some personal, or human, mutilation. Or certainly, biomedical manipulation. I mean, it’s happened. Somebody did it, and it could have been done from here. But, when you examine that. You know, Linda Moulton Howe had written extensively and spoken extensively on these things and examined them extensively. I grew up with her in the same school system in the same town and know that she was exceedingly bright and got brighter and brighter as time went by. And I don’t doubt that a lot of her conclusions are correct conclusions. She’s someone that I would absolutely trust on that. And it appears to me, you know I say if something happens in one spot you don’t know. But when something happens time after time, year after year, in all different kinds of locations where people don’t know each other and don’t communicate and don’t read each other’s newspapers and it doesn’t make the press it seems highly likely that those things happened.

Bill Ryan: I understand. Now among many other things you are, let me use the word an electronics genius, if I may, and are you in possession of any information about the constitution of implants that have been recovered from abductees?

Dr. Peterson: Well I’ve talked to people who’ve removed what they felt were implants. I deal almost daily with nano-electronics and micro-electronics and the descriptions and pictures I’ve seen have nothing to do with any nano- and micro-electronics from that we have in this uh, you know, from anyone that I know of here on this planet. Many of them or most of them are biological in nature. I know that one doctor who has removed a number of what they felt were implants, uh, the implant acted like it was alive and moved through the body away from the surgeon trying to remove it. I know that some of them when they were taken out were minutely dissected and I’ve seen the pictures of that and they are devices that signals could be obtained from that were obviously intelligent signals. They were not random things. They were not biological things. And yet it was biological material that had obviously been engineered for a specific purpose. I’ve never seen anything in writing that would lead me to believe that we had that kind of technology on this planet.

Bill Ryan: And when we’re talking about friends or enemies in high places you’d feel that wasn’t a particularly friendly thing to do?

Dr. Peterson: I have no idea. It could well have been. And I wouldn’t doubt but what we’ve had that from both sides. Friends and enemies.

The thing I notice here is that Dr. Peterson speaks carefully when he does not have absolute proof of something. This is appropriate for someone with scientific training. Unfortunately, we do not have the rest of the interview to work with at this point in order to have a more complete view of Dr. Peterson and in what areas he has the most experience. On cattle mutilation, he seems to rely heavily on the research of Linda Moulton Howe. The problem here is that even though there is good evidence that the events are indeed occurring, there is rather limited evidence as to who is doing it. Dr. Peterson even admits that “it could have been done from here”.

In the area of implants, it would be necessary to know about all of the work occurring everywhere on the planet to be certain they were of non-earth origin. Because secret projects are highly compartmentalized, I think it is unwise to presume that Dr. Peterson has this complete knowledge, even though he may indeed have very wide knowledge of what is going on. Dr. Peterson initially states “I have no idea” in response to the question about whether the implants are a result of an unfriendly act. Since we don’t have a broader view of what Dr. Peterson knows about ET activities, it is difficult to evaluate whether his statement about not doubting that both sides are doing it carries a lot of weight. I'm also a bit unclear about what to make of his speech style and exactly what he means when he says he doesn't doubt something.

I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the interview with Dr. Peterson. He seems to have had some interesting experiences. I’m not quite sure why Bill Ryan thinks the above short clip puts him in direct opposition with Dr. Greer when he is making qualified rather than definitive assertions as to what is going on, who is doing it, and why. He sounds like a fellow who is willing to let the evidence speak for itself. I hope he has much more evidence at his disposal to present to us.

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Default Re: Good ET/Bad ET

How this is viewed, is entirely a matter of from where it is viewed.

there is a dimensional threshold beyond which a "good ET/bad ET" view would be a foreign, silly concept. It expresses a polarity, or duality, which can only exist up to a certain point, beyond which the concept makes no sense.

Earth is THE most polarized place in existence. It was created as the ultimate classroom in polarity.

If you look from an "on the ground in 3D earth" viewpoint, you can go as round and round in the nuances and minutia of this as you'd care to delve.

But for somebody on the 3rd floor to be yelling out the window arguing the weather with someone looking out the 100th floor, is futile. And this does not imply judgement or higher is better. That notion comes from the 3rd floor view. It's just a different viewpoint, and one I believe lies before us.

This experiment we are engaged in has an interesting analogous relationship to the big bang theory. At first there was a singularity (All that is existing at a single point). Then an explosion (All that Is calving off trillions of shards of itself in order that they go out and fully explore "All that Is" so it might more fully appreciate All that Is). Etc.

Each of us Shards, all amazing creator beings in our own right, have a specific shopping list of experiences we tend towards. And always with free will.

Nobody on earth right now, is exploring anything that does not fit into one polarity or another. There is no lesson going on on earth which doesn't not have another side. Earth = sides. Earth is the polarity classroom.

We are all here by choice, and have full choice in every experience we participate in. We can not experience anything we have not set up a vibrational "preview" of. Choice is inviolate. even when something awful happens. Awful at one level, is "isn't that funny" at another.

everything good, and everything bad, is all just a part of "All that Is" exploring itself. Splitting them all apart as we have, is simply to give context. What does light look like to a blind person? what does Mozart sound like to a deaf person?

Baby eating, fear inducing, slaver Reptilians are just part of all that is, on some level, as is Mother Theresa. Is Mother Theresa Playing poker over a beer with some "retired" Reptilians right now? Might they be having a good chuckle over some of the antics they came up with?

It's just a different view. Can we as yet see all the way up and down the dimensional line? Rarely, because a self awareness and memory shut off had to be undertaken so as not to ruin the lessons we came here for. (Can you learn about hate if you remember you dearly love the one who is demonstrating that polar aspect to you?) But it's at the forgotten levels of our existence that we hold no hostility towards those who have agreed to play hostile for us in order that we may fully see what is divided, in order to once again make it whole. And then report the finding to All the Is so that it may fulfill it's desire to fully experience and appreciate All that it indeed Is.

Hope this is useful. If not....chuck it in the pending file
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Default Re: Good ET/Bad ET

Who are the big-picture researchers? Who are the non-compartmentalized researchers? Who are the researchers who are not being told what to say by powerful groups and forces? This is such a tricky subject. Perhaps most serious researchers have the same information...but have very different views regarding what to do with the information. Should we try to beat them(reptilians and greys)...or should we simply join them? This may be a central question. Greer seems to be of the 'Join Them' persuasion...while B&K seem to be of the 'Let's Get to the Bottom of This' philosophy.

I'm leaning toward the 'Non Human Beings of All Types...Good or Bad...Should Voluntarily Leave This Solar System' view. If this were to actually happen...we might lose most of the planets and moons! I'm not saying that humanity should be hostile to these beings...but that we need to rule ourselves...and not be messed with. We can interact with other races at a distance...for now anyway. It sounds like all races have some very deep seated issues and disfunctionalities. We could have embassies and ambassadors on each other's planets...but we should probably not interfere with each other in any way. I'm seeing a universe involved in Star Wars and Masters of the Universe games. There should be NO GODS...period. All races should probably be governed by some form of Constitutional Responsible Freedom...with their general publics being informed, responsible...and the ULTIMATE AUTHORITIES.

I wish I knew what was really going on...but if I did know...I'd probably wish that I didn't know! I'm sure that the Jesuits, N.S.A. and the C.I.A. know things and have seen things which would literally stop my heart. It's fun to investigate from the outside...but I doubt that things are fun and games on the inside...to say the least. But I'm thinking that the general public needs to gradually learn what the insiders know...including all of the highly upsetting details...and to gradually become the elites. The general public needs to assume more and more responsibility...and learn to not delegate responsibility to the irresponsible. The elites need to rejoin the human race...rather than selling out the human race.

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