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Default Connecting with like-minded people ..

Hallo everyone .. just a little message from me.

As the weeks have progressed on this forum, there have been several ideas for dutch people to meet up and touch base, especially regarding the future. Some people have given kindly of their time and facilities to help this happen, but the response has been limited, which is of itself not a big problem.

I myself think it is a great opportunity to get to know real 'live' people who walk and talk the same truth. I think its very limiting to not want to move the connections from cyber to personal, because it is very rewarding to give it a chance! Live conversation and exchange is very different from impersonal online subsitutes.. so why are we all still sitting behind our computers communicating here in Holland? Lack of adventure or lack of spirit???

I would like to encourage you all to take ONE step! Find someone from this forum who lives near to you and call them up sometime. Invite them out for a walk in the park and buy them a warm mug of tea. Give them some of your time. Maybe they would really appreciate it..??

The chances are good that you will enjoy the time and effort you make getting to know another real, awakening human being - who is also on their own journey alongside yours. Take the chance, extend your hand in friendship and then ENJOY! let go of the 'distance' seperating us which is the disease of this world. Be there in trust and friendship for another soul, whilst you can!

For me personally, it feels wonderful to have people around me who can go the distance, follow the pathways to the future with an open mind and an open heart. I am grateful for all the people on this forum who could mean something to each other NOW, whilst we are all still safe, fed and well. And not only in a time that we are in need. In my vision, we have no reasons not to try...

My philosophy is that if you can't enjoy getting together now, then you certainly won't enjoy it in the future! Life is waiting to be lived in this moment!! Its time to move away from the computer and into life! 'So please, think about these things whilst we plan a new date in November for another chance to meet up and enjoy the wonderful people that we all are.

We could also make a list of where each person lives so that you can see who you can meet with in your local area. Its really not that hard .. c'mon give it a try. You will feel rewarded!!

Warm greetings from Amersfoort,

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