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  1. Somalia, What are they hiding there?
  2. Full Interview (2012) with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
  3. Putin In 2014 And Now
  4. What Obama Called His Wife Has Many People Talking
  5. The Trial of Tony Blair - Martin Noakes... music video.....
  6. Putin calls out the U.S.A. for it's anti-Democratic
  7. The return of Putin
  8. The Bar Association Denouces Proposed Anti-Terror Legislation in Canada
  9. Barbados planning to replace queen as head of state
  10. NWO in this 1981 US comody sketch // Was Boston Tea Party Staged ? // For future 'megelomaniac ' like Blair.
  11. Cowboys and Indians
  12. Buzz Saw .....ISIS, CIA, Saudi & Israel Connections with Wayne Madsen indepth interview..
  13. "Time For Truth " Andrew Basiago for president 2016
  14. Malik Obama interviewed by Dir. Joel Gilbert "Dreams of my REAL Father"
  15. A truly radical agenda for the uk election
  16. Fast Tracking a Trade Disaster
  17. Pat Buchanan eviscerates NeoCon Republicans and Wall Street
  18. Putin: Russia would attack NATO only in mad person’s dream
  19. Why the rise of fascism is again the issue - article by John Pilger
  20. Bad situation for childrens rights in Sweden!
  21. Britannia Waives the Rules
  22. Hollywood style! US Commentator // Crisis Actors // UK Police Stage Counter-Terror Training Exercise in London?
  23. Statesman speech : Nigel Farage to Alexis Tsipras – Greece’s Moment Has Come
  24. Check out the Clintons......................
  25. Epitome of deception.....
  26. COVER UP !! ....The MI5 Dossier That Could Obliterate The Establishment Paedophile Network
  27. Great interview with Varoufakis
  28. The Trump Factor
  29. Adultery website Ashley Madison hacked, now sued
  30. The Way Greed-Driven Corporations Work
  31. Civil Contingencies Act 2004
  32. Who says people aren't waking up?
  33. Was there a US plot to assassinate Bolivian President Evo Morales?
  34. Ongoing developments in the Middle East
  35. Wikileaks leaks the TPP text
  36. Democrat or Republican: Vote in the next one that's not connected to the elite
  37. D.Icke podcast , Basic info on 9/11 ,inv' of Iraq ,regime changes in M'East, proj 4 new US cent...etc easily explained
  38. George H.W. Bush admits that War is the adrenaline rush he craves
  39. The saga of Obama's birth certificate
  40. Convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard released from U.S. prison
  41. Proof U.S. government wanted ISIS to emerge in Syria...
  42. Anonymous publishes list of ISIS targets for Sunday attacks...
  43. How could that happen?
  44. Chinese troops train in U.S. while New York prepares for terror attack with mass shooting drill...
  45. Jeez! what ever happened to the "Free World"?
  46. Weird Accident in China
  47. Proper Role Of Government
  48. MI6 'Special Black Ops' Spy Secrets: Playing Dirty (2003) assassinations and murder.
  49. Unbelievable Trump Goes Rogue with Alex Jones... 9/11, etc
  50. Obama is a sleeper cell... how the destruction of America was planned from the start
  51. Ready for "I" word? Can you say impeachment?
  52. Big Bros , Political Correctness , 1984 , Perpetual war , terror etc....The David Icke Videocast 11 Dec 15
  53. Gold Backed Russian Ruble, Chinese Yuan Primed To Destroy U.S. Dollar As Global Reserve Currency
  54. Facebook’s top 10 most discussed stories of 2015 show world is sick of the elite...
  55. Who Owns The World - Article by Taetm Moon
  56. Bush Military Official: The Empire's Ship is Sinking
  57. Donald Trump to postpone Israel trip until 'after I become US president'
  58. Seymour M. Hersh on US intelligence sharing in the Syrian war
  59. 2/1/ 2016...Nigel Farage: French police said road crash was sabotage & an assassination attempt...
  60. 'Teleprompter tells Obama when to cry' [Satire]
  61. 6 Huge stories the MSM don’t want you to know about...
  62. Something big is coming… the banks have never done this before
  63. UN Chief General stepping down in 2016 and the replacement is?
  64. The war in Syria
  65. Europe's betrayal of women...
  66. The Truth About National Security
  67. State debt blaming blizzard for delay in releasing Hillarys emails
  68. Worldwide war powers request initiated - martial law? - Alex Jones
  69. Through early morning fog I see
  70. Three very interesting videos
  71. Bill Clinton slips, says Pentagon bombed on 911
  72. The US occupation of Japan after World War 2
  73. How best to handle the Middle East refugee crisis
  74. Iceland forces debt forgiveness: Total us media blackout...
  75. Refugees Overrun Germany & Europe In Decline
  76. Do you think its possible that Trump is the 3rd Antichrist?
  77. Ted Cruz Magically becomes a "Natural Born Citizen"
  78. Trump **DID NOT LOSE IOWA**!
  79. Obama proposes $10.00 per barrel tax on oil
  80. Keeping power within the family
  81. William Mount
  82. Ban Ki-moon: It’s Time to Confront the Israeli Gangsters
  83. Trump ... dead man walking
  84. It's looking like 'conspiracy theorists' might be right about the murder of Supreme Court Justice Scalia...
  85. 2016 Conspiracy websites in France
  86. Hello, USA: make sure you know who the person is you might vote for
  87. Mainstream news reporting Hillary's email server hacked by Russians
  88. The Age of Authoritarianism
  89. John Oliver on Trump (Drumph)
  90. Ted Cruz ate a tic tac (or something!!) in the 3 March GOP Debate
  91. John Oliver Evicerates Trump...Hysterical
  92. Let's talk about JEFFREY EPSTEIN, Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump
  93. 'New US president' (dubious claim that Paul Ryan replaced Obama, 9 Mar 2016)
  94. Trump's Sickness?
  95. Abolish the IRS and the Marxist Income Tax.
  96. Reform the mainstream media......or abolish it
  97. Trump/Hitler analogy
  98. Megyn Kelly Has Trump Derangement Syndrome!
  99. Karadzic jailed for Bosnian genocide // What about Bush , Blair , Cheney and the gang ?
  100. Free Speech ... use it or lose it
  101. President Sanders will fry those neocon "Chicken Hawks" - Wall St & Corporate Corruption..
  102. Sultan Erdogan now wants to censor foreign Media
  103. Truth, propaganda and silence
  104. Jean-Charles Lapierre of Canada - Plane Crash
  105. Money Madness?
  106. Is this why Trump has a relatively smooth campaign this far?
  107. Direct Line with Vladimir Putin April 14 at midday
  108. Colorado voters swept under the rug as state nominates Cruz
  109. US Election Dilemma
  110. Ken O'Keefe in Berkeley, World Citizen Solutions
  111. What will be Trump's nickname for Hillary?
  112. The performance on the world stage....or the play as I say
  113. Donald Trump...
  114. International Court of Justice (ICJ) turns 70
  115. Put Hillary Clinton in prison already
  116. Abby Martin Exposé on Hillary Rodham Clinton
  117. The "Delaware loophole"
  118. It's all just a big joke...on us.
  119. The Evil Dictator Benevolent Despot Political Party
  120. The Congo: a closer look at western "civilisation's" influence?
  121. White House Correspondents Dinner 2016???
  122. Greenpeace Leaks 13 of 17 Chapters of the TTIP Document
  123. Closed Societies--or nearly so
  124. Trump, politics and professional wrestling
  125. What the Media doesn't report.... Bernie Rally Sacramento 5/9/16
  126. Transition into Trump
  127. Estonia... Who knew? And why not?
  128. 1871 DC Corp, National Emergencies, bankruptcy
  129. Bilderberg Meeting 2016
  130. What variety of cheese would Donald be ? The 2016 US election continues.
  131. Split thread about Obama, from "Obama plans to reveal massive cache of UFO secrets"
  132. Discussion between Yanis Varoufakis and Noam Chomsky
  133. Political ideals: old vs great
  134. Will You Stand Or Grovel?
  135. Uniting as One
  136. Aaron Russo: America - Freedom to Fascism
  137. Obama is America's worst President
  138. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Brexit (HBO)
  139. The UK Brexit vote to leave the EU
  140. EU urges Britain to go quickly as bloc reels from exit vote
  141. David Icke Welcomes Historic Referendum Decision But Warns There's Still Work To Be Done
  142. Brexit & Identity crisis
  143. Chilcot Enquiry... Corbin under pressure!
  144. UK's departure makes EU disintegration 'practically irreversible': Soros
  145. 'The end is coming,' says Ron Paul
  146. Exit America
  147. Chilling speech George Soros gave to European Parliament
  148. What is a democracy?? Noam Chomsky makes things clear
  149. Tony Gosling Interview: Bilderberg, Brexit and Blairite Coups
  150. Opening Doors to Foreign Donors, Dark Money
  151. Darrell Castle 2016 Constitution Party Candidate
  152. Thanks T.S.A
  153. FBI: Will not indict Clinton - Surprise, Surprise
  154. Iraq Invasion not the last resort
  155. F. William Engdahl | The Lost Hegemon, The Oligarchs’ Decline, Clinton, & Trump
  156. Hillary Walks On Email Scandal - Jon Rappoport
  157. Last hope? You decide... (Putin begs the media to wake up)
  158. Theresa May to succeed Cameron as UK PM on Weds 13 July 2016
  159. People Are Furious That Bernie Sanders Just Endorsed Hillary Clinton
  160. Russia’s Achilles Heel
  161. Hillary's America - The Secret History of the Democratic Party
  162. Donald Trump's Speech to the RNC
  163. Premonition of Hillary behind bars... ;)
  164. Presidential Nominee Darrell Castle's Acceptance Speech
  165. Clinton Cash
  166. Tony Blair is looking at the same treatment as Killery
  167. WHY are they so blind they cannot see..
  168. Rigged elections: let's put this question to rest for good
  169. Abbott and Costello on Unemployment :)
  170. Media will always be biased and Government will always be corrupt unless..
  171. The Simpsons: “vote for Hillary or your wife won’t have sex with you ever again”
  172. Allen Dulles insightful revelations in 1965 spy film documentary
  173. WW III? China Tells Citizens to Prepare for “A People’s War at Sea”
  174. "Romney, McCain, Bush, other major Republicans Set to Endorse Libertarian Gary Johnson for President"
  175. Globalist vs Nationalist
  176. Free Will and Voting
  177. Hillary Media Bias: Yahoo vs Google
  178. Alexander Dugin on Red Ice Radio - The Fourth Political Theory
  179. Trump opening whole can of false flags for Hillary
  180. Clinton Collapse?
  181. If Oil Prices Don't Rise, the Middle East Will Sink
  182. Something does seem right about current events and why?
  183. A Voice that Wants to be Heard: The Black Community on Breitbart about the Presidential Candidates
  184. ABC Presidential Poll -- I Can't Belive That It's Still Online!
  185. One World Currency And The SDR Bond
  186. Manufactured Civil Unrest And Regime Change: Is America Next?
  187. Chee Soon Juan: "The World must not be deceived anymore"
  188. Huxley's Letter to Orwell About 1984 Regarding Social Control
  189. Posse Comitatus Act...slowly eroding?
  190. private asian WTO Protest footage 2003-2006
  191. Swiss tell EU: Hands off veterans' assault rifles.
  192. Obama dissed at G20: Denied red carpet arrival; delegation shouted at, harassed.
  193. London's power pyramid: a guided tour with David Icke
  194. Julian Assange show on RT
  195. Amy Goodman´s Interesting interview of Dr.Jill Stein, Presidential Candidate.
  196. Dark Journalist & Dr. Joseph Farrell: Deep State Occult Election 2016
  197. Obama Raises the Bar on Military Aid to Israel
  198. UK's Blunder and Bad Policy Making
  199. What insight from Becks 2008 Presidential prediction?
  200. Overly critical of Arabs
  201. Dugin's guideline on globalist war plans
  202. The Australian Emperor who has no clothes: Hutt River"s Prince Leonard 1
  203. Is Direct Democracy The Answer?
  204. Bojo flip-flopping on Brexit
  205. Putin: Russian could wipe out the US in less than 1/2 an hour
  206. George Soros to invest $500 million towards the further destabilization of Europe
  207. Cartoon of the Day: Driving Miss Machado
  208. Pentagon paid 500 million to UK PR-Firm to fake videos about Iraq
  209. Escalation of Syrian Conflict
  210. Cartoon of the Day: Queen of Mean
  211. Political Trolls and the Propaganda Wars
  212. 3rd candidate being excluded from pres. debate by MSM?
  213. Putin cancels visit to France amid Syria tensions.
  214. While Americans Fight Over Which Clown To Elect, Russia Deployed Its Largest Fleet Since The Cold War
  215. Petition to remove Soros owned voting machines
  216. Trey Gowdy ~ an amazing human being!
  217. The true evil of the European Union
  218. Bad ass Philippine president Duterte calls Obama "son of a whore" also tells him to "go to hell"
  219. Merkel gone AWOL
  220. Sensible political debate: A fantasy
  221. Communist Goals of 1963 - how many have been fulfilled?
  222. Black budget election gambit - Catherine Austin Fitts
  223. U.S. militia girds for trouble as presidential election nears.
  224. Voting Machine Caught Switching From Republican To Democrat
  225. The mind-reading software that could provide the 'secret sauce' for Trump to win the White House
  226. Poland claims Egypt sold the Mistral Warships to Russia for 1 Euro.
  227. Justin Trudeau
  228. Foundations, Family Trusts and NGOs... The not so hidden hands
  229. Who did you vote for
  230. Done & Sworn in: 45th US president Donald Trump: The Sequels...
  231. will Trump give presidential pardons to Snowden, Assange and Manning
  232. Putin & Russia IS part of the NWO!
  233. Donald Trump 13-Year-Old Child Rape Allegations, Friendship with Jeffery Epstein + More
  234. Thousands of Americans Now Feel Free to Assault Fellow Citizens
  235. James Gilliland Update - November 10, 2016
  236. Riots in America and Full Moon
  237. the Case that is ISIS
  238. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: Detailed Review of USA Foreign Policy in the Middle East
  239. Drudge Report: “MEDIA TRAUMA CONTINUES”. Take a break and laugh a little. VIDEO
  240. Initial signs look good for US-Russia relations...
  241. Fallujah was nuked (in 2004)... Say Russian investigators...
  242. Here's the ugly truth..
  243. Trudeau: Canada has ''No Core Identity''!
  244. Will Trump Break The Media?
  245. Image of the Day: That’s Bill de Blasio’s sister holding up that obscene hate message.
  246. The Apple, Ben Garrison.
  247. Rense radio; has Trump already been compromised?
  248. George Soros - Policy Orientated Philanthropist
  249. A real Photo of Hillary Clinton
  250. Donald Trump’s media summit was a ‘f—ing firing squad’