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  1. Homeland Security shuts down dozens of Web sites without court order
  2. A list of websites for good alternative information
  3. UK to Censor Esoteric Websites
  4. Bitching about Microsoft Word
  5. Internet Censorship: So it began...
  6. Boxing With Shadows
  7. Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame (a talk about online bullying).
  8. An Internet Alternative When/If Americans Revolt
  9. The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies ( trolling and shilling, cointelrpo)
  10. Tell Congress: Stop cable from blocking fast and affordable Internet access
  11. The Silent Thief: Internet Addiction
  12. SQRL: The end of web site passwords - in our lifetime
  13. Google Chrome is listening /eavesdropping to you.
  14. For-Hire Hacking Firm Hacked
  15. GoodGopher.com filters out mainstream media (24 hour public test drive)
  16. Windows 10 - DOOM
  17. Twitter has Revolutionized my View of "Anonymous"
  18. Katherine Albrecht: Windows 10 Is Full Blown Electronic Tyranny
  19. Want To Learn Web Development?
  20. Web Development 101: HTMLCourse I
  21. Web Development 101: HTML Course I - Q/A
  22. Microflow - Crowdfunding for 100USD and below.
  23. Uniting For World-Revolution. Waking Up Humanity. Intro of Myself...
  24. Bots on Facebook - Complete Internet Takeover - Where's The Deep Web?
  25. FADE to BLACK - Jamie Bartlett, The Dark Net
  26. It's the End of the Line for the Ad-Supported Web
  27. Wanted: Volunteer Web Programmer for Micro-Crowdfunding Site
  28. Facebook Bots--Am I Crazy Paranoid, or am I crazy intuitive?
  29. DNS Solution Yahoo Error
  30. Mark Zuckerberg did not donate $45 billion to charity
  31. Censor for truthers on Facebook
  32. Taking action
  33. lets share our curiosities
  34. The GDELT Project
  35. The Problems with Facebook
  36. Anyone hear of www.support.me?
  37. Real-time World Traffic Map of the Anonymous Tor Browser
  38. Tabula website
  39. Latest superbowl commercials - and something odd about one of them
  40. Windows Vista no longer being supported?
  41. What antivirus/internet security do you use?
  42. Advanced Google search techniques
  43. Ever wondered what a Wifi signal looks like in your house?
  44. Please share your thoughts about a website
  45. Today I discovered...
  46. Cruelty, insensitivity and general cowardice on the net
  47. John McAfee
  48. The current YouTube scare: "Dollar Collapse 28 May 2016"
  49. PayPal Alternatives?
  50. How to improve website's ranking via Facebook and Twitter posts?
  51. Does anyone know a safe software for recording a Skype video call?
  52. Matt Drudge visits Alex Jones: internet censorship
  53. Someone is messing with content on YouTube
  54. U.S. Appeals Court Upholds Net Neutrality Rules In Full
  55. KickassTorrents down: Feds have seized domains and arrested owner
  56. Facebook Just Got a Whole Lot Creepier
  57. Facebook Automated Trending Section Posts Fake Megyn Kelly Story. Ooops!
  58. OneLogin's "Secure Notes" hacked
  59. Escalating internet security breaches
  60. Programmers And Programming
  61. Internet Security Solutions: Demonsaw -Decentralized internet-
  62. How the Elite Bastards will control the Wild Wild Web.
  63. Are so called Alternatives to Facebook really private or secure!
  64. Biggest DDos Attack ever with 1.1TB a sec
  65. The "Brave" Browser Created by Firefox Web Browser Creator Brendan Eich
  66. Internet out of U.S. control Oct 1
  67. Ransomware solutions....
  68. Google’s Jigsaw To Be Used To Undermine Alternative Media?
  69. 1.2TB/s DDOS Attacks on Internet Infrastructure, October 21, 2016
  70. Digital lock down: “the establishment is scared sh*tless”
  71. Windows 7 updates downfall
  72. WARNING: virus on Facebook
  73. Suggestions for Advertising & Promotion
  74. Senate Quietly Passes The "Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act"
  75. Cyber-warfare: Hacking and cyber-security are increasingly becoming a concern for politicians, academics, and even everyday people
  76. Internet on steroids, try this
  77. Some Youtube channels show algorithm similar to "fake news" category
  78. An Alternative to Youtube called VIDME
  79. Storyville "Zero Days: Nuclear Cyber Sabotage"
  80. Google Search: Behavioural changes?
  81. Giant Twitter Botnet found called StarWars (350.000 Bots)
  82. The Cyber attack on Brussels Airport hours after ISIS attacks
  83. 'File-Less' Cyber Malware
  84. The 1990s Dot.Com Bubble era - What was all that money really used for and its effect to this day? Internet Rise in Society
  85. What has happened to NEWSBLOK.COM ?
  86. Do What You Can't
  87. Rense.com is down (morning US time, 11 March 2017)
  88. Paul Joseph Watson: My last ever video? (possibly)
  89. Blockchain Will Save Free Speech
  90. The Clipper Chip revisited: HTTPS considered harmful.
  91. Media becoming increasingly vile?
  92. Facebook admitts that Governments are running Desinformation on their Network
  93. Is Godlike Productions A Psy-Op?
  94. IP address obfuscation
  95. Ransomware Attack - Worldwide (12 May 2017)
  96. Outlook and Firefox F*** Ups
  97. Unicorn Cloud
  98. Their New ATM: Your Nose *
  99. NATO - Another "Golden-Eye" like cyberattack and WE may go to war
  100. Poppy
  101. A view from Tintin around the theme of objective inheritance, hacking and fake news
  102. Message from Freepress Action | Warrantless US Internet Surveillance
  103. Adobe to discontinue Flash by the end of 2020
  104. Kaspersky Antivirus Completely Free-of-charge
  105. Problems with Skype - the solution for users of older Macs
  106. News from the other side: the Yandex browser
  107. Google suppressing free speech; Google search traffic to Avalon down over half.
  108. "Smartphones Have DESTROYED a Generation" Tucker Carlson Interviews Dr. Jean Twenge
  109. CCleaner "Free of Charge" infected 2.27 Million users' machines
  110. Uncle Pennybags at Equifax Hearing
  111. FCC is going to change the internet
  112. Tip For Computers Exhibiting Symptoms of Having a Mind of Their Own
  113. Mac-hacks
  114. Deep Web Search Engines to Explore the Hidden Internet
  115. The fight to keep Net Neutrality
  116. E-mail "Phishing" Scams
  117. Social Media and the Dopamine Feedback Loop
  118. How to Keep The Internet Monopoly-Free
  119. Bot or Not - What's a Bot - What are they Botting ?
  120. The worst ever video game: Desert Bus
  121. WHOPPER® Neutrality (A Social Experiment)
  122. How Google, Facebook, Yahoo decide what you're going to see
  123. If you can't contact the owners of the website DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM
  124. The Weaponization of Social Media : Corbett report 1 March 2018
  125. Alt Media being Toasted to a Dark Crisp
  126. YouTube wants to add Wikipedia Links to Conspiracy Theory Videos
  127. Bitcoin: Researchers find child pornography in blockchain
  128. Facebook Scandal -- Cambridge Analytica
  129. educate-yourself.org is Suspended [back online]
  130. FYI: PC Gamer's heads up on Crashes, Disconnects, freezes, missing content, the list goes on
  131. New Saker Community Website Launched!
  132. When EVERYTHING Means Exactly That: Everything is RECORDED for Current and Future Searches
  133. Russia's Cloud
  134. Which program to download YouTube videos?
  135. Can Wikipedia Recover From Fake Information and Agenda-Driven Edits?
  136. Linux: an alternative to Windows 10
  137. Auction websites & shadow banning your business via A.I...
  138. There Be Some Funny Biz Going On At Twitter Me Thinks!
  139. Free Speech Police; Jonathan Pie
  140. Deleting Gmail - then afterwards, I need help
  141. YouTube was down for about 1.5 hours (16 Oct 2018)
  142. The Left Can't Meme (NPC meme crashes twitter?)
  143. Isegoria - a new media platform from Ben Swann and others
  144. Is your Android smartphone battery dying out quickly?
  145. VPN and TOR (how to choose and use - or should we)
  146. The Future of Internet Forums