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  1. David Icke is a Mason. [HOAX]
  2. Hollow Earth?
  3. The Dr. Jonathan Reed hoax
  4. HOAX: Lawrence Spencer's 'ALIEN INTERVIEW'
  5. Cow Abduction (likely two year old Youtube hoax)
  6. Dr. Jonathan Reed, real or hoax?
  7. [HOAX] Alien Chip Found In Napoleon's Skull
  8. (HOAX) Bon Jovi Dead At Age 49
  9. (update: hoax) Disclose.tv CENSORED by US Dept. of Internet Security
  10. Project Bluebeam Test? Return Of Jesus? Hoax?
  11. Alien Grey Captured in Brazil Amazing Video (HOAX)
  12. [HOAX] Warning from "NASA Scientist": claims Aliens warn of massive threat to Earth
  13. The earth is flat, not round. We are being mind set by Annunaki/Illuminati/TPTB
  14. 200,000 Year Old Statue Found On The Moon - HOAX
  15. Sun is not visible outside the upper Atmosphere?
  16. MASSIVE UFO spotted at the sun -- CTZ You Tube vid -- hoax or real?
  17. Alien Mummies Revealed On The Science Channel: Hoax Or Reality?
  18. Southern Television Broadcast Interruption - Hoax or Real?
  19. Napoleon's implant? [Hoax]
  20. Woody Harrelson is dead? (hoax)
  21. New poisonous spider in the united states (HOAX)
  22. Pope Benedict Comes Out as Gay (Feb 2013 Daily Currant hoax)
  23. [HOAX] NASA's 'End-of-the-World' document
  24. (Hoax or Real) UFO attacks space station
  25. Obummer *not* the brightest bulb on the tree (HOAX)
  26. SwissIndo: The Scam Exposed
  27. HOAX. Dragon Shot Dead In A House In West Malaysia
  28. Depot Thread For Sorcha Faal / David Booth Re-posted Fantasies And Disinformations
  29. (HOAX) George W. Bush Arrested for Cocaine Possession
  30. [hoax] Smithsonian Admits Destroying Thousands Of Giant Human Skeletons In Early 1900′s
  31. [hoax] The Worlds Oldest Tree was Murdered this week.
  32. The Obama administration ordered 30'000 guillotines... (hoax)
  33. Hoax: Ultimate Betrayal is about to Take Place - The Countdown is On
  34. Russia Orders Obama: TELL THE WORLD ABOUT ALIENS, Or We Will..!!! (Sorcha Faal hoax)
  35. After Being Dead For Almost An Hour, Priest Says God Is A Woman (errr... sorry folks... it's a hoax)
  36. The Blog of The Ruiner - Inside the Illuminati Mind
  37. FINALLY! A significant entity addresses what concerns us 'truthers'!'
  38. A Flat Earth not Round ...?
  39. Ancient Alien Structure in Afghanistan (HOAX)
  40. November blackout - Is this real?? (No, it's not)
  41. (HOAX) Pope Francis Warns of “Hellfire From Above” Ahead of U.S. Visit
  42. Cool stuff... Lunar wave
  43. Eric Dubay Flat Earth Theory - The Biggest Lie
  44. Flat Earth the ultimate conspiracy
  45. [HOAX] 'Sumerian' object shaped like a cell phone
  46. Strange Ball Of Light Appears Over Canberra During Storm HOAX
  47. Hoax: Anyone fancy a McDonald's?
  48. (HOAX) Snowdon reveals more intelligent beings below Earth
  49. Coca-Cola is in trouble. Did they do it on purpose? (hoax)
  50. Head Of The US Army: General Says Prepare For 'Little Green Men'
  51. Eric P Dollard
  52. Reptilian "Mass Exit" Attempt, Massive Battle Fought on April 21st, 2016
  53. REVOLUTION has begun (?)
  54. [Likely Hoax] Agent commits suicide and reveals government plans...
  55. Obama out of the White House and New Currency Being Made
  56. Huge miles long object seen moving on ocean floor 5/19/16
  57. Nuclear weapons don't exist.
  58. Ex Illuminati tells what plans they have for us. Allegedly.
  59. (HOAX) Is NASA covering up a giant hole in the earth at the north pole?
  60. Billie F. Woodard - Flying saucers and Hollow Earth
  61. Teal Swan
  62. Billie Woodard & Zora - Area 51 and Telos Part 2
  63. Objects on the dark side of the moon/what's going on
  64. Massive object passes Jupiter, quickly.
  65. HOAX: Snowden; US Alien Hitler link
  66. Obama Declares End of Republic & Beginning of New World Order
  67. A Real Alien Skull?
  68. Dante Santori says alien invasion on Sept 9, 2016
  69. You gotta love countdown clocks LOL
  70. 'Stonehenge was built in 1954' (No, it wasn't. HOAX)
  71. Asteroid to strike planet in 3 days? (No, another hoax)
  72. John Titor II Time Travel
  73. HOAX: Earth Must be Warned ! -- French Astronaut warns before suicide attempt.
  74. Discernment - How can I avoid being fooled?
  75. [HOAX] Antarctica: NASA images reveal traces of ancient human settlement underneath 2.3 km of ice.
  76. Corey Goode Mt.Shasta Secret Space Program
  77. Human souls for sale to aliens for advanced weapons
  78. [Hoax] Alex Jones quit after being exposed by the mainstream media
  79. Hillary Clinton arrested ?? (HOAX)
  80. 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia disaster video (HOAX)
  81. Revelation 6: The Sixth Seal
  82. Taj & Sarah Adams talk to Crrow777 about the moon, space and the nature of reality
  83. Alternative News Watch
  84. (HOAX) Cannibal Club: A private club where you can try human meat
  85. Top 40 Fakeries in the modern world.
  86. Are we allowed to discuss Flat Earth Yet.....?
  87. [HOAX] NASA admits 'Alien contact'
  88. New information re antarctica, black goo, and making sense and more of the jesus story.
  89. Awaiting on confirmation of possible arrest of ex-US President Obama.
  90. hoax killer brings own baggage
  91. (HOAX) 600 Million year old miniature human fossil
  92. Another Asteroid Hoax - 3BC2017 is not a name used by NASA
  93. Winning James Randi's million dollar challenge! [April's fool prank, 2008]
  94. Is it just about time to apply some basic analysis to spectacular claims?
  95. SORCHA FAAL and Whatdoesitmean.com: an infamous internet hoaxer
  96. Hoax soldier syndrome
  97. (HOAX) Chinese Lunar Rover Finds No Evidence Of American Moon Landings
  98. [HOAX] CNN Admits Chemtrails Exist June 2017
  99. Classified: Ultra Top Secret (New Hoaxed 'MJ-12 document')
  100. The false sign of September 23, 2017
  101. Dahboo77: "Look, there is a base on Mars." (Google hoax/joke)
  102. Air, water and life on the Moon
  103. Cornwall sightings, multiple angles from multiple people [concerted, orchestrated hoax]
  104. Rod Class & his many hoaxes
  105. Eddie Craig & the "former deputy sheriff hoax"
  106. [HOAX] J.F. Kennedy's Speech he was to give on the Day he was Assassinated
  107. [HOAX] False flag ... from a 33rd degree Freemason
  108. [HOAX] Formal Prosecution for Black-Ops 911 Attacks.
  109. People that have been called out as hoaxers
  110. The Sun Simulator
  111. They all Turned to Stone - Petrified/Densified/Crystalized Dwarfs/Trolls/Giants /Titans
  112. The problem with disclosure hoaxes and liars
  113. Baxter Dmitry/Sean Adl Tabatabais/yournewswire.com: FAKE NEWS
  114. Is this Bill Wood? Claiming to be 'John Titor II' to George Noory
  115. [HOAX] Human chipping mandatory now in France
  116. Hollow Earth
  117. A physical pole (axis) shift has NOT happened.
  118. [HOAX] Marines Militia = At War with New World Order mercenaries at the Mexican Border NOW
  119. I Am The TRUE Satan - Any Questions? (An Interview With Satan)
  120. The truth about the pyramid UFO over the Pentagon (admitted CGI fabrication)
  121. The Hoaxes of Deborah Tavares
  122. Sweden officially establishes a crypto as their official coin [hoax + scam]
  123. [HOAX] "Huge UFO spotted near Moon sparks invasion fear"
  124. Alternative Media Disinformation Money Grubbing Con Artists
  125. Corey Goode's fraud
  126. Satire: Texas man admits kidnapping 79 people to anally probe them while disguised as an alien
  127. [Sorcha Faal hoax] British Scientist 'who found Heaven' talked with top Russian scientist
  128. A Youtube channel named Quartz Crystal. Says many interesting things about how Source Players create the matrix.
  129. Shincheonji, Korean cult recruiting world wide
  130. [HOAX] "Project Coelacanth 8867": USB stick found with images/video of planets, UFOs, CGI battles
  131. Debra Jones & "The Debra Jones Hoax"
  132. The Carl Miller hoax
  133. [HOAX] "I pull the strings, and the elite dance" - Somerset Belenoff, Countess of Banbury and Arran
  134. [HOAX] Taygeta - Pleiadian - Cosmic Agency - Communications from low orbit
  135. The Anthony Williams Hoax
  136. [HOAX] The Taygeta coronavirus video
  137. [HOAX] HISTORY IS BEING MADE IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES - but nobody's listening
  138. I'm Immortal Too
  139. Social Media Truther Comments - you couldn’t write this stuff