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Smile some questions from tron

Hi everyone!
My name is tron, Ive been interested in all this for my whole life but only in the last 5 years have i been studding intensively.
I believe I have had contact with someone but it was childhood dreams and all i saw were some lights in the sky then nothing.

I am wondering about 2 scenarios lately...

the vaccine and the paladien "conection of dual flame".

First the vaccine question...
What if they are wanting to take out the smart ones and keep the willing sheep?
would they:

make a real killer virus.

set it loose.

make a real vaccene that cures it.

chip this vaccine.

Let those that are smart enough to do the research and find the "truth" die.

Those who are sheep will take the shots, get chipped, and be healthy for more manuplation.

The wise trouble makers then will die for taking the bait.

My family nor I will be taking any vaccine yet my mind keeps coming back to this double back scenario.

Next "scenario question":
the coming rescue..
How do we know If we are not to be taken on ships and enslaved?

The media is pumping both sides of the coin... saviors/deceivers. Do the PTB have the tech and extratrestrial friends to help do these things?
To decieve all and take out the wise by loading them up on ships and 2/3ing them off the plannet?

So much disinfo all around I cant find what im looking for.
After all is said and done I only have my gut feelings and if a being comes to me with love how do i discern this beings intentions?

a friend and i have been talking about his/her encounters with merkabas in his/her room. I wonder why they are no coming to me as this friend calls me and asks what i have learned in studies about the different beings visiting. She comes to me after visits like i know whats going on.

Then I cant help but ask..
Am I being protected by beings/being from my previous fasts/prayers/service to love?

Am I not being contacted because of my lack of trust? Have i been hurt by all the disinfo so much that I would reject my true brothers and sisters from the stars?

Im sorry for all the scatterbrain but I really would like to know what you all think. Some of you came from a christian background and now are in contact with the paladians... I would love to hear how to trust them and why you did.
I feel like this may be the first step to closer contact/REcontact...by sharing my insecurities and fears of choosing to act on the wrong information.

love to you ALL
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Default Re: some questions from tron

The universe is only hostile from the point of view of those on Earth because of the harsh learning lessons that are available for any soul who choses to incarnate here. The universe is actually a peaceful place and there are only a small handful of species that would not be congruent with that. If they wanted to attack us we would have been smoked a long time ago. If they where hostile a holes then after the first couple of UFO's we shot down with scalar beam weapons they would have retaliated. If you follow the logic train all the way to the station then "There is nothing to fear than fear itself"
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Default Re: some questions from tron

thanks for the reply and reminder.
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Default Re: some questions from tron

The ultimate goal vaccine is a long term thing... not about us. Has to do with shutting down certain gene markers. Other stuff too, i think. What you said is a likely explanation for the short term goal.

As to the 'rescue'... pure fantasy, not gonna happen.

Benevolence won't touch us right now... we're out of balance with nature. Karma is universal, that would mess them up; intervening here. Anything unnatural is dealt with severely.

I know as far as everyone else is concerned this is IMO, but I'm pretty sure of it. For what it's worth.
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