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  1. There were Giants on the Earth in those days
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  3. Are the Anunnaki Reptilians?
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  15. Architecture on Mars with Human settlement.
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  17. Beautiful Discovery Found On MARS - Part Two
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  28. Alien Mummy found in Giza Pyramid
  29. Experts think this ancient metal object is part of a 250,000-year-old UFO
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  46. Hector Melo has just released his most recent book "The Unfortunate Fortune of a Researcher".
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  49. Reptilian Hybrid Housewife
  50. Are Indonesia’s Massive Statues Depictions Of Ancient Astronauts?
  51. Peruvian Stone Walls are NOT a mystery!! I've seen them do it.
  52. Enki (Lucifer) Defied Anunnaki Commander Enlil (Yahweh) and Saved Ziusudra (Noah) and His People from Certain Death
  53. TV's & Movies' Ancient Aliens, UFOs, etc.
  54. Screenshot taken from a documentary. Help requested in ID’ing.
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