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Default The resurrection of the gold dinar

It seems that the majority out here believe that there is only a small number of us to balance a huge number of all powerful THEM.

Wow, for you conspiracy buffs out there, this is a nice new chunk to bite off and chew... first, a little background:


I am sure by now that many of you have had Islam shoved down your throats since 9-11. Well, let's scratch our brains to get the neurons working... let's talk about the pillar called Zakat, or charity.

This is not a voluntary charity like we think of in the West; this would be better described as the "poor due"; the responsibility of the rich to the poor. It is mandatory for every Muslim to "pay/donate" two and a half percent of their wealth to the poor. This is kinda like a mandatory yearly re-setting of the economic cycle; wealth actually DOES "trickle down" under this model.

Now, that two and a half percent is payed on REAL WEALTH WITH REAL WEALTH. Fiat currency doesn't count. Every family has to figure out how much gold and silver they have in jewelry, get it appraised, and then donate their fiat currencies for it. They don't have to count what is in the bank, because that is NOT REAL!

So, there are these really rich oilmen with bloated bank accounts... and they don't trickle down the wealth.

The problem if you've noticed, is that monopoly money is being paid to the poor instead of real wealth- gold and silver. It all spends the same to the poor Muslims in socialist welfare states. But to the ultra-orthodox Muslims HATE this system. To them, they are blocked from fulfilling 20% of their religion.

Not only that, but as a matter of principle everyone else in Islamic countries hate the system too, because it deals in usury. Usury is forbidden in Islam; but the way global monetary systems work force the people on the street to use fake fiat usury-obtained paper. Pakistan has tried really hard these past two decades to eliminate as much usury on its currency from world influence as possible, and Saudi Arabia pays lip service.

The Malaysian Currency Crisis:

When the Malaysian currency crisis rocked Asia, more than just a few economists blamed the fiat/usury system and the dollar for its cause. The Malaysian government took action to start paving the way for a purely Islamic monetary system to replace the dollar in Islamic and OPEC countries by embarking on an enormous project to resurrect the Islamic gold dinar from its grave. Economists and Islamic jurists worked together to determine the actual weight, composition and value of the ancient Islamic gold dinar. And they started making it.

With the blessings of Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the gulf countries, Malaysia has footed the bill in minting these dinars. Originally the dinars from hundreds of years ago were used on the street by ordinary people. Now, they are minted for central banks, to back paper used on the streets. But they are also available to the public- 100 dinars worth in a bank account can be paid zakat on with two and a half real pieces of gold.

Russia, China, Oil, and OPEC

Originally Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, with the blessings of Pakistan and Russia, were going to artificially collapse the dollar about five years ago by demanding that OPEC sell oil only in exchange for real gold. This would have completely slaughtered the Unites States, because US gold reserves can't even back 10% of its currency! When the Euro came on the scene (backed in part by gold) it became obvious that it would become a stronger currency. Iran was forced to postpone its adoption of dinars via Euros because OPEC countries weren't sure yet their newest buyer- China- was ready to completely replace the demand the US had for oil. OPEC countries didn't want to kill their biggest customer!

The Twin Towers Conspiracy:

Throughout the Islamic world, there ran a rumor that Osama bin Laden was working with the Malaysian government on implementation of the Islamic dinar. For them, when the twin towers of the World Trade Center collapsed, it symbolized a big middle finger to the globalists financial system, and a thumbs up to the Malaysian minister of finance, Mohammed Mahathir.

Mohammed Mahathir:

Oh, let's not forget.... Malaysia has had an resurgence of Islamic political parties and the country is being pulled into the far-right by the Islamofascists, but not as bad as many other countries. The cultural head of this insurgency is Mohammed Mahathir! And like so many other Islamofascists, there is a burning desire to re-establish the Islamic caliphate and Islamic economic system in order to bring about... their version of the end of days.

C'mon, don't think it is just the Christians who are waiting for Armageddon... all the signs are their in Islamic eschatology, too. Pole shifts will cause the dreaded rising of the sun from the west... But one VERY important fact of Islamic eschatology is that while many of the signs of the day of judgment are based on technology we have now that didn't exist 1400 year ago, Armageddon itself will be fought by hand-to-hand combat with swords. And all throughout the world, in Islamic circles it is rumored that the only way to make that happen is by nuclear weapons.


Oh, let's not forget that Ahmadinajed believes this too.. and promised the Shias in his country upon election that he would do whatever was in his power to restore Islamic control over the world.

Ok, so let's not get scared... what will happen will happen. But the point I want to make is that 1.5 billion Muslims want the dollar to collapse, and Arab and OPEC countries already have the system in place to take over the failed currencies and systems that will inevitably go down with the dollar. The ex-communist Russians, and the Chinese too, are all for the destruction of the opportunistic dollar and establishment of a fair system. WE in the US may not like Chinese and Arab economic power taking over, but we certainly are not going to drown in economic anarchy either. And the point is... let it happen. We don't need to get "up in arms" like David Icke says, and we certainly are not a measly 2% of people with their eyes open- Asia, Africa and the Middle East are WELL aware of what is going on. I would guess that the ranks of those who know about the BS of the dollar are around 50-60%. And they have been waiting for this DECADES!

Just keep buying gold. And if ounces are too big, you can always hope for a safe place for smaller pieces in Dubai (so long as electronic banking is possible).

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