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  1. UFO Melbourne now (Nov 2011)... due South and East
  2. My first UFO on camera
  3. Shape Shifting UFO Spotted (two separated locations)
  4. Passenger films UFO orbs from airplane
  5. Help needed with a UFO sighting clip from my hometown
  6. Genuine Sighting...UFO ....filmed near erupting Calbuco vilcano Chile....23 / 4 /2015
  7. UFO San Diego 4/30/2015 - one of the best ever!
  8. Never Before Seen — STS PIGGYBACK w/ 7 UFO's Escort Photo (2008)
  9. My UFO sighting 30/11/2014
  10. What are the ‘blazing’ objects, orange spheres and loud explosions above Auckland?
  11. Cloud visitation : Eye candy
  12. Bizarre Morphing 'UFO or WTF Cloud' 5 July 2015
  13. Footage Of UFO Passing Virgin Atlantic Plane
  14. Had my first UFO encounter last night....
  15. One minute earlier, a UFO?
  16. UFO flying through mysterious cloud
  17. Lightning reveals UFO?
  18. "Organic" Shapeshifting UFO Hovers Over NYC
  19. UFOs Spotted in Pluto Photos // New Horizons: Spacecraft data boosts Pluto's size
  20. Ufo over NYC - 25 Sep 2015
  21. UFO Flies Over Andrews Airshow Thunderbirds demo *Video*
  22. I Might Have Seen My First UFO Last Night
  23. Strange butterfly-shaped UFO filmed over Ohio
  24. Kerry Cassidy's UFO sighting report
  25. UFO in tandem
  26. Massive blue UFO sighting (video)
  27. Walking Past ETs as They Hand-Fed Birds in the Woods
  28. Ring shaped UFOs becoming prevalent
  29. UFO entering interdimensional portal over CERN Dec 2015
  30. UFO filmed by Norwegian expedition jan 2016
  31. Saucer - Pod Shaped UFO while filming Chemtrails Los Angeles 28 March, 2011 *Video*
  32. Ebani UFO | Los Angeles CA
  33. Sphere Object appears while filming strong storm in Moscow, Russia
  34. Multiple UFO sightings captured over Mudgee. N.S.W. Australia 20.02.2016
  35. John Lenard Walson | Day UFO Today | March 7, 2016
  36. Video Releases by John Lenard Walson | March 20-21, 2016
  37. A spike in activity
  38. Video Releases by John Lenard Walson | April 9, 2016
  39. Cigar shaped UFO
  40. Two jets pacing UFO
  41. Why get attention?
  42. UFO Reports and Other Anomalous Sightings (ongoing)
  43. Former USAF aircraft mechanic films two UFOs
  44. UFO at fireworks show
  45. Strange skywriting UFO?
  46. Possible disk craft in lightning storm
  47. Craft down low at Eceti Ranch July 2016
  48. UFO sightings?!
  49. Meriden Ct. UFO
  50. Fabrication & intent, or authentic and accidental video capture?
  51. Multiple objects over Japan
  52. UFO filmed in thunderstorm
  53. Charlotte UFO
  54. UFO sighting / lower mainland B.C. / Northern Oregon
  55. UFO from ISS. Sept 30th. 2016. // Has ISS captured footage of a UFO? Nasa cuts live feed...
  56. My first transforming UFO
  57. UFO capture showing additional ?
  58. Minsk,Belarus - EFOs flying over city
  59. Morphing UFO Videoed Over Enfield London Feb 2016 - Full 7 Minute Video
  60. UFO over Vienna - seen by thousands, filmed by local media
  61. AMAZING! Sighting Of UFO With Long METALLIC LIMBS Approaching The ISS!
  62. Diplomatic Documents revealed by Wikileaks highlight the UN's intention to set up a research committee on UFOs.
  63. UFO Flap in Turkey today? [November 27/28, 2016]
  64. Chilean Helicopter Captures UFO on IR camera
  65. Accidental Sighting in Johannesburg!
  66. UFO Sighting by Husband Last Night (Florida)
  67. UFO caught on vid by teen in New Zealand
  68. UFOs, Middletown CT.
  69. Abduction caught on Google satellite?
  70. UFOs snapped in the UK
  71. UFO hit by lightning
  72. UFO in NASA Mars photo
  73. USO Bouvet Island
  74. UFO entering Earth's atmosphere
  75. Censorship of UFOs is alive & well (pilot silenced after releasing UFO footage online)
  76. This is something new
  77. What do you think of this?
  78. Many sightings here in Reunion Island (French)
  79. Another UFO clip to debunk................
  80. Last night near Ste Marie, Reunion Island.
  81. 1,200ft-wide UFO reported over Gulf of Mexico
  82. What is this object?
  83. Strange Lights in Chile Google Earth
  84. Impresionante formación de Ovnis en Yalta
  85. Evident UFO s in Manaus Brazil | OVNI S En Manaus Brasil 27/04/2017
  86. UFOs Caught From Stormchaser Camera (Channel 6 News)
  87. Russian Outlet has claimed NASA has taken UFO images near Sun
  88. Skywatching 10417 1.37am
  89. Multiple UFOs Changing Direction Outside The ISS
  90. Skywatching in West London on 26th May 2017 at 2.34 am
  91. Eyewitness describes 'Strange Signs' in the sky above Jerusalem
  92. UFO in Lanaudière Québec
  93. Half Cloaked UFO filmed in Argentina, 2 July 2017
  94. Trail-cam captures lights
  95. Two New Listings of UFO Sightings - and One is By Jimmy Church!
  96. USAF Veteran Films UFO Flying at Mach 17 Speed, Sends 4K Video to NASA
  97. UFO, Drone or Something Else?
  98. MILITARY JET Chases TWO Unknown Craft Over California 19 July 2017
  99. Triangle 2017
  100. UFOs, or Secret Military Activity over Russia?
  101. Terrified Passengers Capture UFO From Airplane
  102. Area 51 UFO video capture
  103. Fresno Triangle showing similar characteristics to Oregon sighting
  104. What a drone at night might look like
  105. Great UFO video footage released
  106. Your thoughts on this sighting?
  107. UFO sighted on starry night
  108. Weather balloon?
  109. Destination Truth films excellent UFO evidence on Easter Island
  110. Daytime flash similar to night vision flash
  111. Mystery surrounds fighter jet UFO footage
  112. Poland UFO: mystifying...
  113. UFO, 21 December 2017
  114. UFO releases fleet: Long Beach, California
  115. UFO in Ocaña Santander, Colombia
  116. Flight to LAX on Christmas Day: "We were near Area 51" (UFO planet TV)
  117. Interesting lights captured in New Zealand
  118. Texas lights are very interesting...
  119. Help to identify this unknown
  120. Nome Alaska orb shoots up
  121. Jordan Sather
  122. Belarus UFO Feb 17th 2018 ( or setting sun?)
  123. Beyond Duality Thinking
  124. Orbs over Milwaukee?
  125. UFO battle over Nevada?
  126. Nice sighting in Basingstoke - 2018
  127. Daytime TR-3B capture?
  128. May 19th 2018 Monroe Ohio Sighting - Daytime rectangular object
  129. UFO Alaska over water
  130. NC footage is interesting, possible blimp
  131. Movement and size can help ID ufo
  132. A UFO or jet/plane?
  133. Strange lights over Myrtle Beach
  134. Wilbur Allen UFO capture
  135. Sighting over Joshua Tree
  136. He Watched it Sit There For Hours ... UFO over Barnsley, South Yorkshire 28-6-2028
  137. Photos of a UFO landing in Russia
  138. What is this, poss UFO, or other
  139. Strange shadow & water wake filmed
  140. UFO Captured over Los Angeles California San Gabriel Valley 08/28/2017
  141. NASA astronaut reveals spotting ‘alien-like, organic object’ floating near him on space shuttle mission
  142. Discovery Channel Treasure Hunter Claims He Found Evidence of an Alien Spaceship Beneath the Bermuda Triangle
  143. Strange 'something' in the sky over China last night, 2018-10-11
  144. UFO sightings 2018
  145. New UFO sighting
  146. Investigation launched after pilots report close encounter with UFO
  147. UFO captured by Boeing pilot 19/11/2018
  148. Here is the original footage of the "UFO captured by Boeing pilot" .
  149. Mass UFO Sightings Beginning 2018
  150. I think I may have captured a few pictures of a UFO
  151. Low flying object captured in NY
  152. My 1st impression was plane
  153. UFO/USO sightings and other strange sky phenomena
  154. Netherlands UFO has very unusual structure
  155. The problem with new UFO sightings
  156. Utah UFO capture similar to past Oregon footage
  157. Interesting "ufo" capture
  158. UFO Orb or silent drone with light.... Argentina. 10th of January 2018. Looks genuine.
  159. BUNKIE Louisiana January 9,2019 Nice Capture
  160. UFO footage? Filmed at my farm on January 6, 2019
  161. Lights over California
  162. Chair of Harvard’s Astronomy Dept. on Omuamua
  163. New sighting over Germany
  164. Massive sighting of objects over Moscow — can anyone confirm?
  165. Sounding rockets launched from Andoya Space Center Norway - NASA's 'AZURE' program
  166. ISS SHOCK: NASA Spacewalk live feed interrupted by ufo sighting
  167. 'Massive' UFO: U.S. Veteran's Manitowoc UFO Incident
  168. UFO on flight back from YVR (Vancouver)
  169. Another UFO Article about US Navy Sightings
  170. The UFO above his head
  171. Video of Black Diamond - Rectangle Shaped UFO - UAP over Los Angeles
  172. Interesting new sighting over the ocean
  173. UFO Formation during Thunder Lightning and 'Alien-like' Thing Discovered Under Arctic Ocean