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  1. I had the "census knock" this morning, it's that time again, fellow Aussies...
  2. Does anyone here use VPNs?
  3. Massive psychotronic assult on the human cities
  4. False Flag Return On Investment: Stealth Surveillance Made Official
  5. Big Picture Science Radio : They know who you are
  6. Hardening Firefox/Gecko Browsers Against Threats to Privacy and Security
  7. The myth of Secure Communication and Privacy
  8. Tattoo Recognition Technology Challenge - NIST Workshop
  9. Former NSA Chief Michael Hayden Mocks Extent of Post-Snowden Reform
  10. Chrome
  11. ANDROID flaw - Build-in spyware?
  12. Microsoft intensifies data collection on Windows 7 and 8 systems
  13. Your smartphone is spying on you. Here's how to stop that from happening...
  14. Hundreds of Apple's IOS apps compromised
  15. Strange occurrence on TV
  16. Edward Snowden BBC interview: 'Smartphones can be taken over'
  17. Victory for Digital Privacy in California?
  18. Government Funded Soviet Gangstalking Harrassment Police State IS NOW HERE
  19. Future warfare between population and government
  20. WINDROIDS 11 0S - The Securest Operating System
  21. Can anyone explain what happened? (Macbook camera problem)
  22. Frequency Modulation via Headphones
  23. Question about Skype
  24. Security or Surveillance: Privacy vs anti-terror security in digital age (#RT10 Panel Discussion)
  25. It is Illegal to Use a Legal Name
  26. Sesame Credit - Mandatory by 2020 (in China)
  27. A Secret Catalogue of Government Gear for Spying on your Cellphone
  28. Dick pics, Snowden and John Oliver
  29. TSA quietly moves to make body scanners mandatory...
  30. 60 Minutes AU - Bugged -Tracked - Hacked - 20150816
  31. Tracking Enemies of the State across many lifetimes
  32. Another new kernel flaw that Google won't fix - android and linux issue(s)
  33. Rob Joyce | NSA TAO Chief on Disrupting Nation State Hackers | USENIX Enigma Conference 2016
  34. NASA gets hacked: proof of chemtrailing & more
  35. British police are breaking into homes to highlight robbery risk...
  36. Are you afraid to speak out?
  37. Should the government be able to make Apple crack the iPhone?
  38. The Apple iPhone 'backdoor' privacy case: John McAfee on personal security and government surveillance
  39. The end of Nortel and privacy
  40. Repost of a CopBlock.org article, "When should you shoot a cop" (link in Post #14)
  41. Robert Guffey | Project Chameleo, Secret Tech, & The Surveillance State
  42. With everything else being tracked, can emails also be?
  43. Does anyone feel like we're living in Virtual Reality prison since the advent of the mobile & smart phone
  44. One Reason Not To Go Online If You Live In The US
  45. Are Forums, Social Media being data-mined and manipulated? If so Why?
  46. Big Brother is Bigger Than You Think (Google is tracking us)
  47. Intel computers hide another CPU that can take over your machine
  48. 1984 meets Jetsons: Is Google Home a Hipster Skynet?
  49. State of Surveillance with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith (FULL EPISODE)
  50. APPLE patents remote control to turn iPhone's camera on/off
  51. Security alert - possible theft of your bank, email, web hosting, twitter or facebook accounts using your cell phone
  52. We are the lucky ones............
  53. 900 Million Android Phones at risk (again...)
  54. Project Sauron - active since at least 2011
  55. Linux Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) vulnerability
  56. 80% of Android phones also susceptible to the Linux TCP bug
  57. NSA Treats and Tricks
  58. iPhone security compromised by Israeli spy firm
  59. What's the deal with the black helicopters?
  60. Is it safe to use a real picture for your avatar / profile pic??
  61. UK's new 12 sided 'High-Tech' 1 pound coin
  62. You now have 500 million data points!!
  63. Spyware installed by (?) sends Android's text, msgs to China
  64. Big Brother in UK and a micro study in Manhattan
  65. Another spyware in Android found 2 days later ..
  66. Supposedly 'new' security risk, speakers and headphones on one's PC turned into mikes
  67. Pre-installed Spying Firmwares On Your Device?
  68. More Android OS problems - Ransom-Warez on your Smart TV
  69. President Trump dumps his Android probably for a modified iPhone
  70. RFID Chip Implants Becoming A Reality
  71. Vault 7
  72. Smart Dolls pose a threat to personal security
  73. See where your data travels - NSA internet interception sites
  74. Strange drones creeping out homeowners; Peering in windows...
  75. Google Records Everything You Say and Everything You Have Searched For — Here’s How To See Hear And Delete Your Tracking
  76. Trump alienates FBI -- Wiretapping
  77. The Multibillion-Dollar U.S. Spy Agency You Haven’t Heard of
  78. crazy car ride!
  79. Republicans Getting Ready to Pass Bill to Allow Your Internet Privacy to be Removed
  80. Police Drone over neighborhood causes stir
  81. Digital video forensic software or pay the piper?
  82. Apps Can Listen for Marketing Beacons
  83. The SENTIENT WORLD Program: how the agencies model and predict the future
  84. Keeping Communications Private (a practical HOWTO)
  85. It'd be funny if it weren't so close to being true
  86. Not sure what to do.
  87. Predictive programming, Big Data, microchipping, and Minority Report
  88. Spilled Secrets Have Shaken the N.S.A.
  89. InPower Movement--Take Action for Change!
  90. ISIS calls for the assassination of Barron Trump
  91. Intel CPU processor security hole - another one (Hits LINUX and Windows)
  92. Nothing to Hide (A documentary about personal surveillance)
  93. Another (new) Android security hole - this one deals with signed apps
  94. The TOR browser: How to go Anonymous Online
  95. Pre-installed Keyloggers... on HP Laptops
  96. The Fight Against The Deep State Continues
  97. Haven: The Individual's Personal Surveillance System.
  98. CPU Security Holes affecting Intel and AMD CPUs
  99. New tech uses wifi blasts to read a subject’s concealed emotions from a distance
  100. THIS is our future!?! Agenda 21
  101. In the Footsteps Of Aaron Swartz at 26 y.o., 'SecureDrop' Co-creator James Dolan Dead at 36
  102. Google engineer sues for discrimination
  103. GPS Heat Maps - Secret Military Bases
  104. Marzulli message is on point
  105. 'Mind-reading' computers could help police
  106. Government Hacking Groups aka APT Groups. an overview
  107. IXHosting dot Com hacked or a New Feature installed?
  108. Corbettreport : 5 Privacies You Didn't Know You Lost ....22/3/18
  109. Everything We Think, Everything we Say, Everything We Do, Everywhere We've Been ....
  110. Will interest in ufology merge with hate speech and fake news? Richard Dolan says yes.
  111. Man tests if Google is listening to his mic in live video... Watch what he finds
  112. 330 Million Twitter Users' Passwords Left Out in The Open...
  113. Swedes getting chipped
  114. Department Of Homeland Security Compiles List Of All Bloggers, Journalists, & "Social Media Influencers"
  115. Israeli Company Is Selling Autonomous Surveillance Systems to Governments Around the World
  116. Exposed: How Google Still Tracks You Even When “Location History” Is Turned Off
  117. Cody Snodgres 8-15-18: 5G, DEWs, Electro-smog, TIs, mind control
  118. Smart Meters Violate 4th Amendment: Landmark Decision
  119. Speed displays record license plates
  120. Apple Will Start Tracking Your Calls & Emails To Assign You A ‘Trust Score’
  121. Apparently China just can't resist embedding spyware (It's worse - lots worse. See Post #32)
  122. London Spy
  123. China's TERRIFYING Social Credit System (it's already here)
  124. How many passports do you have? Which is the best one to have?
  125. All you data is OURS - hacking? No HSA/TSA
  126. The Fun Side of Surveillance
  127. Our info really is being sold/passed around or whatever.
  128. "Nothing to Hide" (2017 documentary) | Directed by: Marc Meillassoux
  129. Erik Prince in bed with China
  130. Tracking ~ Listening devices: Historically under surveillance:
  131. Spy cameras and surveillance for residents ???
  132. New Surveillance and Personal Security issue (cameras on planes)
  133. American Airport Security: is it safe?
  134. Do you know what this truck is doing?
  135. Anyone got experience of the NEW opera browser with built in VPN?
  136. The Autocrat’s New Tool Kit
  137. Details about 16 yr Patent for remotely manipulating your nervous system
  138. [Documentary]: BBC Storyville - The Internet's Dirtiest Secrets: The Cleaners [2019]
  139. Do you know your Sift Score?
  140. EDD and Bank of America
  141. Electronic Harrassment
  142. Consent for storing and sharing your photographic data
  143. What You Don't Know About 5G
  144. Dystopian, Borderless Social Control System
  145. You Are Being Groomed......
  146. "Jetson" - The Pentagon Can Identify Someone Based On Their Heartbeat
  147. Reading and predicting thoughts and behaviours
  148. The emergence of a “sinister authoritarianism” - Snowden
  149. CIA, DHS, DIA, etc, harassment of star seeds and contactees
  150. Mark Zuckerberg Wants Senate To Allow Tracking Your Location At All Times!
  151. Best camera and sensor security system?
  152. The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It
  153. Google — A Dictator Unlike Anything the World Has Ever Known
  154. SAY NO to HR 6666 & "contact tracing"!
  155. "Contact Tracing" ~ "Application Description ?"