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Default The Power of Thought

I remember reading this about Alexandra David-Neel many years ago in one of her books - I'm not sure, but I think it's title was something like "My Journey to Lhasa." Very thought provoking at the time I read it and since then I've read other works by other authors which only go to reinforce the concept that our thoughts are powerful things.

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Default Re: The Power of Thought

I have read all of Alexandra David Neal's books . She was one of the first ones to enter Tibet at the beginning of the century . Quite an expedition for a woman in those days . Her testimonies are priceless.
I completely agree to the power that our thoughts have . Our projected thoughts create our world .
Our somatic mind translate our thoughts literally .. If we think " this is too much for me " we might develop stomach problems ...or " my head is full " might lead to severe headaches " . We should therefore keep ourselves in high vibratory states so as to be positive all the time . In that way we can create a universe that is an harmonious one . Thoughts buildt from fear or anger will bring about conflicting situations while those born from love will create peace.
Thoughts are just the end of the iceberg though . The energy pattern that sustains them is what affects the universe around I believe.

Thank you Brinty

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Default Re: The Power of Thought

Sounds like a good read I'll check it out.

Thoughts are masculine energy that manifest as electricity in the physical.
Feelings are feminine energy that manifest as magnetism.

The more spiritually focused one becomes the more dense and powerful do their thoughts and feelings become.
This is why a very spiritual in-divide-dual can have profound effects on this planet even if they choose to live in a cave in the middle of the alps somewhere.
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