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Default Financial Collapse: Who is Driving This Bus?

We all are in this together.

I think it's interesting to see all of these threads - with all the varying perspectives - and note that it attracts so many as we give it energy. In the end we are all free to choose our own beliefs, by sorting through all this stuff, having emotions in response to what we are observing.

So one may take a fear path, a hope path, a victim path, an empowerment path - whatever you are resonating to - is what you are feeling - and to that in your life you will be in alignment to - and those things will come to you.

That's ok - no judgement offered here - the wonderful part of this is that we each get to choose.

I know sometimes it's hard to look at your current version of reality and say, I can't ignore this - or hold the love & light and wish it away. This stuff is here - it's real - it doesn't feel good.

But in these moments can you pivot your thoughts about the situation to see it from a different perspective - as if the situation has resolved to your satisfaction - and you have that moment where you say "wow - i didn't understand it at the time it was happening - but now I see why all of this had to happen this way in the larger picture of my life. You remember those moments?

Try to pivot your thougths to - "well I and many others have been thinking about this and in that asking for an end to greed, corruption, victimization, powerlessness". Now it's all coming together and look, things are moving in that direction! I don't have to know and track all of the bits and bytes of what is going down - who is funding who or bailing out who - who is on the bad end of the stick and who is on the good side. I don't have to find and lay blame on someone or something in order to validate my fears by expressing myself as a victim.

I don't need to give this so much energy - that I start to trigger thoughts that lead to worry thoughts - that connect with others thoughts about my fears about my worst nightmare of complete loss of POWER and FREE WILL and in doing so start to picture, discuss, and create a vortex of energy - that produces and gives birth to these dire ideas - then with the emotions gives life to - and then with our intentions brings them to our doorsteps.

In this pivoting, ask yourself - at the end of the day - what do I want on my doorstep? Then focus on that.

There are some very creative posts in this section from people that appear, in my opinion, to be caught in that POWERLESS vortex. Will you join them or will you let them be, not in judgement or criticism as they are holding their own beliefs - and it's more important for you to look at that and whether you agree or disagree - let them be - they are driving their own bus and steering themselves in their own way. They are looking for others to get on their bus and ride along with them - for various reasons - they are afraid and don't want to be alone in this, they are looking for attention, they are caught up in the drama of the moment, they want reassurance that everything is going to be ok.

Do you see yourself bumping around in this vortex?

Will you ride their bus or will you chose to drive your own car?

Be Love,
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Default Re: Financial Collapse: Who is Driving This Bus?

Your subject is kind of confusing, I thought you might have info to share on who was pulling these short sales dragging the economy towards collapse.

I don't really care how big your Kahunas are, when you are looking at no income, 401K turning into a 201K, your bank just closed the doors and FDIC can no longer cover what you lost, it is scary stuff.

We have allied jets strapping on Bombs, our old Cold War enemy hauling bombs to neighboring non friendly countries with threats to use them if those bombers take off and drop their load.

and then a flower child comes dancing in and says just wish it to go away, and it will...

A forum like this is exciting, it touches all of your emotions from fear to anger to happiness.

I agree, what you do when you turn off the computer is what matters...

Do you meditate to find your center, re balancing before closing your eyes to go to sleep?

Do you go down and make sure your guns are loaded?

Do you pace the floor wearing out the carpet?

Or do you write the white house and give them a piece of mind?

all of us handle it differently, those who can, help give strength to others, that's what this community is all about...

I've been around forums forever, and one thing I try to never do, is talk down to others...

PM me with questions on anything, if I know the answer, I'll be happy to share.

If you are getting beat up in a thread and don't want to call in a Mod, I'll step in beside you.

I'm just here to have fun and learn from others...

and by the way,

I'm riding the coaster...
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THE eXchanger
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Default Re: Financial Collapse: Who is Driving This Bus?


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Default Re: Financial Collapse: Who is Driving This Bus?

Hi Rocky,

No judgement coming from me here. I have much respect for yours and others situations and beliefs.

I agree that forums are a great way for everyone to express and resonate with each other. My post was with the intention of offering a perspective which may or may not inspire others to pause and perhaps expand their own thoughts to new places.

My intention was not to direct yours or others thoughts to a specifc ending point of view, rather it is to offer the idea of a moment of pause in that you may choose to search for your own truths with the personal intentions of finding some releif. Only you can do this for yourself.

Try not to take what I write on here literally or personal.

Words don't teach. And I am not intending to be a teacher here, rather an inspiration to expanding thoughts and perspectives.

Everyone is who they are and what they believe based on thier own experiences. Everyone interprets through their own beliefs and emotions. Embracing this will bring to anyone much relief.

We don't have to separate ourselves here on a forum, or in real life, into like belief groups and only focus on a resonant perspective. Our diversity in opinions and beliefs is necessary in order for us to know who we are, and what we want and don't want. We can agree or disagree and still inspire each other.

It can be a revelation if you choose to embrace this, and then you find doors open, things start changing for the better. The energy put into defending ones beliefs can relax and shift towards other things.

Again, I'm not evangelizing here - I'm offering the opportunity, if you choose to, to inspire you and others to pause and be open to taking your thoughts in an expanding direction.

Be Love,

PS. Sometimes I ride the coaster, I like the front - maybe I'll see you there!
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Default Re: Financial Collapse: Who is Driving This Bus?


coming down the ramp entering the wedge
traffic, stress, anger, nerves on very edge

hurry and wait, stopping, wanting to go
following break lights, rolling with the flow
engine overheating, red flashing light
hope I'll make it, important plans tonight

car smokes and sputters coming up the lane
coughing to the curb, man this cars a pain
looking at my watch, running for the train
brisk little walk, relaxing on the brain

distant whistle, Coaster approaches the station
door opens, nice, comfortable situation
peaceful scenic views close enough to reach
waves washing slowly, gently up the beach

new friends and laughter, many tales to share
never will I miss, the traffic nightmare...

Copyright ©2008 Rocky Shorz

I had a feeling you'd know the coaster...

For those who have known me over the years, they know I understand just what you are saying, but I don't just will it, I have a special gifts with words, and I jump into heated topics, and help bend reality.

I have seen changes in Governments, religions and leaders that happen overnight.

a King never leaves his castle, he doesn't know his people are hurting...

Imagine a dreamer that can visit people in their dreams... Imagine dropping visions of starving children into the King's head, crying children, families sleeping in the streets...

When the King wakes from his nightmares, he has a whole new perspective on life.

It's not something that I can explain, much less even try to train, it just works, a gift that I am doing my best, to help change the world...

I've taken it the step beyond "willing" changes to happen...

It's nice to meet you, please join our ground crew...
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