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Default Fear...Panic...yada yada yada

As I read the forum I read many posts driven by fear/panic ect. Being prepared is an easy task and because of its ease there is no reason to panic.

500$ can get you a years worth of food and some supplies easily. If you've been reading the coming collapse and haven't prepared already...shame on you.

First of all in America a 50# bag of rice is around 25$ and will last around 9 months with other foods.

50# Bag of beans, same, around 25$.

Add in some canned goods of your choice and you can easily have a decent food supply.

Onto sustained survival because it looks like a winter event. Get a shovel, pick, hoe, axe, variety of seeds for a crop and some fertilizer. We still aren't at 500$ yet.

Get some personal hygiene products, get all of these items in bulk at your local sams/costco or co-op.

Learn how to make soap if you haven't already, it's simple.

Just having a storage like that will put your mind at ease because if all else fails, YOU have the ability to survive. Pilgrims survived on much less. I would imagine it was a tough journey to the west in the 17-1800's but somehow they survived. Moving into unexplored territory not knowing what lied up ahead, around the curve, but somehow they survived, and we will to.
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Default Re: Fear...Panic...yada yada yada

Do you know what yada means? just wondering because its yiddish. Might want to look up what seinfeld show tricked the world into saying. Just sayin
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