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Post Detox Remedies for forced Vaccinations

For those of you who requested the 3 page list of forced vaccination remedies, there seems to be something interfering with the process because almost everyone I sent out has had "issues" or didn't get to the intended recipient. Since I can't post an attachment I'll have to break it up in to 2-3 posts to get the information out to people. This info was complied from a several different sources where the dosage info wasn't included, just keep in mind that most USDA daily recommendations are set pitifully low.

The first segment are things you want to do BEFORE the vaccination so you may want to begin preparing now.

Forced Vaccination Remedies

If you ever find yourself forced to take a vaccine injection (if the health authorities force mandatory vaccinations at gunpoint, for example), you can help protect yourself by loading up on microalgae (spirulina, astaxanthin, chlorella), superfoods and raw vegetables juices for 14 days before your vaccine injection. Vaccines are most likely to harm those who are nutritionally deficient.

If you want to fight the cold or flu (including the H1N1 virus), consider using the Homeopathic remedy Gelsenium. During the Spanish Flu it was used by many people who subsequently did not experience any symptoms. You can buy it at many health food stores and Homeopathic centers. Be sure to take it at the onset of any symptoms of a cold or flu. Compliments of: Richard Robbins, Amateur Naturopath Toronto, Ontario"
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
In the event Obama requires every U.S. citizen to be vaccinated against this overhyped Swine Flu "pandemic"-- or if you regularly get vaccines as a member of the military or nursing profession, then....
here is a list of things I've found online- and given to me by herbal and health experts that you can take a week before and at least a month after any mandatory vaccine. These things are also safe for your children (and even house pets for many of the herbs and oils.)

From what I understand-- if we must get these swine flu vaccines, there will be a series of THREE for each citizen of the U.S. - One regular seasonal flu shot- and two swine flu shots taken 21 days apart.

Don't forget ,too, that they are not going to be testing these vaccines a heck of a lot- because as per a bill former president Bush passed over a year ago, in the event of a "pandemic", the pharma companies are not required to thoroughly test vaccines because the priority is on getting them pushed out to the public fast. Also, our rights were taken away to sue pharmaceutical companies if we have any side effects from immunizations. The pharmaceutical companies and government covered their behinds very well legally during the last bird flu scare a few years ago.
First and foremost, put this situation before God's Throne-. We need to take responsibility for our personal health now more than ever.

Starting now, we all should be paying extra attention to our immune system. This entails eating more raw fruits and veggies (cleaned with veggie wash from pesticides) and drinking more water, herb teas or juices throughout the day. Cut back on refined sugars.. --- ESPECIALLY during the times of inoculations. Refined Sugars will lower the immune system and actually encourage yeast and candidas conditions in the body that vaccines and anti-biotics tend to create .

You want to start exercising-- not overdoing it, though, because your body loses anti-oxidants during strenuous workouts. If you do workout like that, then be sure to replenish your immune system by drinking some rich antioxidant juices like Mangosteen juice, etc. During the time of any immunizations-- make sure to take it easy to give your body an edge. Do alot of stretching and low maintenance exercise to help keep your lymphatic system moving. Brushing your skin with a natural bristle brush every morning will also help keep the lymphatic system flowing as well.. something to keep in mind. Also washing yourself with hot water then switching to very cold water right afterwards will help keep the lymph system moving.

We need to make sure we are getting enough sleep- to help raise our immune system levels at the Cellular level. And we need to take advantage of any Sun that is out that day- and spend at least 15-20 minutes out there in the Sun hitting the skin without Sunscreen, so that your body can make vitamin D. Not enough vitamin D by the time September/October hits, will not exactly help your immune system withstand any flu- nor even mandatory vaccinations which weaken the immune system even further.

Same with lack of sleep as sleep helps the cells rebuild and helps organs , hormones and all systems in the body- as well as fights depression. If you can't get to sleep - I recommend Valerian Tea or capsules. I found out by accident that Valerian herb fights insomnia. I drank a cup of it just for the fun of it and got really sleepy-- and couldn’t understand why. Then I read a day later that it beats insomnia. it works!. House of Nutrition or Wegmans have it in capsule form .House of Nutrition has it in both capsules and Tea (Alvita Teas)

Okay with that said, here is a list of things to buy now and keep on hand in the event of any possible mandatory vaccinations. Take a week before and the day of: Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids- take three times a day the week of and afterwards. This will help in detoxification and prepare the body and immune system.

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