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  2. Healing simply (and other techniques discussion thread)
  3. Who else has been healed by visiting here ?
  4. To any healers....
  5. Negative Implants ~ Dr. Joshua David Stone
  6. Fear Matrix Removal Invocation ~ Dr. Joshua Stone
  7. Reiki Water Symbol - New
  8. Divine Diamond what is it ? My experience.
  9. Mudras - Healing and Meditation
  10. Quantum Healing
  11. Light Quest International
  12. Detox Strategies and Sharing
  13. The Aura cleaning process
  14. Crystal 528 Healing Sounds
  15. Full Moon Meditation The Wesak Festival 17 May
  16. Healers
  17. Healing request
  18. Ghostly goings on.......
  19. Healing Negative Influences - ECETI's Technique
  20. I Choose Love..... a video
  21. Morning Blessings ~ True Greatness Power and Happiness ~ Angela Peregoff
  22. What is Prayer?
  23. Mark
  24. An Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping
  25. A Very Unique Healing Modality
  26. Ascended Master contact for healing modality , are they aliens ?
  27. Avalonians Global Healing Initiative
  28. A Request for Healing
  29. Ilahinoor Energy - Long Distance Healing 11 September
  30. Need Input on Tuning Forks
  31. Healing and Peak States of Consciousness
  32. Healing Negative feelings/Forgiveness?
  33. Land Clearing Technique
  34. Sleep? Please? Pretty Please?!?
  35. Is My Mission Over?
  36. Help For Family
  37. A Healing Gift For Humanity
  38. Method of Vibrational Chakra Reset
  39. The Label Even Monsanto Considers a 'Skull and Crossbones'...
  40. Practical Gnostic healing ?
  41. Crystal energy: A quick question.
  42. Universal protection
  43. Healing through meditation
  44. About 'Supernatural Powers' and their misconceived understanding
  45. My thoughts about the TM organization and my experience of taking responsibility
  46. CLEARING OTHER'S ENERGIES ~ Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire
  47. Healing by Sal Rachele
  48. A Mainstream Miracle
  49. An Experiment in retrocausality for those who pray... in any way
  50. Home-Made Copper Pyramid For Healing And Meditative Purposes
  51. Vortex of Creation
  52. Energetic Invocations
  53. ~Remote Healing For My Sister~
  54. I wish to heal something but im not sure how to do it.
  55. Eternal LOVE
  56. Fear of the dark.. in search of suggestions to get over it.
  57. Fear and Loathing in PA: Fear is the mindkiller
  58. Crystal Bowl Healing Concert
  59. I'm in need of some happy energy
  60. Color Visualization Healing
  61. Suggestions for Earth, Solar, Moon Sensitives.
  62. Please send your prayers and positive energies to my Father
  63. Let's talk about autism
  64. Getting off the Zoloft
  65. Calling My PA Friends for My Family Members
  66. BrianEn
  67. Seeking Remote Healers
  68. Stuck Energy
  69. Shamanic Healing?
  70. When my mother was dying, I became very ill & slept all day for around 2 years!
  71. Healing technique...
  72. What tools have you used on your path? Quickest route to cut through the crap?
  73. Do As One Free breath work site
  74. Baal Is Not My Master
  75. Ibogaine for healing.
  76. To Complain or Not to Complain?
  77. A large thank you to all who sent me healing and support.
  78. Healing
  79. Healing Effects of Sound
  80. Magnified healing
  81. Anyone able to read an MRI of brain?
  82. Asking for treatment
  83. Just a small look at consciousness - the chase of the good guy vs bad guy
  84. Tensegrity: Magical Movements
  85. 'Unified Global Intent Manifestation-22nd Nov 2012
  86. Blocked chakra
  87. HITCHHIKERS (a sort of partial entity possession) - and how to handle them
  88. How Are the Two of You Doing?
  89. A New Question about Composing Electronic Music with Solfeggio Frequencies
  90. Essential to keep a good diet going.
  91. Russian X-Ray Girl Thrills Japanese Scientists with Her Remarkable Gift
  92. Healing Request For Avalon Member
  93. Miriam Delicado's self-healing techniques
  94. The Boy Who Sang to the World. - A story about a young man's journey
  95. I was looking to make a difference so I became a volunteer with the Human Society ...spirituality
  96. Holistic Eyecare Assistance
  97. Request for healing for my love...
  98. I Have Every Chance of Healing!
  99. My Dreams During an Induced Coma.
  100. Some peace..
  101. Emotional Clearing
  102. Why Happiness Is So Hard To Find
  103. Asking prayers for my sister
  104. Exorcism - personal experiences?
  105. A Spiritual Perspective on the NSA Surveillance By Laura Bruno 6/9/13
  106. Energetic Cording and Letting Go
  107. Request for healing and medical advice.
  108. Dark damaging event, Lucid Light healing dream of mine
  109. What is Energy Network
  110. Esther Hicks: Heal Yourself and Regenerating Your Body Cells
  111. Intention Equation
  112. Hierarchy Of Intent for Healing Planet
  113. Does Our Treatment of Animals Affect How We Treat Each Other?
  114. What can be done to help this woman (Ovarian Cancer)
  115. Vivaxis Manual-Frances Nixon
  116. Need Avalon's healing energy
  117. Hearing loss ... Asking for help
  118. Assistance from a Londoner, please!
  119. Request for prayers and good energy please
  120. This Ojibwe Healing Ritual Will Move You
  121. Electric shock.
  122. I don't know if this works...
  123. Baby's first healing experience
  124. Chakras and healing--info from Chris Thomas, Akashic Record reader
  125. Horses as Healers - Meet the 4-legged therapists
  126. Ho'oponopono: Cleansing Memories Within
  127. One girl's healing process GREAT ARTICLE
  128. problem
  129. Falling and waking up
  130. Arbitrary synthesizing poop
  131. A natural cure for cataracts?
  132. Mantras
  133. Ability to walk people over to the other side from life to death
  134. The Miracles of Vitamin E.. things even I didn't know!
  135. Healing Prayers For Our Felllow Member Jean Marie
  136. 4 Months Pregnant, Feel Like Complete #$&@
  137. Otitis Media
  138. Re:arthritis remedies for dogs
  139. Beautiful Light Dance
  140. Healing Thoughts Please
  141. What To Do About Severe Eczema???
  142. The Loss of A Good Friend.
  143. Another healing request for my mother
  144. Ready to share your fears?
  145. Help and Information about Healing Crystals / Healing Stones
  146. Healing Request For My Brother
  147. How does this category work regarding healing others?
  148. My Journey of Sexual Healing - By Cora Flora
  149. Bless you all
  150. We Can Wipe Out Ebola
  151. Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability
  152. Thousand Plants Against Cancer Without Chemotherapy Pdf
  153. SB1875 Pepper-Neely Anticancer Proposal
  154. The Power of Connection to Heal Trauma
  155. Alkaline Foods (Ph) and The Prevention of Ailments
  156. manifest of manifests
  157. The Rationale Behind Meditation Pyramids
  158. Have you recovered from a serious illness?
  159. Eckhart Tolle - Pain
  160. A Conversation with Lisa Renee
  161. Diagnosing and Treating Vitamin B12 Deficiency
  162. Trusting that the body can heal itself
  163. Request for dog having his eyes removed today
  164. Healers and light beings - update
  165. Ode to a Canine King
  166. SuperGirl...
  167. Healing extremely low self esteem
  168. Healing rqeuest for brain stroke recovery
  169. Chakra healing meditation....What just happened?
  170. Healing request, remote healing or advice, situation bad.
  171. The Noble Truth
  172. Handling Entity Attachments tips and hints (a condensed user manual)
  173. Entities, Entity attachments - Personal experiences and discussion
  174. The Healing Experience
  175. Living on my new earth today with people is still (What The Feeling).
  176. Help remove the fear in Sydney today (2014/12/15)
  177. Can You Feel It?
  178. Help, Remote healing or Remote Viewing? Situation critical
  179. Music to ENJOY
  180. A Woman's Intuition & The Power To Recover From CFS
  181. Sweet love story :)
  182. The Sacred Prostitute: The Feminine Experience on Love, Sex, and Gender
  183. Changing your blue moods into a positive and loving energy
  184. Zero point core grounding - the easy way
  185. Eros and Healing - Global Love School Tamera
  186. CANCER: The TRUTH about NATURAL 'CANCER-CURES' absolutely FREE...
  187. Raise your vibrations with this song: Marco Sfogli - "Sunset Lights"
  188. Nature Heals - a simple technique of Free Knowledge I have found to help release trauma
  189. Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth (Peter Kelder) - the Five Tibetan Rites
  190. I need a lot of light right now. I need help.
  191. Extreme loneliness and anxiety
  192. Losing a good friend
  193. Diabetes and obesity, not a lack of will power
  194. What is spirituality?
  195. Crystal clear
  196. Healing Cancer from the Inside Out - Documentary
  197. ABM Mushroom Extract is a Very Powerful Medicine (Fights Cancer)
  198. I Need a Soul Reader
  199. Creating A Personal Virtual Reality
  200. Healing, perceptions and categories: Afraid of the light
  201. Energy Medicine - Donna Eden
  202. Food is the cure for AIDS!
  203. John of God, Healer at Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil
  204. A Healing Technique
  205. Handling Spirits in Volume
  206. Organic vs. Artificial Immortality
  207. Grounding the aspects of the soul
  208. My EX Was So Jealous, One Time?
  209. Is it possible bad entities can hijack your soul when you die?
  210. Codependent Recovery-The Lightworker's Path
  211. My New Capricorn friend
  212. How To Befriend A Tree: a mutually beneficial healing relationship.
  213. Crystal grid to transform negative energy
  214. The Truth About Cancer
  215. Cutting/ Self-harm
  216. 6000 Year Old Health Secrets Trailer 2
  217. Victim Mentality ? Empowerment Through Self-Awareness
  218. I'm Holding-Negative-Aggressive-Energies :(
  219. Atlas Joint Chiropractic? Thoughts please....
  220. Clairolfaction- A psychic smelling.
  221. Anyone hear of this man - Braco?
  222. Healing by grounding oneself - otherwise known as Earthing
  223. Medical Medium
  224. *Making Orgonite Pyramids
  225. Forbidden Cures - Good Stuff Here
  226. Monotomic gold
  227. Using SUNLIGHT as healing and food source???
  228. Healing with gemstones and crystals
  229. Blowing the whistle on recovery forums, self styled 'counsellors'
  230. The presence of a being - with a door/wall in between - totally changed my inner state of being
  231. Calogero Grifasi
  232. Watch Take Back Your Power FREE here until Tuesday Aug 16 midnight PT!
  233. Interview with Sarah R Adams at The Bases Conference 2016 Part 1
  234. Healing Techniques I Found Helpful
  235. Learning the way of Love
  236. Let's all heal tonight
  237. All Spiritual Warriors On Deck
  238. 4 Minute Reprogramming your Subconscious
  239. Above it all (what you are unaware of)
  240. A beautiful illuminated soul faces death openly
  241. Like from a different world, so heavenly
  242. Beautiful, timely message from Tashina
  243. Transmutation
  244. Musings From a Mother
  245. Truth meditation
  246. John Chang and healing energy
  247. Father and Daughter Miracle Cures Together
  248. Love is the Answer - Continued
  249. The Sacred Contribution of the Mazatec Shaman to the Spiritual World
  250. Has a golden age begun?