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  1. Confirmed -- Forums under attack from 23 Jan 2013 (DHS Insider source)
  2. Twitter: Your Account has been Suspended
  3. The Boston Bombing was an elaborately staged theatrical event.
  4. TruthSeekers are 'Cult Members' [Congressional Hearing] Is Liz Wahl Government Agent?
  5. Is the deprecation of insecure HTTP an attack on alternative media?
  6. Mike Adams--Wake up call--warning--get prepared--
  7. You Never Thought You'd Hear A CIA Director Say This
  8. Takes One To Accuse Others Of Same
  9. Analysis of the "Jade Helm" Exercise ~ Jade Helm Psy Op
  10. keithlaney.net hacked
  11. FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Kerry Cassidy - Aug 11, 2015
  12. The sound of skeptics
  13. Websites 'they' don't want you to visit (Update your list here)
  14. John B Wells was ORDERED by C2C not to mention Obama, The NWO, or The Illuminati
  15. Forum Control
  16. Propaganda, dis-info, psy-ops and pranksters
  17. Newswire: CIA infiltrating Alternative Media Sites
  18. Stop believing in NESARA, you might as well believe in Santa Claus by Anna von Reitz
  19. Government Infiltration PsyOp Exposed 2016
  20. Has anyone been contacted by Disinformation Agents working for the government?
  21. Threats of Violence against a reporter covering the Bilderberg Meeting
  22. The New World Order Attempts to Hijack Anonymous Sensationalism vs. Discernment
  23. Reporter Abby Martin Illegally Detained At The DNC
  24. Jim Stone: I did not go down without a fight
  25. Social media shadow-banning
  26. Max Igan claims Ken O'Keefe's World Citizen initiative is a financial scam
  27. Riot Police Begin Mass Arrests At Dakota Access Pipeline, FB Censors Video
  28. The Alternative truth about the truth alternatives
  29. Veterans Today has jumped the shark
  30. Dr RAM (Richard Allan Miller) under attack, request for help
  31. Phenomenon of posting old YouTube videos, faking that they're new
  32. Health Ranger threatened: Destroy Alex Jones or we will destroy YOU!
  33. Alex Jones angry, AdRoll Bans, Google Making Move Against Free Press censoring Infowars
  34. Hundreds of hours of CNN insider footage to be Released Thursday
  35. GOOGLE blacklists Natural News
  36. Project Camelot server is down. Anyone know why?
  37. Miles Mathis' two websites were down (15-19 April 2017)
  38. Alex Jones Alternative Media Shill or Just Having Family Problems?
  39. Every alternative forum can become disinforming and how to counter it
  40. Getting crucified on social media
  41. The Link Between Big Brother Surveillance And Psychiatric Diagnosis: Control 'em Skeptics!
  42. By Justin Deschamps : "Ufology Researchers Divided but Not Conquered: Exposure of PSYOP to Create Truther 'Civil War' -- But it's Not Working"
  43. YouTube Admits Censoring Independent News Channels
  44. YouTube Legends Disappearing
  45. David Icke's Facebook Page Taken Down with 783K Likes + 741K Followers
  46. Strange website BlindLight.org: first about Jim Stone, and now Qanon
  47. Matt Kahn being Censored Now
  48. YOUTUBE is cracking down as the Deep State empire is '3 striking' back: 23/1/18
  49. Youtube strikes, bans and censorship, with links to backup and alternative sites
  50. Kerry Cassidy round table discussion on censorship
  51. On the Highway To Speech Licensing... You Know, Like AMA, APA, FDA, Etc...
  52. Kerry Cassidy banned from live broadcasting on YouTube
  53. SuperStation95 takes Snopes.com to task (2017)
  54. Assassination of UFO investigator Craig R Lang possibly associated with GAIA TV and its leadership
  55. USA drops two points from last year 43 to 45 in World Press Freedom in 2018
  56. Preserving Project Avalon
  57. YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify all ban Alex Jones & Infowars
  58. Jay Dyer's website deleted o_O
  59. SHUT DOWN! FELLOWSHIP OF THE MINDS, they're falling fast
  60. Tommy Robinson embarrasses 'journalist' sent to harass him
  61. Social Score: Facebook Now Rating Trustworthiness of Users
  62. Honest FCC commercial on net neutrality: ''The ****ernet''
  63. Websites now shadow-banned and not found on Google Keyword Searches?
  64. Site lists 400 alt websites blocked by Google (replaces Newsblok)
  65. Interesting perspective on Project Veritas disclosures
  66. Has Alternative Media been Compromised....
  67. A massive attack on Ole Dammegard's website, and his work
  68. Wow youtube spying Avalon
  69. YouTube filter no longer works for me...how about you?
  70. Truth Seeking or Click Bait??
  71. Takeaways from Secret Space Programs, Politics, PayPal And Other News
  72. Isaac Kappy (Actor) Died .. Hollywood Pedophelia activist.. Suicide?
  73. Screw YouTube Song by James Corbett
  74. Companies Sending Avalon syn flood attacks
  75. Daphne Caruana Galizia (1964-2017)
  76. Proof: Fact Checkers Are Misleading You
  77. They Just Set the Media Wolf Pack on David Icke
  78. altcensored.com