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  1. Vortex Based Mathematics by Marko Rodin
  2. Scientific discoveries largley overlooked
  3. The scientific works of the greatest inventor of all times: Nikola Tesla - AVAILABLE.
  4. Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, NWO, and Time Lines (the 'Daniel' papers)
  5. The Science Delusion (Sheldrake)
  6. Grebennikov's Flying Platform
  7. Eric Dollard -- A Modern-Day Nikola Tesla
  8. Strange Computer Code Discovered Concealed In Superstring Equations (Do we live in a Matrix?)
  9. anticipated book by Eric Dollard and other updates on this man
  10. Atheistic Origin of the Universe Theory (Is this New?)
  11. Do you want to live for ever? Maybe you can!!!!!
  12. Dr Richard Alan Miller: Pole Shift, GMOs, Mind Control & Nanotechnology
  13. Tiny robots climb walls carrying more than 100 times their weight
  14. Uploading human brain for eternal life is possible ...............
  15. 'Iron Man' Laser: Beams Can Shape Electrical Discharges
  16. Geometrically coded Magnets behave Differently
  17. Order from Chaos-The Geometry of Implosion
  18. Scratching the Surface of Free Energy Transcript and Podcast.
  19. Advanced Magnetics Defeats Lenz's Law
  20. Phoenix Lights - RV project just released
  21. The Big Bang Never Occurred – The Universe Has No Beginning
  22. Solar Revolution
  23. Company Offering Pineal Gland Activation?
  24. Pencil Eraser-Size Brain Grown in Lab Dish
  25. The Expanding Earth, Expanding Consciousness Theory // Neal Adams - The Growing Earth
  26. Sea Ice: Ancient Oceans Birthed Diamonds
  27. Orgone Chi Generators
  28. Scientists claim invisibility breakthrough
  29. Hey Marty, The Hoverboard is here...
  30. What if our recent history is concealed by invoking "The Dark Age" that never was dark?
  31. Revisiting "Looking Glass", Timelines and Stargate Technology
  32. Has Keshe claimed to be the Messiah?
  33. "Telepathic” Genius Child Tested By Scientist
  34. Ancient European tree is changing its sex
  35. World's Largest Floating Wind Farm Coming to Scotland
  36. Charge radius of the Proton, Nassim Haramein
  37. CytocosmosTV and Metabiology
  38. Clockwork Generator: real 'free energy'
  39. Quantum geometry, Kelvin Abraham and Tetryonics (the "real" Sacred Geometry?)
  40. EVPs and more...
  41. Amazing Personal Stories of Manifestation
  42. Seeking help to make sense of and reproduce some alternative technology I was given
  43. Nearly Last Word on Astrophysics & Geophysics
  44. Ethical implications of creating chimera and DNA experiments
  45. real life zombies?
  46. When you ring my bell
  47. More reverse speech by Jon Kelly; Challenger Disaster
  48. E. Dollard's new Aether Physics Notebooks available now
  49. Cary Ellis Mr Keshe
  50. Panel discussion: Project Camelot live broadcast Free Energy/ Alt Energy 9 March, 7pm PT
  51. Re-Discovering the Mind
  52. Transcendental Meditation Technique (From a physicist)
  53. Nassim Haramein's first TV interview (1995)
  54. Heads up! Strong energies in April!
  55. Method of gravity distortion and time displacement US 20060073976 A1
  56. Interesting properties of Orgone
  57. The Synthetic Agenda
  58. Grizzly Bear relationship....
  59. Independently me and Chris Langan have come to the same theoretical conclusion about truth
  60. Nassim Haramein at TEDxUCSD: "The Connected Universe"
  61. The key: Resonance!
  62. Schumann Resonance, Giza Pyramids, and Universal Consciousness
  63. The Ancient Knowledge
  64. Picture -> association thought -> manifestation
  65. Hello
  66. Underwater Sculpture
  67. Le Sage's theory of gravitation
  68. Test your telepathic ability
  69. Interesting videos indicating some stars might not be what we think they are
  70. Wallace Thornhill: The Elegant Simplicity of the Electric Universe
  71. The Dark Side Of Tesla's Technology
  72. Questions about Tensor technology and Environmental Harmonizers.
  73. Telluric Currents, Geomorphology, Ley Lines, "Workings" and related
  74. The electromagnetic UFO travel hypothesis
  75. A few words on raising your vibration
  76. College Student Earns 4.0 GPA, Then Drops Out: "You Are Being Scammed!"
  77. Betelgeuse + star X fusioned/merged, illustration of free energy?
  78. Thoughts on David Sereda?
  79. Parallel-coil-turns apparently project magnetic lines radially or orthogonally
  80. Fermi Paradox- Discussion
  81. Obama's Russian Hack speech in reverse
  82. Eucharist and Alchemy
  83. Fresh doubts cast on Tunguska impact theory
  84. VR Out-of-Body Experiences Can Remove Your Fear of Death
  85. Some Parts of Body Stay 'Alive' After Death
  86. Richard Alan Miller interview: Earth changes, Antarctica, spirituality and technology
  87. Russian Pyramids research show startling results
  88. Does Intelligent Design = Intelligent Creator?
  89. One man's G.U.T.
  90. The Secret Physics of Nuclear Weapons
  91. Tech based on the relationship of the ether with shapes (Stephane Fyfe)
  92. Scientists: Earth’s Magnetic Fields Carry Biologically Relevant Information That ‘Connects All Living Systems’
  93. What Can Matter Be? | Space News
  94. Thomas W Campbell, Schrödinger's cat, consciousness, and the double-slit experiment
  95. Antigravity is Real and Being Hidden from the Public
  96. Metaphysics & Neurology
  97. The answer is within
  98. Computer model of reality (Klee Irwin's Quantum Gravity Research)
  99. The anatomy of multidimensional space travel
  100. Our world operates intelligently
  101. Panpsychism in the Academic Community
  102. The Lemurian Plug
  103. Genius Rising: The Science of Consciousness
  104. Orgone Generators: what works best for you?
  105. Aliens May Well Exist in a Parallel Universe, New Studies Find
  106. The Chronoscope......this is completely new to me!
  107. Physicist Explains Why We Live In A Virtual Reality
  108. There is no such 'thing' as energy.
  109. Project Genesis: A relational framework of the Universe.
  110. The 'empty atom' fallacy.
  111. Wise Logical Scientific Rites
  112. Terence McKenna: “We Have The Power To Create Paradise On Earth”
  113. Inventor of ‘Free Energy’ Electrical Generator: “I’ve Been Poisoned Several Times”
  114. Eddie Page/Kerry Cassidy: blood lines/types
  115. Your Body Literally Glows With Light
  116. What is Spiral Dynamics? And Why Donald Trump is Orange in more ways than one.
  117. Unclassified FBI document refers to newsletter claiming that Nikola Tesla was brought to Earth from Venus
  118. Jerry Gallimore - a REAL alternative Science Pioneer
  119. Scientists study woman who can grow a seed into a plant in 20 minutes
  120. Scientists reverse the aging of human cells
  121. free energy sources available now
  122. Dinosaur soft tissue and dinosaur DNA.
  123. Soul Science - Atheistic Soul Theory
  124. New Randall Carlson's Cosmic Patterns and Cycles of Catastrophe....... number 9, number 9
  125. Earth's Levels and the "Hollow Earth"
  126. Indian professor gives a “Universal Law” after 14 years of research?
  127. Forgotten Ancient Technologies - Atmospheric Electricity, Vimanas n more - p 22 / of the "Survivors"
  128. Sure enough ...
  129. Connection to nature
  130. Seeking recommendations for books about ESP, with scientific basis
  131. The Silent Roar, Infrasound.
  132. Clif High - Future Forecasts, Disclosure, Antarctica, Red Oceans, Cryptos and More
  133. Mario Buildreps - Antiquity Reborn
  134. Celebrating Patrick Flanagan, a great scientific explorer, as his spirit progress through our lifetime
  135. Three components that create a feasible Free Energy device
  136. News from Nassim Haramein
  137. The Global Consciousness Project