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  1. Music Thread ~ CLASSICAL ~
  2. Good to see people waking up and teaching through expression
  3. This pretty well sums it up
  4. The latest offering from Juice Rap News.
  5. The crafting and hand making zone
  6. Joey Alexander is from the planet Jazz in the Thelonious Galaxy
  7. 2015concert.com June 21st NYC
  8. Extract from a crystal bowl concert
  9. Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life...
  10. Poems for the Spirit
  11. Adventure Time
  12. The Definition of Happiness
  13. Blockhead - The Music Scene
  14. My Songs/Melodies Compilation Thread
  15. A Marionette in Manhattan
  16. Terence Gunn's Morricone's Shadow: Nibiru; Gaia; Capella; Mars; etc.
  17. SpaceJack's Epic Music Mix
  18. Secret Separation
  19. The walking giant in diapers
  20. David Sereda Lost Ancient Technology
  21. Songs and Poems of Empowerment
  22. The Lord Of The Rings Art of Ted Nasmith
  23. Zoar -- Secrets of the Dead
  24. Grey abduction? 'When The Lights Go Out - Naked Eyes
  25. Blinded By The Light
  26. "Beneath a Phrygian Sky"
  27. African (?) Head Charge? More like contemporary (time allocated) expression of Sumerian/Anunnaki Head Charge
  28. In hope, of a hope, worth hoping for
  29. Electrify the soul
  30. Music to open your soul
  31. The Spirit Carries On - Dream Theater
  32. Entheogenic
  33. More of Avatar - Symphonic trax
  34. The Soul Train
  35. Porking The Pig - Martin Noakes
  36. Social conformity experiment by National Geographic
  37. The lost music scale
  38. Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues
  39. Nathan "Flutebox" Lee and Beardyman @ Google, London
  40. Colours
  41. Steven Curtis Chapman - Live Concert, Oklahoma City, 10/19/2002
  42. The Last Interview With George Harrison: worth a listen, I think
  43. It's what's being said, not how
  44. Death Cab for Cutie - Black Sun Saturn Matrix
  45. Freezing Bubbles
  46. Why are young people disconnected?
  47. Just wanted to remind you...
  48. Tribal music!
  49. Holly Near Sings "The Souls Are Coming Back" | Bioneers
  50. Beautiful Irish song
  51. Bumping the Marvelous Marble Music Machine
  52. Classic authenticity in music
  53. Earth and Fire: Anasazi Style Pottery
  54. Rest for your soul
  55. Artwork Inspired By The Times We Live In
  56. R I P Merle Haggard
  57. PRINCE has died
  58. Very Funny Prince Skit
  59. This music performance reminds me of heaven
  60. Far Cry Primal
  61. LegaliseFreedom1: Grafton Tanner - Culture, Capitalism, and Digital Disease
  62. Music For Truthseekers - A List Of Artists, Albums And Tracks
  63. Amazing and inspiring performance.
  64. Gil Scott Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
  65. Another brick in the Wall Generation X ?
  66. Ted Nasmith: 'Lord of the Rings' paintings w/ music
  67. Conspiracy art and artists !!!!
  68. Awesome song that sends a message
  69. Incredible electric guitar- Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata
  70. Southern Cross by Crosby, Still, and Nash - Does it have a deeper meaning?
  71. Occult Symbolism in Vance Joy's "Riptide" song and video
  72. ♫ Thread for the Trance/Techno/etc umbrella of music ♫
  73. A poem I wanted to share with you all
  74. Paradise Mind
  75. Peaceful and Ethereal Music
  76. Heroes, Anti-Heroes, Villains and Fools... Research, Discussion and Thoughts on Heroism
  77. The Sorry State of Popular Music
  78. Democracy is coming to the USA
  79. Kanye West hospitalized, under psychiatric evaluation
  80. Merry Christmas Avalonians 2016.............and a happy 2017.... ( 2016/17/18 pivotal yrs D.Icke)
  81. Happy new year everyone!! :D :D
  82. Music and sex stimulate the same part of the brain
  83. Epic of Gilgamesh on the Sumerian Lute
  84. Rock and roll legend Chuck Berry dies at 90...RIP.
  85. Illuminati programming - The Rolling Stones
  86. "Gong Show" producer Chuck Barris dead at 87
  87. Shakey Graves
  88. Elton John - hospitalized, expects recovery
  89. TAL - Are We Awake
  90. This just in !!!! Lefty Dave's song RINCON is covered by Bertie Higgins
  91. Can Anyone Decipher the Hidden messages in this Music Video of "Thirty Seconds To Mars - Hurricane (Uncensored Director's Cut)'" ???
  92. Paul Joseph Watson - Muslim Hijab Rap CRINGE FEST
  93. Take the time to catch some Air! A breath of fresh air for the soul...
  94. Porcelain (Song)
  95. Riverdance ???
  96. Excellent Control over the whole body Dance by kremushka
  97. Katy Perry's "Bon Appetit" new music video: spirit cooking? human sacrifice?
  98. Jimmy Thomas
  99. Roger Waters Poem - Is this the life we really want?
  100. Samuel Beckett
  101. A Poem
  102. The Baroque and the Beautiful
  103. Paul Joseph Watson - Why Modern Architecture SUCKS
  104. Resist the powers that be
  105. TED archive published online
  106. A sound healing moment
  107. Music with the Sounds of the TRAPPIST-1 System
  108. Is John Lennon still singing?-"Still Here I Am"
  109. Sibelius | Violin Concerto in D minor
  110. Recent "diamonds" in the mainstream music industry
  111. Modern Times: Camille Paglia & Jordan B Peterson
  112. Enlightenment Imperative; Yearly Celebration of Ashura
  113. RIP old Friend...
  114. Hawkwind confirm that former keyboardist and synth guru Michael ‘DikMik’ Davies has died.
  115. Shostakovich String Quartet No. 8 - A Story of the Nazi Holocaust
  116. IN-SHADOW: A Modern Odyssey
  117. Have A Merry Month (in advance)
  118. Beethoven | Violin Sonata #5 - Movement 1
  119. My band's punk 🎵
  120. Freddy Clarke - I met him Thursday nite personally
  121. Raveonettes | In and Out of Control (album)
  122. SOUND ALCHEMY Presentation - Hermetic Sound characteristics -
  123. Up Where We Belong
  124. Tim Blake - Lighthouse - Trying to find !
  125. Radio Stations Round the World
  126. TruthSeekah x ALLiTiZ 'We're Not Alone'
  127. Bette Davis Eyes
  128. ALLiTiZ - iNFLUENCE (a song about A.I)
  129. The Songbird Rises Above the Din
  130. Dr. Joseph Farrell: how music makes us smarter
  131. Am I MILABed? Trying to put the strings (dots) together
  132. Stop Apophis feat. Bertie The Wise (Lyric Video)
  133. Favorite 90's Music. Fess Up
  134. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
  135. latest Dr. Joseph P. Farrell interv./Dark Journalist
  136. Carmina Burana on the Keyboard
  137. Amazing Songs
  138. Dancing
  139. You See Me Laughin - Last of the original blues men
  140. Corfitz songs
  141. Stop - chemtrails !!! (songs)
  142. Can someone tell what this tune is please?
  143. Da Vinci's $400 million restored painting Salvator Mundi
  144. Sacred Geometry - created in Dreams
  145. Amazing Audio (a potpourri collection)
  146. Man I love this 80's ish song!
  147. "Awake" music
  148. Apple is killing off Itunes ?
  149. Modern music with classical style
  150. Ceramic Masters at work
  151. Making one's own musical instruments
  152. Chopin masterpiece and Best Interpreters ever existed
  153. Dark Music
  154. Aurora Aksnes
  155. Ginger Baker 1939-2019
  156. Inspiring and Uplifting Art: a gift of grace
  157. Progressive Rock / Metal, Alternative Rock / Metal & Electronica
  158. Art Pop, Indie, Acid Jazz & Downtempo
  159. Alexandra
  160. The Original Young Brothers publish two folk-rock & world-fusion cyber albums at CD Baby!
  161. Neil Peart: Rush drummer dies aged 67
  162. Rock & Roll Painter Vicki Berndt
  163. Whitney Houston goes on tour 8 years after her death...
  164. Soundtrack for the end of the world
  165. John Prine has passed
  166. What's the first piece of music you spent your own money on?
  167. Funny Songs