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  1. Laura Knight-Jadczyk: whats wrong with her?
  2. Underground Base Researcher Richard Sauder Arrested
  3. The Saga of Dr. Pete Peterson
  4. Dolores Cannon:
  5. David Icke Debunked (Full Movie)
  6. Bill Ryan
  7. Who do you want Bill Ryan to interview next?
  8. KABC "Open Mind" with Bill Jenkins, a rare mp3 archive
  9. Maybe time to take a serious look at David Wilcock
  10. Can we have a Boriska update?
  11. Gordon Novel has passed away (3 October 2012)
  12. Excuse me...? Inelia Benz fake?
  13. Has Anyone Heard Anything From Henry Deacon (Arthur Neumann) Lately?
  14. What is Michael St.Clair up to these days?
  15. An Open Letter to Mr. David Wilcock
  16. Vale Colin Wilson (26 June 1931 – 5 December 2013)
  17. Stan Romanek?
  18. Sean David Morton
  19. Clif High's YouTube Channel
  20. BILL JENKINS, researcher and interviewer, has passed. His daughter is a new forum member, and has a message for us all
  21. John Lash on Archons
  22. Posts Censored and Removed because of Entity and Scientology References
  23. John Lash's Kalika war party
  24. Alternative view of Graham Hancock: why does he promote drugs?
  25. Sorcha FAIL!
  26. Benjamin FOOLFRAUD (aka Benjamin Fulford)
  27. Tolec, Adona and Good ET/Corey
  28. To be perfectly clear from the gripreaper
  29. The Corey Goode affair: various updates from David Wilcock
  30. Piers Corbyn on the frontlines fighting against the social cleansing in London England
  31. New interview with Alex Collier
  32. Katharina "Kay" Wilson - author of The Alien Jigsaw
  33. Stan Romanek - for anyone wondering what's the latest
  34. What happened to Kerry Cassidy on 24-25 April, 2015
  35. We Need to Talk About James Casbolt aka Michael Prince
  36. Corey Goode's claim of "time-regression"
  37. Most Dangerous Person In Prison...?
  38. The Jacques Nietzermann hoax
  39. What happened to Tila Tequila?
  40. Enemy of the Deep State - A Conversation with Dark Journalist
  41. The Jordan Maxwell Research Society
  42. 'Voices from the Unconscious' Documentary Film - David Oates and Reverse Speech
  43. PCTV: Kerry Cassidy interviews Sean Stone
  44. Simon Parkes - the 'Connecting Consciousness' series
  45. Anomalies in The Ruiner's material
  46. Max Igan - The Search For Truth
  47. Ian Crane,Brian Gerrish - The Full Circle Project by Max Igan - Active Hub for People to Unite
  48. Mark McCandlish: "Corporations Have Back-Engineered ET Technology To Control The World"
  49. Cobra and Corey credibility question
  50. Bases Lectures - Robert Duncan Intelligent Systems of Control
  51. Joseph Farrell | The Cosmic War & The Treaty of Versailles Template
  52. Bill Ryan's Freedom Central Interview
  53. Neil Kramer ~ Roamcast 16: Majestic Corrosion
  54. Shaking out the sheets -- John Lash and Hitler, now happily in bed.
  55. David Icke Live 8pm GMT tonight 19 Nov 2015...Should be interesting...// Also Sunday wire EP#100
  56. Carol Rosin and The Last Card... Cold war, Terror, Asteroids, then ETs
  57. Dark Journalist interviews JZ Knight, founder of Ramtha School of Enlightenment
  58. Edward Snowden awarded 2015 Bjørnson prize in Norway
  59. Is there any way to contact Simon Parkes these days?
  60. Kerry Cassidy interviews Peter Levenda
  61. Crystal Clark on «Guy Next Door Speaks» with Ivan from Phoenix
  62. Why is the Australian Government so frightened of David Icke?
  63. Kerry Cassidy Interviews Sean David Morton
  64. Now YouTube Take Down David Icke's Aussie Visa Video –
  65. Ep. 365 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Leo Zagami
  67. David Icke cleared to speak in Australia!!
  68. George Kavassilas' New Site
  69. Charlie McGrath has passed
  70. Leak Project's Rex Bear interviews Freeman
  71. What's Wrong With "The Golden Jackass" website?
  72. Leak Project's Rex Bear interviews Joseph Farrell
  73. Anarchast Ep. 266 Max Igan: The Full Circle Project
  74. Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan
  75. Anthony Peake | The Holographic Episode | Part 1
  76. Jordan Maxwell: "The Elites Use War To Make Blood Sacrifice To Extra Terrestrial Gods!"
  77. Leak Project: Richard C. Hoagland - The Artificial Moons of our Solar System, Ancient Astronauts
  78. Has Robert (Bob) Dean passed? - No, he's fine
  79. Is Dan Burisch's testimony to be believed?
  80. Leak Project: Dr Brooks Agnew - Luciferian Soul Trophies & The Covert Control of a One World System.
  81. Our experience with Simon Parkes as a counselor
  82. Leak Project: with guest John B. Wells
  83. Alex Jones Exposed?
  84. BOB DEAN turned 87 on 2 March. Post your good wishes here, and I'll send them all to him. :)
  85. Ep. 394 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Linda Moulton Howe: Planet Nine
  86. Ep. 390 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Jason Martell: Ancient Aliens
  87. Leak Project: an interview with Kerry Cassidy
  88. Ed Grimsley 1945-2016
  89. Now and Zen - Zen Gardner talks to David Icke - 15 March 2016 // D.Icke " Hang the Bankers"
  90. R Allen show 18/3 : Jim Marrs , Illuminati, Judaism V Zionism , Transhumanism
  91. Jordan Maxwell: World Criminalty, The Vatican & The Bizarre Death of Justice Antonin Scalia
  92. Leak Project: Dave Hodges, The Donald Trump Phenomena, Dirty Politics, FEMA Camp Round Up
  93. David Icke on The Other Side of Midnight interviewed by Richard Hoagland 27 March 2016
  94. Alex Collier, Simon Parkes, Tolec, Jim Nichols, Win Keech
  95. What the witting (and unwitting) fakes will NEVER DO -
  96. Laura Eisenhower's claims: who is she, really?
  97. Jon Rappoport ('No More Fake News') to do weekly show on Fade To Black
  98. Jordan Maxwell, Max Igan, Ken O'Keefe, Cathy OBrien speaking April 15-17
  99. Aajonus Vonderplanitz is dead
  100. FADE to BLACK: Jimmy Church with Jon Rappoport
  101. Richard Dolan rips to shreds Corey Goode and others of the same ilk
  102. Fade To Black Ep. 437 w/ Steven Greer, Ronnie McMullen // Ep. 436 Steve Murillo: The UFO Conspiracy
  103. Richard Dolan Learns Secret Weapon Against Alien Invasion
  104. David Icke: A Memory of Prince - Beyond Normal - personal Tribute.....
  105. David Icke on The Lou Collins Radio Show 25th April 2016
  106. Ep. 446 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ David Icke, Jon Rappoport: Worldwide Wake Up LIVE
  107. Bill Hicks Puppet Show - "The Elite"
  108. George Kavassilas: Moving beyond the God Matrix to the Great Change
  109. Is Richard Hoagland's Website Permanently Down?
  110. Ep. 448 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Freeman Fly: Worldwide Conspiracy LIVE
  111. A ZEN CONVERSATION - Zen Gardner with Callista, Will and hosted by Bibi
  112. Ep. 449 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ John Lear: The Real John Lear LIVE // John Rappoport report
  113. Pt.2.. DARK JOURNALIST & DR CARMEN BOULTER //// Pt.2. Fade to Black John Lear part 2..
  114. Ep. 453 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Linda Moulton Howe: Earth Files
  115. C. W. Chanter and his excellent interview with Derek Tyler
  116. Ep. 455 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Jason Martell: Ancient Aliens LIVE
  117. This was a surprise! David Icke on BBC's THIS WEEK political TV show /// Transhumanism and Illusion 2016
  118. Jordan Maxwell has had a heart attack: please make this known, help him out, and wish him well
  119. Ep. 462 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Giorgio Tsoukalos: Ancient Aliens
  120. Is Teal Swan a hoaxer?
  121. CONTACT IN THE DESERT 2016...F2B episodes 466/7 ...//...Ep 468 James Gilliland
  122. Ep. 472 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Jim Marrs: The View From Marrs LIVE
  123. Will and Callista meet David Icke in Perth - 9 July 2016
  124. Max Spiers has been found dead, Saturday July 16th 2016
  125. Avalon member, thepainterdoug gets face time
  126. Project Camelot: Simon Parkes at the Malta Awake and Aware Conference
  127. David Wilcock: The Ascension Mysteries - Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil
  128. donaldmarshall.proboards.com just tried to censor me
  129. 𝔼𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕙𝕢𝕦𝕒𝕜𝕖𝟛𝔻 𝓵𝓲𝓿𝒆 𝓼𝓽𝓻𝒆𝓪𝓶 + "Suspicious0bservers" false theft acc
  130. Zen Gardner Exposed & Spotlight on Alt Media
  131. New Death Threats for David Wilcock [sorry, a recycling of a Dec. 15, 2011 video]
  132. Butch Witkowski on Paracast Radio
  133. Sean Stone with Peter Joseph: Zeitgeist Movement and Esoteric Truth Revealed
  134. Stanton Friedman 2016 interview
  135. Any Jordan Maxwell fans?
  136. Simon Parkes: Questions of integrity and credibility
  137. Cobra's Business Model Failing. Has He Pivoted to a New Blog?
  138. Interview with Vanessa Bates (Max Spiers' mother) about Max's death
  139. Jaymie Icke, 23 year old son of David, on R Allen show // David in Italy - What is Phantom Self ?
  140. Bob Dean Authenticity
  141. 'The Ascension Mysteries' (by David Wilcock)
  142. Ep.575 F2B Jimmy Church with David Wilcock: Endgame 2016/2017
  143. Jordan Maxwell Talks Global Awakening With Alex Jones: Exclusive Interview
  144. Kerry Cassidy's latest newsletter re Project Camelot
  145. 3/Jan/17: David Icke On R.Allen.. Fake News, Zionism, Gender Identity, Transhumanism, 2017 & Much More
  146. Ep.583 F2B, Richard Dolan: False Flags, US Election, 2017 UFO Disclosure & more
  147. Kerry and Bill
  148. Jon Rappoport: how he became an investigative journalist
  149. Who is your favorite source of reliable information in Ufology?
  150. CIA Good Guy Robert David Steele
  151. David Icke On Edward Heath, Donald Trump & The War On Perception. 22/2/17
  152. Robert David Steele has become an Avalon Member
  153. The Sereda family is in need of help
  154. Apology to Ben Fulford
  155. What is Avalon's overall opinion on David Icke??
  156. What's going on with all the new whistleblowers (See for yourself)
  157. Sending Love & Light to Cherry Hinkle
  158. Privileged Dutchman about Child sacrifices, The Occult, Luciferianism etc. [Ronald Bernard, English Subtitles]
  159. The Truth about Corey Goode
  160. Personality-marketing, in the alternative media
  161. Project Camelot | John Lear | Revisited | 4/5/17
  162. Bill Ryan - Talks to Dark Journalist
  163. Youtube censoring (update - glitch - see Post #18 below) Dark Journalist's interview of Bill Ryan
  164. New Stewart Swerdlow interview; Richie Allen show
  165. As I See It - Will's viewpoint on Fake News, Bill Ryan, Corey Goode
  166. More on David Icke - Per Miles Mathis
  167. Jordan Sather
  168. FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 5-22-17…
  169. Clif High on Corey Goode, David Wilcock
  170. Whatever happened to .... Shawn & Clay Pickering ?
  171. The Corey Goode Factor as part of a Larger Reality
  172. Sarah Westall: Dark Journalist Exclusive, Deep State, Secret Space Program, Corey Goode, Mass Media
  173. Jim Marrs is gravely ill
  174. Jerry Decker - Keely Net, dead
  175. Any Santos Bonacci Fans?
  176. Corey Goode and the Project Avalon Server Data
  177. Corey Goode and the Server Data: DISCUSSION
  178. WHAT??? Robert David Steele interviews Kerry Cassidy? Holy Cow!
  179. Lucrative Financial Opportunity thanks to Personalities in Alternative Media Messages
  180. Sad news...Jim Marrs has died
  181. Any Info on David Wilcock?
  182. Michael Salla and his challenge/comments RE: MUFON 2017
  183. Tellinger 2017: Magnetic resonance
  184. Jonathan Reed?
  185. Debunking the Goode Cult (State of Stealthy Affairs Pt.1) - Daniel 'Dark Journalist' Liszt
  186. Building Teams for Imminent Disclosure: Reptilian Push (from Project Camelot)
  187. Crowdsource the Truth Interviews Lionel
  188. Peter Paget | Video message for August 2017
  189. Jordan Maxwell Interview Ends Horribly!
  190. FBI releases FOIA Documents about William "Bill" Cooper
  191. David wilcock's latest articles
  192. Ep. 707 Fade 2 Black Live Stream with David Wilcock 16 / 8 / 17
  193. Jordan Maxwell Gets Angry After Being Called A Helena Blavatsky "Fan"
  194. The Paranormal Code: Why Psychics Aren't Real, & Wilcock's Brakes?
  195. Graham Hancock recovering from major seizure
  196. Fade 2 Black 708...'Host 2 Host' with Mel Fabregas (Veritas)
  197. Project Camelot | Darcy Weir & Lee Lustig | Phil Schneider : The Movie!
  198. Physical and Hyperdimensional Matrix
  199. The Paranormal Code yesterday 10pm est/7pm pst
  200. The Truth about 'Pete' Peterson, David Wilcock, the foreclosure, the dead cats, and GoFundMe
  201. Linda Moulton Howe Interviewed By Grant Cameron : An Exposé
  202. Dolores Cannon - Important Info
  203. Jim Carrey swallowed the red pill
  204. The True Meaning Behind the Name Omnisense
  206. I have been threatened, just wanted to make this public
  207. Bases Project | Ireland Awakens: is Miles Johnston's YouTube channel under attack?
  208. C. Goode and B. Massaro – buyer beware alert
  209. Jirka Rysavy - the owner of Gaia TV
  210. Taj & Nyssa talk with Tony Rodrigues on The Divine Truth on Revolution Radio
  211. Laura Eisenhower:Dissolve Draco-Anunnaki Reptilian-Grey Matrix - Renegotiate Secret ET Treaties
  212. Do you want Bill on air regularly? I do.
  213. David Icke: 'Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told' // media censorship
  214. F2B....Ep.758...with David Wilcock Special Event live...20/11/17
  215. F"B....Ep. 759 .... with Richard Dolan Special Event live....21/11/17
  216. Lionel Interviews Famed Ufologist Stanton Friedman: UFOs, Flying Saucers and EBEs Are Real 30/11/17
  217. Bentinho Massaro: NEW AGE CULT LEADER
  218. Lionel Interviews Peter Lavelle, Host of RT's 'Cross Talk'
  219. Ep. 767 FADE to BLACK with David Icke .....6th Dec 2017
  220. Dr. Regina Jensen: What do we mean by "connecting"?
  221. Catherine Austin Fitts - Bitcoin Op, Digital Slavery & Space Economy...
  222. Linda Moulton Howe's Weekly Updates and Reports
  223. What is Avalon's view on George Green?
  224. AwakeCon 2017 Conference Speakers Talks Playlist
  225. 10 Most Influential People in the Alternative Media
  226. Lionel Interviews Richard Dolan, 3 Jan 2018
  227. Rich Dolan Radio show missing?
  228. Cindy K Currier (Rise Together)
  229. The Vegetable Police
  230. Clif High - Gaia Disinformation Agents, Q-anon, C60 & Hydrogen Water - Parts 1 and 2
  231. An Icke Video And Sort Of Non-Related Musings
  232. Dante Santori: AHK
  233. RIP Paul Von Ward Author and Past Life Researcher
  234. Richard Dolan (yes, Richard Dolan) talks about women, sex, and his fear of failure
  235. The Walter Bosley thread
  236. All about Richard Doty
  237. Patty Greer + Alfred Lambremont Webre - HARD News
  238. Very sad news: John Anthony West has passed on
  239. ChaosTV - new channel on YouTube - old material?
  240. The Truth about Sorcha Faal
  241. 'Cosmic Disclosure's EMERY SMITH is a hoaxer.
  242. Seeking opinions on David Wilcock's credibility
  243. Marzulli rant
  244. Stanton Friedman Announces His Retirement
  245. F2B Ep.828 David Icke: Social Media Data Harvesting 27/3/2018
  246. Richie Allen is up-and-running on YouTube again!
  247. Art Bell has died on April 13, 2018. Rest In Peace Mr. Bell
  248. My Personal Tribute to Art Bell As a Very Long Time Listener Part 1
  249. High Horses Out of the Art Bell Tribute Thread.
  250. Daniel Liszt's (Dark Journalist) assessment of Jeanne Dixon