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  1. How To See A Ghost For Yourself
  2. Naadi Shastra: My experience with Destiny
  3. Everybody's eyes are very clear and bright, why?
  4. Jim Jones Look-Alike
  5. The Little Beige People
  6. Timeline Shift?
  7. Jury Duty
  8. Pre-birth (and birth) memories..?
  9. Finding Love
  10. Lovely video!
  11. My First OBE
  12. the sun is shining inside you
  13. I found myself in a void of darkness
  14. A nightmare that had me
  15. Spiritual Isolation
  16. Magic?? or Human Real Ability
  17. Something very powerful and beautiful has happened.
  18. The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes
  19. Tellinger v Credo
  20. Strange experience... I'm a bit scared.
  21. Just right now something strange happened to me
  22. The Old Souls' Madman Notes
  23. Enough Good People
  24. Experience of a void
  25. What was this noise about?
  26. Personal experience of the christed consciousness
  27. From Trauma to Transformation : Kathy Collins' Story
  28. Spoonbending (how to!)
  29. Have you ever seen or felt the presence of the dead?
  30. Contact with the fairie folk
  31. lightblue Soul Essence - Crown Chakra opening or NDE? strange experience on Sunday
  32. Beginnings of a great adventure
  33. *Can babies see my aura?*
  34. I Died Twice.
  35. The strangest thing happened to me this morning...
  36. My first OBE
  37. Hold Hands, Make Faces, and Laugh!
  38. Have You Ever Seen A Moon Rainbow?
  39. A meeting last night with Brian O'Leary
  40. Blue Cheese
  41. Christopher V Comstock Interviews: Dr. Paul Theriault - 5-5-2015
  42. Witness to 'When the Horses Whisper' author, Rosalyn Berne
  43. holographic man
  44. Reading with Andrea Foulkes
  45. Coincidence or more
  46. The story of my life, my name is Gregory
  47. The voice of God
  48. Lightning Deity
  49. Real spirit haunting...
  50. I'm Out Of My Depth. Need Assistance For Friend
  51. Pacific Crest Trail
  52. Power of Faith!
  53. Being in two places at once, help!
  54. Seeing disembodied beings... Are they extraterrestrial beings, demons, deceased souls or high spiritual beings ?
  55. Why I am Rogue Part 1
  56. Unusual pulse during meditation
  57. Sexual relationships with beings from other dimensions
  58. Ghostly Cat?
  59. Need Help Understanding My Paranormal Experiences - How is it Useful to Me?
  60. My baby was visited by small being/ancient people/ET? when 9 months old
  61. Alternative Reality.....
  62. Devout Muslims thrown in hell at death; saved by Jesus to return to life
  63. Thoughts = travel to parallel universes?
  64. The sound of light
  65. Eleventh Hour Luck or something else?
  66. Saged my home - but I need more help - suggestions please!
  67. Here's a Waterfall for you. Very serene
  68. God spoke
  69. Essence seen before physically entering the room
  70. Future aware intelligence connected to life events
  71. We know little about love
  72. Odd dream about discovering a room
  73. My personal awakening
  74. I told them I was from out in space
  75. "I feel I am here for some special purpose or mission." Is this in everyone? Or is there something more to this?
  76. Did anyone feel they were being pulled out of their bodies 28 -30 dec 2016
  77. Proof that the Angels exist - Trigger Alert : May Provoke Joy
  78. Visions of the 4th density
  79. Divine Intervention
  80. The intruder.
  81. Invisible Friend
  82. Ark Earth
  83. Life after death?
  84. Astral Work / Astral Rescue: Share Your Experiences
  85. Dream about being dominated by evil spirits and redeemed by love
  86. My NDE
  87. Recurring dreams
  88. The Still Small Voice
  89. A remarkable HUGE person - brought on "fight or flight" instinct.
  90. Message from beyond
  91. Motherships And The Source
  92. Attacked By The Angels And Demons
  93. Reptillians Target The Psychic And Empathic Child
  94. Family paranormal experiences, LIVE. Just started... come and watch
  95. Pictures Too Good Not To Share
  96. Experiencing nightly disturbances and seeking clarity
  97. Saving Trapped Souls In Inner Earth
  98. Advice is needed
  99. Different dimensions and alternate timelines.
  100. Dream of disembodied head taking over a person
  101. Kunci (mantra)
  102. Trickster energies
  103. Life after death: Man claims to have proof... for himself, that is
  104. "I talk a lot, but no one listens."
  105. Dream...opinions welcomed.
  106. Cool dream, slightly illustrative and disturbing
  107. I have had visions both conscious and unconscious, that have come true. But I remain sceptical
  108. Entity Contact Interview
  109. Instant Knowledge
  110. To Hell with Cell
  111. So I have this friend with a dog that can see ghosts
  112. I heard something that rocked my world
  113. No disrespect to atheists...
  114. God, angels, demons, ghosts of humans, aliens, orbs, LSD trip- spirits, voodoo based spirits, etc etc etc
  115. The Zone
  116. My first healing, saving a dying girl's life
  117. Healing genital warts, and AIDS
  118. Not normal birds
  119. Did Anyone Just Experience a Timeline Shift?
  120. Battle for my soul?
  121. A tentative first post - Shadow Beings, Telepathy, and Precognition?
  122. Meeting With All My Selves From Parallel Universes
  123. A Spontaneous Occurrence
  124. Is it self-hypnosis or is it something else?
  125. I'd rather be lucky than good
  126. Richard Bach
  127. An experience in Peru
  128. Angelic Presence
  129. Angels Are Real And Much More Fun To Write About
  130. Remarkable Dream on Timelines
  131. Teleporting keys?
  132. An Unexpected Visitor
  133. The true and lost history of the Tuth De Dian people
  134. New AVATAR 2 Movie and Bougainvillea Eco War