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  1. Winds could explain Biblical parting of the Red Sea
  2. Who's right - Zecharia Sitchin or Michael Heiser?
  3. Hy-Brasil, the other Atlantis
  4. Myth Programming: Anunnaki and the Cabal's Secret Agenda
  5. Lucifer is Heyle, part of the Nephilim
  6. Hy-Brasil: The Legendary Phantom Island of Ireland
  7. Show Me How Great You Are
  8. Religion and Mind Control
  9. How would you do it ???
  10. Ancient Indian texts mention Lemuria.
  11. Alive After The Fall
  12. Young Queen 'Lizzie' fascinated by 'Nessie' ...//.... 'Liz & Vic' a royal comparison...
  13. Where elves do fit in
  14. The Sumerian Tree of Life has been Found (video)
  15. FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Dr. Carmen Boulter: Egypt and the New Atlantis LIVE
  16. The Oera Linda manuscript
  17. Psychic Vampires, Psychic Donors, Psychic Healers & Psychic Poisoners
  18. The Serpent, the Black Sun, HPB & St. Germain
  19. Pyramid Code // Nefertiti breakthrough, and Atlantis: Dr Carmen Boulter, with Dark Journalist
  20. Buzzsaw: Anunnaki History and Alien Gods Revealed with Gerald Clark... Planet X Orbit Leak Project
  21. Immortality
  22. The nature and danger of the legendary Kobold
  23. Michael Tsarion: The War Of The Gods - Lemuria Vs Atlantis
  24. Cort Lindahl on Gaia TV
  25. ...where science and cartoons meet... Johnny Quest
  26. Lorna Byrne on Angels
  27. Mt. Shasta Revealed: Mysteries and Legends of Northern California
  28. Planet (Big X) predicted in 1950s cartoon?
  29. Mount Shasta's Forgotten History & Legends
  30. Native American Legends Appropriated from European/Biblical Sources?
  31. The New Atlantis of Lower Manhattan, IXXI, and St. Paul's Chapel
  32. New "Cyclic Cross of Hendaye" discovered
  33. Thunderbolts Project Documentary | Remembering The End Of The World
  34. Soucouyant
  35. Demon cracy
  36. The Legend of the Dragon
  37. The myth of self control.
  38. Strange mythical (?) creatures from the British Isles
  39. ‘Mermaid bones’ from 13th century keep legend alive in Fukuoka
  40. 5 top ghost videos
  41. Brewer's Cave, the untold story
  42. John Zaffis' Museum of the Paranormal
  43. The Great Flood, the Moon, and Weaponized Weather
  44. George Carlin : I miss him so much...
  45. The Alchemist’s Letter
  46. Underground Class A EVPs
  47. Strange figure filmed by home owner
  48. He'll Always Be Elvis: Remembering the 'King' 40 Years today
  49. Tom Petty, Rock Icon Who Led the Heartbreakers, Dead at 66
  50. King Arthur: A Composite-Personality Case?
  51. The brightest pole star 'Vega' as a source of worship for many cultures.
  52. LA UFO summoners come under fire
  53. Don't bring a banana onboard - it's bad luck
  54. A rare look at the Mamuthones: Ancient pagan ritual
  55. Mysterious Mountain Untersberg
  56. I ain't gonna mess with no ghost! ;)
  57. U.S. Soldier Claims To Have Shot & Killed A 12-Foot Giant In Afghanistan
  58. ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS: the Gaia TV series
  59. World Age Cycles of Destruction & Ancient Esoteric Calendars
  60. Archeologists condemn Anazasi of cannibalism, but could it have been Giants?
  61. Gaia TV: Ancient Aliens, the Demiurge, and more
  62. The Wendigo psychosis.
  63. Secrets, Codes, Kabbalah, Symbols, Keys and Locks
  64. Little People
  65. A New Look at the Mayan Calendar End Date - December 21, 2020
  66. A “well-spring” of intention: a visit to Rome and Perugia
  67. Scottish Myths & Legends
  68. Where is Hy-Brasil?
  69. Multi-eyed mythical monsters--the DMT experience
  70. Abandoned Ships, Towns, Buildings, Mansions, ETC..
  71. A New Video on Esoteric Calendars, Global Disaster & Great Earth Changes
  72. Noah's Flood of 2348 BC - Physical Evidence & Calendar Cycles
  73. The Keys of Enoch are about to completely unlock the Fate of Humanity