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Default How you and your entire GROUP can get dirt cheap land

I've been researching tax sales, and while every state has different laws that need to be researched, there is one thing that suddenly occurred to me; many, MANY of the properties on the county sales lists are empty lots that are adjacent.

There is a TON of research that needs to be done on each property- laws, tax deeds, certificates, etc as well as inspections, perk tests, well depth, land use laws .. on and on. But what is really great is that once you find these adjacent lots, you can divide them up for every family in your survival group. That way everyone gets something cheap and affordable, you are all close together, but if there is a disagreement then there is no legal mess regarding who owns what.

Also, if you are in a group that is strapped for cash, you might be able to say, drill ONE well at a time... not sure about the septic system, there may be more laws for that. The laws are infinitely easier with recreational land- hunting land, land near ski lodges, etc... Many properties in these kinds of areas are zoned as recreational, which means you can pitch a tent if you don't get around to building anything... or you can park an RV, erect a small cabin, teepee or gurt, or build a cottage or retirement home in the future.

I will post anything here anything I come across in my list searches...
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