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Default Historical facts - a forgotten aryan race:

What is it with our History books are they all wrong...

HISTORICAL FACTS - A FORGOTTEN ARYAN RACE: Perhaps 100,000 years ago or more, a great star-gazing Ice Age people lived in the Arctic region, at that time a temperate zone, before migrating south to Inner Asia as conditions changed and the great ice sheets melted. There, in a fertile land - paradise, these unknown sages (ARYANS) became the core of a Ural-Altaic race that continued to evolve over the millennia, improving the stock of primitive humanity by intermarriage, developing cosmological sciences and political structures that sowed the seeds of our present civilized state.


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Default Re: Historical facts - a forgotten aryan race:

atlantians? by any chance?
sounds like it
well done viking....jolly good find
you are on a roll arnt you?
bou x
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Default Re: Historical facts - a forgotten aryan race:

The problem is that most people don't understand the difference between the Aryans and Aryas!
The "Aryans" are the entirety of all Aryan tribes (Germanics, Celts, Illyrians, Italics, Dacians, Thracians, Greeks, Scyths, Armenians, Aryas, Tocharians, Hittites), artificially named after a branch of them:
the Aryas!
Like the French named all Germans, after one German branch/tribe, the Alemanns --> Allemands!

The Aryas, the single branch of the Aryans, were the ancient ancestors of the today Iranians, Afghani, white Pakistani and white Indians.
But we have to be careful!
Because the actual populations of these countries are mostly not offspring of these ancient Aryas! These lands are heavilly mixed! They got an Arabian, a Turkic-Mongol and Dravidian impact.

For example, Mahmud Ahmadinejad does not look like the writers of the Vedas and other holy Sanskrit texts! And so don't most people in this region today!
We have to consider all the invasions and migrations which heavilly changed the appearance of these people.

Like Britain was 50 years ago a 100% white country, today the situation looks totally different! And you can't take "Ali Khan" and say: "Oh, he looks like the old Celts must have been looked like!"
That's simply ridiculous.

And there's also another component.
The Aryans are not the entirety of white-European men!
There are the Solutrians! White Europeans in Western Europe who don't have a pale white skin like Aryans, but a more reddish-white skin (crucial for the Ice ages). They have the genecode R1b and concentrate in the western rims of Europe! Regions like the Basque country, Wales, Scottish Highlands, Western Ireland, Galician Spain.
Although they were no Aryans (genecode I and R1a) the Solutrians (R1b) in the west of Europe adopted the "Celtishness" of the Aryan Celts.

It is most probably that 40,000BCE we had the first white men in Europe, which spread mostly over whole continental Europe:
the Cro-Magnons!
But then, around 22,000BCE the Ice Ages began and the continental ice shield was growing south (2 Miles high).
And by this, the homogenous Cro-Magnons were split into 3 groups:
In the west the reddish-white Solutrians.
In the Northern Balkan Region the "West-Aryans" (genecode I).
And in the Ukraine the "East-Aryans" (genecode R1a).

During the seperation, all these white groups had a slight gene mutation, most probably because of the circumstances in their habitats, R1b-I-R1a.
On the climax of the Ice Age, around 19,000BCE, the Solutrians were trapped between the continental ice shield, the Pyrenean ice shield and the ice shield of the Alpes, and so they didn't have enough food resources anymore.
And so some of them migrated across the frozen North Atlantic Ocean to North America! 7,000 years before any Mongolian "Indian" put one feet on the American continent! That means that the first Americans were in fact white Europeans, they were the actual Native Americans! Kennewick Man etc.

Back to Europe:
When the Ice Age slowly ended, around 14,000BCE, the 3 groups migrated north again with the retreating ice shield.
And then in the area from North-West-Germany to the Ukraine, the 2 Aryan groups (I and R1b) melded together again.
They built a cultural-linguistic symbiosis.
And after 3,500BCE they began to spread all over Europe, Asia Minor, Northern Palestine, Persia, Northern India and Western China.

And so they covered the Solutrians in Western Europe with their "Aryan-ess".
But genetically in the western rims of Europe the Solutrians kept pure, they only adopted Aryan culture and language.

Remnants of the these Solutrian pre-Aryan populations may have been ancient tribes like the Picts, the Basques, the Ligurians and the Iberians.

We can see all this in genetic studies:
Western Europe is predominant R1b, in Central Europe there begins the smooth transition from R1b to I and in Eastern Europe we've R1a.
And R1a can be slightly found today in the "Arya"-countries like Iran, Afghanistan (50%), white Pakistan, white India.

So, we can see that the white European man, who many describe as Aryan, is the result of 2 white races melting together, the Solutrians and the Aryans (R1b + I and R1a)!

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