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crazy waters
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Default A sustainable community Co.

We are currently 6 in number, we are about 45 min outside Durango Co. located on 80 acres, and off the grid. We have a shop measuring 30x 60 the shop is small when considering we have tools and equipment for executing all kinds of projects. We can do steel fabrication including cutting, bending, rolling, sheering welding and there is a CNC machine .There is silversmith equipment including lost wax casting , lapidary equipment for cutting shaping and polishing, wood working equipment, we also have leather, ceramic, and stain glass tools.
The terrain is very attractive with small hills and valleys surrounded on three sides by steep mountains. The site was chosen because it was determined that this location would be somewhat safe in the event of a severe poll shift. Given the fact that we are in a valley there is a rich diversity of soil types, including clay. We have with us a solar adobe contractor for 25 years. At the urging of the contractor we have read a book titled CERAMIC HOUSES & EARTH ARCTHICTURE. Very informative reading if you can find the time. We intend to use the information in this book to construct all future structures with the only cost being that of our labor. I have made a small adobe brick from the clay and fired it in a wood burning stove with very positive results. There is an abundance of standing dead cedar available for fuel or building. Used crankcase oil is also available.
Between us we have at current count of 25 Nubian and Alpine goats and are harvesting over 2.5 gals of milk per day plus raising their babies. Milk production will increases as summer approaches. We are turning most of this into cheese at the present time, as we are short on refrigeration. We hope to address that problem with the addition of more solar and wind power. There is an 18x 30 greenhouse that needs to be erected, and too many chickens and ducks to count. The area is also rich in wild life and wild eatable plants. There is water on the property that currently has to be hauled. We have the necessary piping to transport the water but are so overwhelmed that we cannot do it alone. Above all we need bodies anything else would be a plus. We have snow on the ground about 6 months out of the year. That being said we have a lot of work ahead before the snow falls, usually in late October or November. There is currently a backhoe and a bobcat onsite for earth moving and other work. There is also a fairly large stockpile of raw building material on site. The owner of the property who is making all this possible has been preparing for this eventuality for many years now.
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Default Re: A sustainable community Co.

Hi crazy waters,

I know what you mean by the amount of work, but looks like you have a lot of machinery and raw material to help you get going. Good luck. Keep us posted.
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Default Re: A sustainable community Co.

Friends visit my thread: Radiant zones and community building...Where are we up to ?


loving kindness
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